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iheartpeas's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Aries
  2.   I am.... a goose. that's four.
  3.   21 but i hate it!!! wierd right? my fave # is 7.
  4.   ummm... i dont know. i like silver....
  5.   2 bros- nick and mike, 11 and 10. :P
  6.   there is no possible answer for this question for me.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Creative Writing
  2.   Hang with my BFF!/read Harry Potter/good question.
  3.   Quittich.
  4.   reading/watching harry potter//being a secret agent in my backyard/taking silly pictures w/ my BFF/ other odd things
  5.   chinchillas. any other wierd animal that looks like it should just die out. sloths.
  6.   everything.
  7.   crumpets. i think that's a word.
  8.   what is THAT supposed to mean? oh is it a manipulative? to make me feel bad? huh?
  9.   Australia &/or England
My Faves…
  1.   Glee
  2.   Harry Potter, Mulan 2, Beauty and the Beast.... you get it....
  3.   HA! you asked it fool! its a waste of time theres too many next question PLZ!
  4.   did we not establish this at least 1000x? HARRY POTTER!
  5.   video games are passe. they are. it's true.
  6.   evanna lynch (aka luna lovegood) that's read aackuh not ay kay ay...
Style Sense
  1.   kate nash ish i guess.., with a little miley mixed in there....
  2.   A.E.
  3.   i dont do lip gloss.. braces, you know...
  4.   mascara and eyeliner
  5.   my invisibility cloak
  1.   ish. too bad he lives in a BOOK.
  2.   erm....
  3.   ummm.. funny. cares for moi?! and a lot of other less distinguished things.
  4.   no one- eww, whats his name that plays troy? seriously yuck. excuse me while i go wash my hands...
  1.   secret agent. not really~ but maybe a secret agent/something in the medical field for a cover identity?
  2.   anywhere BUT america, probly somewhere where they have a british-y accent
  3.   somewhere outside america.w/ my bffs
  4.   drive a silver lunch truck service all over the place-yes. yes it is.
  5.   I'm going to be immortal or die trying ~ directions to la la land: left at the rainbow, right at the unicorn, and if you've passed the penguin you've gone too far ~ what are fred and i, next door nieghbors? ~ nobody's ever asked me to a party before, as a friend! is that why your eyebrow's like that? should i dye mine too? ~ You haven't lived until you've done something 4 someone for which they can never repay you
  1.   both...?
  2.   VANILLA, but my BFF likes chocolate, so together we're SWIRLY
  3.   i wish i was a lefty... but im a righty!
  4.   DVDs. theater is ovverrated.
  5.   neat slob? is that a choice? cuz thats me in a box!
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      anything on a tredmill soo fun especially with the TVs... and going like 10 mph is just ADRENALINE BUILDING!
  2.   quittich...i feel like im repeating myself...
  4.   i have never been given one so i can't say..... well, there is GO LEFT! RIGHT, NOW! DRIBBLE, PASS UP NOW NOW! (soccer)
  5. Goal Girl
      i am a flexitarian so that means like i only eat meat when its polite.... yeah so stick to it, i guess?
  6.   erm... finding deliciousness in things other than chips and junk food?
  7.   moi friends.... music.... trains to hogwarts... things in those areas...
  8.   i dont get espn, soo.... well maybe i do... i just never watch it...
  9. Tasty Eats
  10.   CURRY! (HA! bet you didnt see that coming) random right? i dont know i just like it...
  11.   go to fro yo-i know, right? GENIUS!!
  12.   anything. seriously, now. i can answer ANY question ever. TRY ME.
  13.   anything!!! i love getting advice so BRING IT ON!
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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