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iluvnickjonasxx4evaxx's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   leo babyy
  2.   cute, fun ,smart , nice, joe-bro-luvr , trendy, caring, organized, obedient,loveable ,pretty, fashionista, funny, laughable, fun, major-TXTR!!haha:D ohhh yea and im a majorrr perfectionist!!!!!!!! lol
  3.   12,10,15 and 43- i luv 43 cuz it has special meaning to me:)lol jk.
  4.   PINK!!!! oh and i luv lilac purple and lime green too!
  5.   1 older sis...who can be a pain!! lol i luv ya sis and u no that!!!
  6.   i get selena gomez a lottt!!!!!!!!! but demi lovato sumtimes too cuz of my hair :)
In A Nutshell...
  1.   advanced english class:D but i lyk art too!
  2.   txt, homework, read, tv, wii, ping pong, volleyball, dance, txt more, ride bikes and ,juss rele chill wif frnds:D
  3.   volleyball ,dance, gymnastics, tennis and luv watchin baseball and hockey
  4.   sleepovrs wif frnds juss hangin wif them or homework...yea im exciting!haha
  5.   my kitty<3 shes so cute !!!! and shes rele cuddly lol but sumtimes mean:) thts kaay tho
  6.   she can always absolutely make me laugh:D and she luvs to do fun things wif me but we can also juss sit on the porch steps and hang n it will b fun:) i luv u bff!!!!!!!!
  7.   watermelon, guacamole, pizza, brownie, idk food is good tho:)lol x 1000!
  8. no jk im actually pretty good according to my bff- she says i make the besttt mac and chz!
  9.   anywhere on a beachhh! luv it..but i luv chicago too annd i luv lil quainte towns cuz itss really relaxing:)
My Faves…
  1.   secret lyfe of the amercn teenager, american idol, JONAS , americas got talent, what not to wear, americas next top model lol i dont really watch that muchhh tv do i???lol
  2.   parent trap, 17 again, freaky friday , high school musical<3
  3.   JONAS BROTHERS!!! but i luv miley cyrus, paramore, lady gaga , rihanna, katy perry
  4.   the clique- ehmagawd!!!! twilight series, harry potter series, and girls life mag!!!!! haha:D
  5.   guitar hero, cooking mama , wii active, DDR
  6.   selena gomez <3 miley cyrus and demi lovato and i rele lyk miranda cosgrove too:D and def nastia lukin, carly patterson and def shawn johnson!!! i reallllly used to look up to carly tho and i evn hav a couple autographs from her:p she really inspired me:)thnx carly! lol
Style Sense
  1.   selena gomez has sum cute clothes but i prefer not to choose one-haha thers too many!!!!
  2.   forever 21, american eagle, abercrombie, charlotee russe, VS PINK, delias
  3.   strawberry avon chapstick is the best but i luv clear wet n wild stuff its juss plain but perf for my lip color<3
  4.   mascara and cover up and eyeliner are a must!:D
  5.   umm prob jean jacket, sundresses, ballet flats, ombre scarf, aviators, flip flops, tank tops(i have like evry color tank top and cami evr made!!!) haha:p i and i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv skinny jeans too! i have like 8 pairs of jusss skinnies:)
  1.   yeaahh to both(:
  2.   yeah.,just one,my guuy(:
  3.   uhhm idunno, but i'll know him when i seee hiim.
  4.   Justin bieber(: i love youh.
  1.   fashion designer, best-selling author, CEO of designer brand, Pop Star/Singer:D
  2.   Chicago, New York, LA
  3.   Well anywhere that has a beach and a big city?? i like the best of both worlds:D
  4.   give it away to charity, go on a shopping spree, give to fam & friends<3
  5.   "No matter if the world is pulling you down, with Christ you have everything"- Nick Jonas or "there is one happiness in the world: to love and to be loved" or "if they were really worth your tears, then they wouldn't make you cry" or "OMJ" or "Peace luv Jonas" or just luv ya!!! or LOL or "Smiling is good for ur health!"cuz i luv to smile =)
  1.   def a night owl:pi cannn stayyy up for forever and evr!!!!!!!!
  2.   ummm i like both..not rly luvin either but i prefer vanilla for its smell but chocolate to eat:p
  3.   im a righty but do lefty gymnastics..weird lyk tht!:D
  4.   Movie theater is more fun to me cuzi lyk toi chill their wif my friendss and my bff and i always lyk to see movies together!
  5.   im def a neat freak! even all my friends no that<3 i have to be super organized alll the time!:D
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      the seventeen mag quickie back to skool type workout:)
  2.   volleyball! but a fun workout type thing is dancing to the radio in ur room lol or riding ur bike around wif friends:)
  3.   idkkk helpp wif tht girlss??
  4.   eat healthy and excersise!!
  5. Goal Girl
      lose summ weight, build stamina, get healthier i guess
  6.   eat right
  7.   other girlies' success stories, so yeaa let me no;)
  8.   shawn johnson:) carly patterson:)
  9. Tasty Eats
      fruit and yogurt, plain cheerios with fresh strawberries, wheat thins and a smaal amnt. of chz
  10.   idkk
  11.   do something to get mee distracted like ride my bike or rexxt or something:)
  12.   workout tips, workout songs, losing weight that stuff.. lol:)
  13.   healthy snacks that r quick to make:)
  14.   yeaa babes;)
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