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iluvswim's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Virgo
  2.   bubbly, fun, crazy!
  3.   7, 25
  4.   BLUE!!!!!!!!!! ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!... orange!!!!
  5.   my little bro
  6.   idk.......... my bff jill?????? jkjkjkjk!
In A Nutshell...
  1.   it depends...
  2.   violin/ in the fall i do swimming! (and in the summer too!)/ homework... ugh/nordic ski team
  3.   swimming all the way! and nordic skiing...
  4.   stuff... duh!
  5.   the dog... a woman's bestie!
  6.   she's like me :)
  7.   anything chocolate... though homemade spaghetti is a weakness...
  8.   friends
  9.   Leucadia, California and i'd luv to go back to kauai!!! BUT YELLOWSTONE BEATS ALL!!!!!!!!!!
My Faves…
  1.   Ugly Betty/life according to jim/the simpsons XD/bones/ house/the biggest loser/the jay leno show
  2.   Get Smart and pink panther 1 and 2
  3.   Jason Mraz and Taylor Swift!!!!!!!!!!... and norah jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4.   marley and me.... and lots of zits comic books!!!!!!!!!! heeheeheeheehee!!! i heart house of night!!!!!
  5.   My Sims and Wario Smooth Moves and Super Mario Galaxy... except super mario is my bro's game... oh, and super smash bros. brawl... gosh, i'm so childish.. hehe :D
  6.   Taylor Swift and Norah Jones
Style Sense
  1.   idk...
  2.   Target and maurices..... uhhhhh rue 21 has good jewlery, not good clothes!!!! I like Ann Taylor Loft and Pac Sun too...
  3.   Choco dipped strawberries by Liplicious!
  4.   some simple neutral color eyeshadow.... i also love my consealer and chapstick and mascara!
  5.   my fave pair of jeans (pac sun) and a GREAT studded piece of clothing that looks AWESOME with jeans! oh, and some converse sneakers! hehehe:) that's a LOT of things in my closet i can't live without!... oh, and my navy blue cardigan!
  1.   no BF... ever... ya... :(
  2.   two (one's a year older)
  3.   blonde or brunette, sweet, funny, smart, positive attitude, muscular, sensitive... in some ways... and my crush is just that!
  4.   no one!... well... zac efron... his grandpa lives in my town!
  1.   Empress of the World... jkjkjkjkjk!... but srsly, i want to be a singer/songwriter (which i am now) or i want to be in medicine
  2.   not really a city... a private island!
  3.   Paris, Italy, Carribean, Hawaii, Spain, indonesia... and back
  4.   buy shoes, clothes, candy, music, makeup, and, of course, GL! or have my own cd! i write my own songs!
  5.   Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars! and... live today as if you were gone tomorrow.
  1.   night owl all the way!
  2.   chocolate!
  3.   righty tighty!
  4.   Flick on DVD... i hate how expensive things are at the theater!
  5.   neat freak at school, complete and total slob at home.
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      swimming laps and nordic skiing on trails! it works my legs sooooooo bad!
  2.   SWIMMING!!!!!!!!!!.... and in the winter: NORDIC SKIING!!!
  3.   well... i like a lot of playlists
  4.   Breath while working out!
  5. Goal Girl
      Get a 6-pack and flat abs by next year! (i'm almost to getting a 4-pack!... though it's not showing through enough...)
  6.   running in the park near me and in the desert near me!
  7.   my favorite music
  8.   Michael Phelps
  9. Tasty Eats
      Clementine Oranges... so juicy and sweet!... and pretzels!
  10.   my mom's homemade spaghetti
  11.   dig into a 90 calorie chocolate pudding or a bunch of sugar snap peas!.... or pretzels!!!!!! hehe :D
  12.   well, anything really...
  13.   how to stick to my fitness goals!... i've been slacking.
  14.   yah!
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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