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inspirationgrl's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   cancer, oh yeah!
  2.   total.book.worm lol 3 words that describe me are energetic, romantic, dependable
  3.   ummmm 18?? i was born on july 18 soo
  4.   the color at twilight/sunset
  5.   have 3 of em all younger then moi......ugh
  6.   hmmmm, dont no
In A Nutshell...
  1.   umm, english...yupp total story writer/reader
  2.   yearbook... it sucks but i cant quit. Drama class and badminton..... i no, im a grl whose hard to figure out!
  3.   totally badminton!!!
  4.   shopping, ice skating, watchin a movie, hangin with my bestiess, reading, bein on the computer, doin somethin useless...
  5.   i love all cute animals!
  6.   we have so much in common and we are always there 4 eachother!
  7.   omg shrimp through and through!
  8.   anything i get my mind into! im sooo serious if my minds in it its not impossible for me!
  9.   somewhere relaxing yet hectic also somewhere i can be alone and think
My Faves…
  1.   gilmore girls luvv em!
  2.   Twilight!
  3.   i would have to say taylor swift, i used to hate country b4 i heard her! oh and also the twilight soundtrack
  4.   twilight!! the whole saga actually
  5.   im not really the video game kinda girl
  6.   hmm dont have one
Style Sense
  1.   fashion icon? dont no what tht means
  2.   BORDERS i am a total bookworm and also claires
  3.   chocolate!
  4.   i dont really wear makeup and i dont have a makeup bag, but i DO sometimes wear it but i don't need to have anything in my makeup bag (cuz i dont have one! lol)
  5.   hmmm i can live without all my things in the closet but if i had to choose; my red coat
  1.   no and no and im proud!
  2.   1 and like a half cuz i dont know if i like the other guy or not
  3.   totally Edward.Cullen move outta the way bella, someone else is taking ur place in his heart!
  1.   prolly first a social studies teacher then a writer (hopefully my writing can get made into a movie like Stephenie Meyer's Twilight!) oh and maybe an actress!!!
  2.   a small town with a small population or maybe a town with a cool name like phoenix,arizona!
  3.   maybe an island isolated from society....somewhere tropical
  4.   buy every single thing tht had the face of my celebrity crush on it or everything i could find that realted to the twilight saga!!!
  5.   dont let others control ur life its ur life to live, not theirs
  1.   total night owl
  2.   chocolate
  3.   righty
  4.   it depends on the situation if i realllly wanna see a movie tht just came out or if i wanna chill with my bff away frhen mom home tovie theater but 4 all else flick on DVD
  5.   in the middle
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