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jaspergal's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   I'm a leo
  2.   dancer actress jasper-obsessed...i give up on the rules...also very goth
  3.   1, 3, 7, 13, 21, 27, 1843, 665.999(repeating) almost evil
  4.   black or white or red or all three of them together
  5.   older brother, older half-sister, older half-brother
  6.   ummmm...idk...everyone changes their look so much but im just a pale brunette with blue-grey-green eyes...tons of peeps tell me i look good in every color...i have a sweater-shirt that's yellow with silver horizontal stripes and i look completely skinny in it yay!
In A Nutshell...
  1.   idk studio singers(the competitive show choir) or i'm shocked i like pe this year or science but i don't like any of my classmates and they don't like me becuz im the only one interested in the subject and becuz of that im the teachers fave
  2.   science club some days or walking to the high school some days or just going home to do hw or going to my friends' houses or going to choir rehearsals
  4.   dancing(i spend four or more hours every saturday at the studio), sleeping, going to the movies or writing
  5.   penguins...adorable or theres also the national bird of flurgenhoffer...the hoffergen (i just made that up)
  6.   every single little thing and now she has an account...JENESSAKING!!!
  7.   idk eggs whites scrambled with corn tortillas and white cheese
  8.   food and new wardrobes and dances
  9.   new york
My Faves…
  1.   the simpsons or what not to wear
  2.   TWILIGHT!!! or 21 or Juno or Mean Girls or any of the Harry Potter Movies
  3.   how can i choose? i currently have over 2000 songs in my itunes library, but a few are panic at the disco, all american rejects, etc.
  4.   anything in the twilight series or the inkheart series or the hunger games or the uglies series or the host or the otherworldlies or sucks to be me or harry potter or anything or whatever story im writing (i already have a couple obsessive fans of a novel im writing and i let them see it even though im not even close to halfway done...they want a sequel)
  5.   mario kart wii or dance dance revolution
  6.   like rihanna, ashley greene, miranda lambert, brooke white, nikki reed, allison iraheta
Style Sense
  1.   alice's wardrobe in twilight just more tomboy and more punkish and goth
  2.   aeropostale or oc designs or wet seal or delia's or david and goliath or claire's or hot topic or generic youth(i give up! i luv just about every store except for american eagle and abercrombie and anything too girly or generic)
  3.   bubble gum or strawberry or cherry
  4.   foundation (lightest shade i have almost unnaturally pale skin) and black eyeshadow and shiny red lip gloss(wow sounding a bit vampire) and my fake purple extensions
  5.   jeans and camis and tight jackets(like thermal athletic hoodies) and tight longsleeved shirts and vans or flip flops
  1.   no and no
  2.   ummmm is 0 a number?
  3.   idk charismatic, always wanting to know how i feel, doesn't care if i'm a little weird...wait...that sounds familiar...JASPER!!! or rebel, adventurous, someone who wont cheat at all...ZANE from the uglies series (he doesnt come in until the second book)
  1.   competitive dancer or singer or actress or author or new host of what not to wear
  2.   i'd live in new york but i love southern california
  3.   new york, new york, and more new york! i went for a week last summer
  4.   go insane with buying music and more colors of hair extensions
  5.   "Your skies will always be gray if you always look down because you'll just be looking at pavement" or "wait alyssa, you're in a wheelchair? wait duh! but you're such a close friend that i never notice anymore"-me on my friend alyssa who has spinobifola or something like that and she was born with her legs paralyzed but i never notice anymore
  1.   both
  2.   vanilla!!!
  3.   righty in writing, lefty in dancing and putting in contacts
  4.   i like going to the theaters but i go to blockbuster like every weekend for a movie
  5.   i have to be organized but it looks messy to most people
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Dance especially jazz
  2.   dance or fast play which is rugby/football/soccer
  3.   ummmmm.....i like all kinds of music it just depends on what im working on (right now im creating the choreography for a dance solo to audition for my school's talent show and its to rob pattinson's let me sign and after those two minutes nineteen seconds of dancing with a varied pace but its so intense im breathing as heavily as if i had just ran a timed mile at my school)
  4.   STRETCH STRETCH STRETCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Goal Girl
      to be at a healthy BMI level (under 24.9%)
  6.   just getting healthier and faster in running and more flexible
  7.   Dance music like Cascada or very slow music or any kind of msuic
  8.   my friend alyssa who is in a wheelchair but still dances with us in the company
  9. Tasty Eats
      banana (or Charlie the Unicorn styles THE BOO-NANA KING!!!)
  10.   eggs whites scrambled with a corn tortilla and low-fat white cheese
  11.   chew gum
  12.   drinking more water, going part vegetarian(chicken and turkey only), not drinking soda, and not eating fast food
  13.   running like track how to get better at it
  14.   YES
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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