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juicycandy21's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Leo...♥
  2.   well theres more than three:).... my name is eva, im in 10th grade in high school in the fall, i love music, boys are cute, dance and cheer are my favorite things, im a good student, i flirt a lot, i love life...♥
  3.   my lucky number is 5...♥
  4.   i love the color pink...♥
  5.   im an only child, but my friends are my sisters, were always together and i love them to death. were super close...♥
  6.   people say i look like whitney port from the hills and the city...♥
In A Nutshell...
  1.   i love math. i do not like spanish at all. thats my least favorite...♥
  2.   im either at dance practice or cheer practice, or im hanging out with friends, txting, doing homework, or shopping...♥
  3.   i love to dance and cheer but i love to watch boys football and boys basketball...♥
  4.   spending time with friends, doing homework, shopping, trying out new beauty looks, txting...♥
  5.   i love my pet dog, and my cat, and i love zebras, giraffes, and elephants...♥
  6.   my best friends are like sisters to me, we are always together, they are fun, i just love them...♥
  7.   i love italian, olive garden is my favorite place to go out to eat. whenever i go there i get the five cheese ziti and then breadsticks of course, mmmm...♥
  8.   ummm im good at making friends, chocolate chip cookies, friendship bracelets, and face masks...♥
  9.   i love italy, greece, the virgin islands, any place thats tropical or any place in europe...♥
My Faves…
  1.   i love watching pretty little liars, make it or break it, secret life of the american teenager, and 10 things i hate about you, but my all time favorite is glee...♥
  2.   valentines day (taylor lautner, ashton kutcher)...♥
  3.   jonas brothers, taylor swift, and justin bieber...♥
  4.   i love the twilight series, and the clique...♥
  5.   wii fit plus? is that a video game? well thats the only thing i play...♥
  6.   i love taylor swift and miley cyrus. they are both my rolemodels. sure miley has done some not so good things but i still love her:) i also love blaire (juicystar07) on youtube...♥
Style Sense
  1.   miley cyrus, and blaire from youtube...♥
  2.   i love love love forever 21, juicy couture, and target but for makeup i love e.l.f. (eyes lips face -- because most of their stuff is $1 and it is great quality!...♥
  3.   strawberry fizz from victorias secret beauty rush...♥
  4.   eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, i think those are all must haves...♥
  5.   clothes, shoes, purses, i love everything in my closet...♥
  1.   yes i have, no i dont, i love being single but then again i hate it. i really really like this one guy and he really likes me too but he wants to wait till hes a senior for us to go out uncase we break up so we dont ruin our friendship (were best friends) but he is so sweet i love him...♥
  2.   one, description above...♥
  3.   i dont believe in prince charming, but my idea of the perfect BOYFRIEND is -- someone who will call me just to talk on the phone about nothing, someone who can be halfway across the country but still talk to me evryday, someone who will call me pretty and beautiful instead of hot, someone who will come over just to watch a movie, someone who is close to my parents and who likes my friends, someone who ill give me a hug whenever i need it, someone who wont be afraid to tell me he loves me, because i love him...♥
  4.   any of the jonas brothers or justin beiber...♥
  1.   i would love to do makeup for celebrities...♥
  2.   new york city, or los angeles...♥
  3.   i would love to go to paris...♥
  4.   donate some to charity, travel, and go shopping...♥
  5.   life may knock you down, but its your choise to get back up or not...♥
  1.   night owl for sure! i hate mornings...♥
  2.   vanilla -- with chocolate sauce...♥
  3.   righty...♥
  4.   i like them both...♥
  5.   i wouldnt call myself a neat freak, but i am very neat...♥
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      i love playing wii fit, going to cheer and dance practice, and running...♥
  2.   dance and cheer...♥
  3.   anything with the jonas brothers, justin bieber, taylor swift, miley cyrus/hannah montana, katy perry, the black eyed peas, and lady gaga...♥
  4.   never stop with your workout -- you will reach your goals!...♥
  5. Goal Girl
      being in dance and cheer. i am very healthy, i am toned and i eat healthy, but now that the seasons are done i just want to keep excersising -- so i guess thats my goal...♥
  6.   thinking about how much i love how i feel during the cheer and dance seasons...♥
  7.   shawn johnson...♥
  8. Tasty Eats
      i love granola bars, trail mix, and fruit...♥
  9.   spaghetti...♥
  10.   eat an apple or a strawberry...♥
  11.   anything...♥
  12.   sure...♥
  14. My Healthy You Journal  
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