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kandlesrule101's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Total Leo
  2.   Creatvie, Amusing, Weird
  3.   10 (fave numbers are multipules of 5. mostly 10 15 and 25)
  4.   Pink, Blue, Green, Orange
  5.   1 brother
  6.   Maranda Cosgrove? i have no clue!
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Creative writing,and Lunch. I love lunch.
  2.   read and write, u can find me @ my friends house too. Oh and homework (ugh)
  3.   i watch football and i horse backride and i love feild hockey! alot more fun then it seems!
  4.   Shopping and Being with my friends, parties
  5.   Just one?? Well then, dogs
  6.   They are VERY funny and are always there for me <3
  7.   Chocolate (that counts. right?)
  8.   Books, Novels, Movies..?
  9.   Oklahoma/Florida (duh)
My Faves…
  1.   What I like About You, Degrassi
  2.   "Juno", "27 Dresses", "The Proposal" "A Walk to Remember" "degrassi goes hollywood"
  3.   No clue. It changes alot... Maybe All Time Low
  4.   anything by Sarah Dessen and I'd tell you i love you then I'd have to kill you series and HARRY POTER
  5.   I dont play video games... Does rock band count?
  6.   i dunno
Style Sense
  1.   Hedi Clume, Lauren Conrad
  2.   Forever 12, Areo, AE, delia's
  3.   Lemonade, Vanilla
  4.   Don't wear makeup. I don't need it. Mascara... Maybe.
  5.   My shorts. Or skirts. Or all of my shirts. Uh....
  1.   I did. i dont know.
  2.   i acctully don't know.
  3.   Who cares?
  4.   I dont have one. I like non-celebrity ppl. Went down that road once, NEVER going back.
  1.   Writer. Like a FAMOUS writer.
  2.   Malibu, or Where I live now.
  3.   Any Tropical Island, Turkes and Cacos
  4.   Go On a Major shopping spree and the rest is for college.
  5.   A Woman: With out her, man is nothing. Love Life the way it is.
  1.   Morning Gal or night owl... (it totally depends.)
  2.   Chocolate
  4.   Movie Theater. DVD... Do I have to chose?
  5.   Total Slob(for my room at least) At school I have to be a neat freak.
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Going on walks.I love my tredmill, its so fun!
  2.   I horseback ride! And yes it is a sport! So there.
  3.   I don't know. I dont think i even have a fave. I'll get back to this one
  4.   I don't swear by anything
  5. Goal Girl
      To eat healthy
  6.   Maybe being outside more...
  7.   My friends and family.
  8.   My friend. Shes not a big star but shes awsome at every sport!
  9. Tasty Eats
  10.   cereal.. No just kidding i dont have one.
  11.   Ok what kind of question is this? When I am craving a food, I eat it. Duhh.
  12.   friends, guys and your problems.
  13.   guys!
  14.   Sure why not?
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