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karterbeth's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   gemini-twin heroes!
  2.   Cute,funny,crazy
  3.   7,11 i play on two soccer teams and i have 1 for each (it just happened that it wasmy two lucky numbers,weird)
  4.   Purple/pink
  5.   too many! older brother(14) nick half brother(5) beckett half sister(9) Mckayla stepbrother(10) hunter and last but definately not least stepsister(13) haley
  6.   anna sophia rob i get that a lot
In A Nutshell...
  1.   math, it used to be reading but now i have the worst teacher so.....
  2.   in the summer swim but now i read twilight or i paint and other creative thingss i really like writig poetry and stories
  3.   love to play soccer and am sooo glad i made the schoo's team but i like to watch volleyball or basketball(even though i suck at those) i also like to run and hope to be on the track team when i get to high school
  4.   either going to spend the weekend with my dad or spendin the days with my buds
  5.   bunnies are really cute so are cats dogs and the occasonal duck i see at my house (since i do live at the lake0 but to be honest i really dont have a fav animal i lik them all
  6.   shes really funny and easy to talk t i always go to her wen i need help or advice9 i actually have 2 anah m. and meredith m. also carolyn k. i love yaw! <3)
  7.   Italian i LOVE cheese and sauce!
  8.   FOOD or almost anything crafty
  9.   beach or mountains hard 2 choose i wish i had my own private island
My Faves…
  1.   i dont have cable since i mved so there arent really any shws i would care if i miss but on sundays on fox there is animation domination and thats pretty cool i watch it all the time
  2.   Well even though i havent seen all f it i would have to say Twilight but rite now i keep watching dumb and dumber alot i bet ive watched over 100xs
  3.   that would have to be taylor swift or carrie underwood katy perry is good to you should have carrie underwood on your cover she is really pretty(no homo)
  4.   Twiight duh! im almost done with it! my bff wont stop spilling evrything but ill try not to
  5.   i havent played in awhile but probably guitar hero!
  6.   taylor swift
Style Sense
  1.   I really dont have one i have my own fashion sense im a leader not a follower and i just love to be myself
  2.   Aeropostale and American Eagle hard choice.
  3.   blueberry!!!
  4.   foundation i NEED cover up!!
  5.   I really dont know my fave hot pink hollister hoodie is too small so i cant choose
  1.   My last bf was josh and we broke up because he called me a lesbo and then pretended to be my bffl so i wouldnt break up with him(after i forgave him!)and then blamed it on me! so i said its over!
  2.   Probably oe i dont mean to sound shallow but there aren"t that many cute guys at my school and a lot are jerks that just juggle girls and have 30 gfs every school year
  3.   someone funny not to dumb or smart and HOT!!!!
  4.   A lot of people say the person who plays Edward Cullen is cute but i disagree his co star the one that plays as jacob is waaaaayyyy cuter!!!
  1.   author!!! im pretty good at writing and have even won different prizes for my poetry and short stories and am currently working on one
  2.   I really dont know i sorta like where i live and cant imagine being anywhere else right now
  3.   I would like to go around the world but the perf vacay would b a month trip anywhere away from my fam ( they can b a handful especially when you r the middle child!!!)
  4.   i would go on a shoppin spree with all my best buds and donate alot of it to my fave charities id also try to get me and my bffs babysittin service some newer toys
  5.   Live,Laugh,love and time flies its up to you to be the navigator Itrip over flat surfaces. Im bored lets go to wal mart. I know im not perfect but im as clos as it gets. Dont hate me cuz im beautiful. I may be a flirt but ur boyfriend likes it. I am not blonde my hairs just yellow! i also like a few others i have too many!
  1.   night owl
  2.   Depends on the mood im in mostly chocolate
  3.   righty
  4.   DVD
  5.   in the middle
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      running it works ur leg muscles it calms me down burns calories and gives u a little bit of 'me time'
  2.   soccer as i said before
  3.   Taylor swift,s love song and pink,s so what are my top two
  4.   listenin to music to get u motivated is the best way to keep goin and not give up
  5. Goal Girl
      to find a way to eat healthy and not DREAD it and find a good workout schedule
  6.   My ab workouts and fittin them in somewhere and swappin my junki snacks for good for you stuff
  7.   breaking dawn i tell myself if u get done with this u get to read that
  8.   David becham but i hate the david becham drill it hurts ur legs!
  9. Tasty Eats
      fruit cocktails the ones you get in the little cans or cups
  10.   ANYTHING italin or chili
  11.   grab a bag of chips and eat a few and the workout!
  12.   The best things you can ask me about is when you need to dump that dummy or crafty kinds of things but ask anything and ill try to answer!
  13.   my bf kinda seems like hes avoiding me how2 do i call him out on it
  14.   YES
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