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kaylagirl898's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Leo (August 8)
  2.   fun, sporty-ish, annoying-to brother, funny, laugh alot, talkitive, lively, life-of-da-party (so i've been told), shoulder-to-lean-on, understanding, bubily
  3.   2, and 66-my bros footabll number :P
  4.   blue, yellow, black, white, & gray..oh and red, and pink...Lol
  5.   Mikey! (Michael) he is awesome-sometimes
  6.   someone with like dirty-blonde-hair and tall I am thinking like Blake Lively or the chick off of 90210
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Math and P.E. I don't care if P.E. really isn't a subject
  2.   doing homework or messin with family or friends
  3.   i luv to play volleyball and basketball and my fave thing to watch is football
  4.   being at football games, hanging out wit my friends, and well just being me
  5.   JACK AND LUCY my doggies!
  6.   She is cool and helps me with like anything I might need and she isn't ALL ABOUT HER & He always tellls me how cool I am, we r ALWAYS laughing it seems like, and we do get into fights but then we r cool like a day later
  7.   hmm...I think Lasagna or Chicken or Mac N' Chz. Lol.
  8.   anything cooking is in my blood
  9.   Lake Of The Ozarks with my friends
My Faves…
  1.   Not really anything...I'm not that into TV shows
  2.   The Longest Yard (2005) and The Waterboy I like Adam Sandler and football so there you go my new fave: Percy Jackson And The Olympians-The Lightning Thief and The Last Song
  3.   ughhh.... Taio Cruz and B.O.B. .......Rucki Rucki Ali is pretty cool though too! I like the songs that have a certain dance like Cupid Shuffle and Cha Cha Slide ya know??
  4.   Double Identity well I am now done wit that now but still now I am reading Abduction by:Peg Kehret
  5.   uhh nuttin really just on the computer...I gotta FaceBook! Yay! Lol
  6.   KE$HA or Katy Perry
Style Sense
  1.   pshhh... no clue I guess like Venessa Hudgens
  2.   Rue 21 and Kohl's Wal-Mart (Op)
  3.   I don't like Lip Gloss
  4.   mascara, pony tails, and a dark brown eye-liner
  5.   haha umm.. my skinny jeans and a tank tops
  1.   Yeah I have had 5 BF's and I don't have one now...AND I'M PROUD OF IT! Lol.
  2.   hmmm...just like 2 or 3
  3.   Let, me, think.... Athletic but not over the top, Cute, Funny, Cool, best-friend worthy, Not a jerk, High 5 liker(Lol.), hugger but not all the time, Is able to have fun, Not very easily embarassed
  4.   no one cuz thats stalkerish. Lol. Not that I am judging.
  1.   interior decorater or volleyball player-with Brookie
  2.   Malibu or STL
  3.   any beach wit all my friends and Mikey's friends wit mulla to spend or just the Lake Of The Ozarks (parents keep it low-key)
  4.   donate, shop, and enjoy
  5.   anything that my grandpa would say like "everything happens for a reason" and alot more
  1.   night owl wit brookie
  2.   choco most of the time
  3.   righty
  4.   theater i guess with friends but a movie at home is cheaper
  5.   in between -some days are better than others if you know what I mean-
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      jogging with my friends (outside)
  2.   volleyball or basketball
  3.   the latest z107.7 playlist
  4.   "do the best that you can do"
  5. Goal Girl
      to be healthy and happy??
  6.   nothing
  7.   people who dont use steriods and say that it is all from "hard work" chh ya rite!
  8.   the person who does something good...lol
  9. Tasty Eats
      nature valley bars
  10.   spagitti i guess lasagna is good too
  11.   want candy
  12.   anything i am a guiness on well anything I don't mean to be snotty or bratty
  13.   not really anything I am fine
  14.   sure
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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