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kclove's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Cancer, but I'm not really IN to that sort of thing, if you get my drift. ;)
  2.   HarryPotter (I'm counting that as one word, there's no space, SEE?) /(slashes don't count as words) ArabianHorse (again no space) Obssesser. Oh what now I just described my life in 3 words!!!!! (and a slash. Don't forget it or it will feel sad. Now your are all thinking why I didn't try to add in crazy. I'll just shut up now, that's the best thing)
  3.   25-Day of Christmas and my birthday
  4.   Robin's Egg Blue (check out a Crayola crayon box if you've never seen it)
  5.   One youger brother-and trust me, he's enough! :)
  6.   Kinda of Emma Watson (when she's playing Hermione Granger)-my hair's different but if I wear it like hers I can kinda see a resemblance
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Language Arts
  2.   In the winter, I read, watch TV, workout, and get on the computer. In the summer, I play outside and ride horses.
  3.   All Equestrian sports, mainly Arabians (I'm into main-ring hunter)
  4.   Horse riding (if it's warm enough)
  5.   Arabian Horses all the way! I love cats too. And dogs, but I don't have one :(
  6.   I can tell her anything and she shares my triumphs and losses
  7.   Pizza, cake, Reeses-anything with loads of calories (LOL!)
  8.   Cards, I've got my own buisness called RD (Rachel's Designs) and I sell them to my family.
  9.   Anywhere I can show horses and be with my family. I LOVE LOVE LOVE California! San Fransisco is amazing!
My Faves…
  1.   American Idol
  2.   All the Harry Potters, and TOY STORY 1,2,3!!!! If you haven't seen the 3rd go see it its amazing!
  3.   Here's my current list of artists: 3 Doors Down, 33 Miles, Aaron Shust, Addison Road, Allan Sherman, Allison Iraheta,Among the Thirsty,Audio Adrenaline, Barlow Girl, Bebo Norman,Beyonce, Big Daddy Weave, Black Eyed Peas, Boys Like Girls,Brandon Heath, Britt Nicole, Building 429, Carly Simon, Carrie Underwood, Casting Crowns,Chris and Conrad, Chris Tomlin, Colbie Calliat, Corinne Bailey Rae, Counting Crows, Daniel Powter, Daughtry, David Archuleta,David Cook, Downhere, Fee, Francesca Battistelli,Green Day, Gwen Stefani, Jars of Clay, Jeremy Camp, Jesse McCartney, Jimmy Needham, John Mayer, John Waller, JoJo, Jonny Diaz, Jordin Sparks, Justin Bieber, Katharine McPhee, Kelly Clarkson, Kid Rock, Kris Allen, Kutless, Leona Lewis, Lincoln Brewster, Los Lonely Boys, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mark Schultz, Maroon 5, Martina McBride, Mat Kearney, Matchbox Twenty, Matt Nathanson, Matthew West, Mayday Parade, MercyMe, Michael Buble, Michelle Branch, Natalie Grant, Natasha Bedingfield,Needtobreathe, Newsboys, Newworldson, Nickelback, OneRepublic, Phil Wickham, Philips Craig & Dean,Pink, Plain White T's,Rob Thomas, Santana, Sara Bareiles, Sidewalk Prophets, Smash Mouth, Spin Doctors,Steven Curtis Chapman, Switchfoot,Taylor Swift, Tenth Avenue North, The Fray, The Jackson 5,Third Day, Toby Mac, Train, Tree 63. WOW that took FOREVER to type!
  4.   Harry Potter-my favorite one is Order of the Phoenix But I also LOVE all Gordon Korman and Margret Peterson Haddix books, and currently I'm OBSESSED with the Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson. Anxiously awaiting my birthday; hoping to get The Final Warning.
  5.   Mario Kart Wii; although with video games I've been kind of AWOL lately
  6.   Let's see...probably Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift
Style Sense
  1.   Emma Watson, oh and my one friend (LOL) She has the BEST FASHION EVER. Luv her so much ;)
  2.   Kohl's, Old Navy, JC Penny, Wild Horsefeathers-best equestrian jewelry and clothing EVER. Period.
  3.   Strawberry; I know I'm so traditional
  4.   Mirror, hairbrush, hair straightener and it's always safe to have some cover-up
  5.   My FLIP-FLOPS!!! I have SO many pairs and I LIVE in them in the summer! Oh and my dark skinny jeans and jean shorts and my navy t-shirt and pretty much everything ;)
  1.   Never, ever (unfortunately) :(
  2.   Not really any, depressingly...
  3.   Christian, hottie, loves everything about me, horse crazy like me, not afraid to act stupid, doesn't care if I act stupid, why not throw in rich? LOL
  4.   David Archuleta, Daniel Radcliffe, Taylor Lautner, Josh Segarro, and Jeremy Camp. He's like 30, but hes still hawt. Saw him in concert
  1.   Author and advertisment designer-designing stallion ads in horse magazines
  2.   I would die in the city. I'm a country girl! :)
  3.   Egypt
  4.   Make myself a huge indoor arena, show at the Arabian Horse Nationals every year, donate a lot of it to National Right to Life (boo abortion, sorry people, it's called MURDER) and wear ONLY designer clothes
  5.   The Bible! "For God so loved the world He gave His one and only Son and whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life" John 3:16 Oh and also this quote from Harry Potter (by Dumbledore) "[There may come a time] when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy."
  1.   Night owl. I have insomnia because I have fibromyalgia, so it's easiest to just stay up.
  2.   Always chocolate
  3.   Lefty! "There are a few special people in the world. The rest are all right-handed."
  4.   The theater-with a group of friends, of course! The best movie to see in the theatre? A Harry Potter movie! By now, you should know to expect Harry Potter. ;)
  5.   Total slob! The floor in my room is undetectable.
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      I used to run a mile, but because of my fibromyalgia now I just walk 5 minutes, run 5 minutes, then walk for 5 minutes. Fav workout? Bike ride
  2.   Equestrian sports-I ride main-ring hunter pleasure, western pleasure, and show halter.
  3.   CASTING CROWNS AND JEREMY CAMP! The best names in the buisness!
  4.   You burn as many calories if you walk a mile as if you run a mile.
  5. Goal Girl
      To lose about 10 lbs!
  6.   Enjoying summer. And my summer reading project, which I'm not enjoying (I have to complete a packet)
  7.   God
  8.   Dalton Budd's brother-can't remember his name. If you're in Arabian horses comment and let me know. He is the best equestrian I've ever seen, and he's like 10!
  9. Tasty Eats
      HEALTHY????? What's that?????? ROTFL Really though, I guess it'd be Yoplait Light. Every morning it's my breakfast. Quick and about 100 calories and it's even healthy! Amazing!
  10.   Anything with loades of calories. I'm terrible, I know it. LOL
  11.   Have gum or distract myself
  12.   Horses, I guess. I'll answer Christianity questions too.
  13.   Hair styles, figuring out if my crush likes me.
  14.   Sure
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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