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kirthi's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   virgo
  2.   funny,crazy,loud,hyper,boring,WEIRD,everyone knows me,trys not to embarass self
  3.   9
  4.   BABY BLUE!
  6.   IDK
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Math,Algebra 1
  2.   Sit and watch tv at home!
  3.   I haven't really played sports since I was 10 now I'm 13 but I really like basketball even though it made my teeth bad because of my stupid brother! But I have braces so ya!
  4.   Shopping! Sometimes I go to parties or events but on rare occasions!
  5.   I love any type of monkeys and all types of dogs except the mop-like looking dog.
  7.   POW-BAHJI! It's an indian food its really good! P.S I'm indian but raised and born in AMERICA!
  8.   Necklaces,drawings if I try and take time,my face haha(putting makeup on)
  9.   I loved Mexico when we went on a cruise for my bro's bday!
My Faves…
  1.   Secret Life of an American Teenager!
  2.   Twilight! I love New-Moon but its not my favorite out of the series(btw I'm still on New-moon but I've seen the movies!)
  3.   AAR(All American Rejects!))
  4.   I haven't read Nim's Island in a long time but I really loved it and I could never put Harry Potter books down I read just 1 in a whole week in 3rd grade! I'm on novel 5 for a yr haha left it in the dust!
  5.   I'm not a video game player really. But the most recent(as of my birthday of like 8mos ago) is Bowser's Inside Story
  6.   Amanda Bynes is awesome but I have to say Shailene Woodly is my new fave!
Style Sense
  1.   Don't really have one! But if you heard of Blair Fowler on youtube as Juicystar07 she has got to be my icon!
  2.   I love MAC and any makeup related stores! When Ulta opened up 2yrs ago my dad took me to the grand opening where they were giving gift certificates from $5-$100 and with one $100 bill I barely scrambled around the box and got it! I never win anything unless I don't care about it and just enter it for fun!
  3.   I like any coffee,fruit,or chocolate flavored lipgloss even though I'm not big on lipgloss.
  4.   Hmm I'm trying to avoid makeup for a while but I would have to say mascara,chapstick,eyeliner,and a base eyeshadow and primer!
  5.   Underwear and a bra maybe!Haha! My closet is full of jeans and ts.
  1.   I'm not allowed to date until I'm in highschool or out. I've been asked out by this guy's friends a number of times but I don't like him that way and they think I do because we are the same religon and race and age and grade!
  2.   0-1. I kinda of like this guy not really but kinda I see him more as a friend he is just kinda cute but he is short!
  3.   Big brown,blue,grey/silver,or green eyes! I love sideswept hair with a square jaw. No blemishes on the guy! EW!Has to be nice,charming of course,romantic,enthusiastic,caring,can't act like a thug/badmouth,no pressure on personal relationship descisions. Tall,dark,handsome,no disrespect!
  4.   Taylor Lautner! Taylor is cute but I don't like him as I wanna date him.I have this thing where I think guys are hot or cute but I don't like them in a dating way.Ik weird right!?
  1.   I really can't decide I have so many dreams.I love makeup and fashion but I also love photography.
  2.   I used to live in California and I wanna go back and live in Malibu!
  3.   Would be to maybe go to India! I haven't been there since I was 2 and I miss my uncle so much and my aunties! I really wanna see them again especially my uncle he is the youngest in the fam just like me! c:
  4.   I really have never planned for that. I think I'm ugly so I might get plastic surgery or something. But I also am told I should be a model. I would give 1/4 to my brother and parents. I would buy a $200,000-$300,000 house and maybe give some to charity they need money more than I do. Ever since I was little I would give unfit clothes and my easy bake ovens to charity.
  5.   "Live as if you were to die tommorow,learn as if you were to live forever"-ghandi
  1.   I hate getting up in the morning for school. I sleep 10 or 11 when I'm not supposed with only 7-8hrs of sleep. So on weekends and summer I get to sleep half the day off.
  2.   Chocolate! I love chocolate ever since I was little I would put chocolate on my eggo waffles and my dad said "Your skin will get darker" even though I was 5 I knew the sun made you darker.:p
  3.   Righty.I suck writing with my left. However I've trained my self to paint my right hand and do simple nail designs but complicated nail designs are harder.
  4.   If its a movie everyone is talking about gotta hit theaters to get shotgun! If its some movie I wanna see same day as the more popular movie I'll watch it on DVD when it comes out 5months later and the comfort of your own home snuggle to your teddy!
  5.   I am such and neat and germ freak! At my friends houses I clean their room. My room I try to keep clean 'cause I don't wanna clean it. But I clean my bros room and the living room! Some disorder!
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      I don't really exercise which I should! I'm a toothpick but I have a high metabolism but I get most of my genes like my dad and he's kinda big so I will have a low metabolism in the future! So I better exercise while I'm still skinny and eat healthy to prepare for the future! I can not lose my figure!
  2.   I don't really play sports.But I like basketball and I loved playing the wii but me and my bro sold it since he had to go to work alot so I couldn't beat him at other games so ya. But its only $200 now I'll save up and buy another!
  3.   All american Rejects!
  4.   Haha I can't tell you 'cause I hardly work out.
  5. Goal Girl
      My goal is don't get fat in the future exercise tommrow right after eating some cheetos!
  6.   I am skinny but fat around my but and thighs so I need to do squat-thrusts so I'm planning on that.
  7.   I really don't know.
  8.   Haha I don't know
  9. Tasty Eats
      Pow-Bahji.As I mentioned before. This dish is full of veggies! Carrots,peas,bell peppers,potatoes and anything!
  10.   I love mushroom parmesan! I love mushrooms!
  11.   Go dive for the cheetos I love spicy stuff instead of sugary stuff. Indian food has lots of spice I'm sorry but you people can't handle it!
  12.   Healthy foods! There are a bunch of sugary fruits and delicious vegtables when your on a diet or just wanna eat healthy!
  13.   Getting my lazy butt up! Also socializing while exercising in any game activities.
  14.   yes way! I need to socialize!
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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