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ktbear7's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Cancer, and my name is Katie! <3
  2.   Artsy, excited, girly
  3.   7
  4.   purple! (and i own lots of pink clothes. :] )
  5.   one lil sis,
  6.   IDK. Most people don't have one. u can kinda look like someone, but EVERYONE IS UNIQUE!!!!
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Literature
  2.   have a snack, email and homework, and get in my pjs!!
  3.   I love to dance, and i just started tennis with my best friend.
  4.   something with my friends or family, or some club activity
  5.   kitty cats! small dogs r cute too!
  6.   she's true to me and never picks a fight. and she absolutely never would say anything to hurt my feelings- and most of all, we think alike
  7.   peanut butter! =D and i like chocolate mousse and especially dark chocolate! But PB is tops
  8.   scrapbooks, brownies, cheesecake (at least that's what my class sayz)
  9.   that I've been to: hmmm, probably Halifax, New Brunswick (east side of Canada on the Atlantic)
My Faves…
  1.   Americas got talent and the voice
  2.   even for my favorite movies, I'll see it once in theaters, then maybe twice on DVD, then that's it. I can't watch movies over and over and over and over.
  3.   it constantly changes. but mostly girly stuff. (my best friend describes it as "la-la" music, but its so true)
  4.   well, right now i'm reading the book thief, and then i wanna read drums, girls and dangerous pie, and then before i fall.
  5.   i don't like video games. bleh. :P
  6.   taylor swift and selena gomez {ts for her music and personality, and sg for her fashion sense and personality}
Style Sense
  1.   i don't model after anyone, cuz i'm me and just cuz something looks good on them doesn't mean it will on me.
  2.   kohls and aeropostale and dEliA*s
  3.   hmmm... flava? well fer flavors, strawberry poptart! yum!! but there are other chapsticks i have that r better quality. but strawberry poptart is THE BEST FLAVOR EVER!!!!
  4.   lip blam. yup.. lip balm
  5.   not really kept in my closet, but JEWELRY!!! WAIT!-and sweatpants- I absolutly HATE jeans! So I wear jeggings instead. but they're still not as comfy.
  1.   no, cuz when u go to a private school, u tend not to get into that until high school.
  2.   yes, one. :) (he's the sweetest guy in the world)
  3.   i don't want a prince charming. a want a guy who exists. and he has to be really sweet. :D
  4.   taylor lautner's hot, but i would never want to date him.
  1.   interior home decorator/designer. or a massuose, (just cuz everyone says i have strong hands, and i give my friends massages all the time) or a book editor.
  2.   Chicago! (i'm from IL)
  3.   a city with lots of attractions by a large body of water with beaches
  4.   i'd help all my family with their financial needs, fill my and my sister's college accounts, SHOP, and get some nice things for me and my friends, and save a reasonable amount, too.
  5.   *forget love, I'd rather fall in chocolate!* *If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, its yours. If not, it was never yours.* *You can't live life with out eating SOME dirt. =)* * I sometimes wonder about people who live in tropical places. What do their screen savers look like?* *WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!! But I gotta helmet!* *It takes skill to trip over flat surfaces.* *School- (s)- seven (c)- crappy (h)-hours (o)- of (o)-our (l)-lives.* *Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.* *what is there to do when you get to the top? write a book? pfff... I'd SO rather be in the middle! :)* *Everyone is weird in their own special way* *a good friend will bail you outta jail. a best friend will be in the jail cell with you, laugh, then say, "hey, at least we had fun!"* *My friends and i are the kinda people who will burst out laughing at something taht happened years ago* *Life is a whole dang lot easier when you go through it with the people you love* *a girl's best accessory is her best friends* *I dont' want a rose- i want a daisy you picked for my hair- i don't want a fancy box of chocolate- i want the burnt cookie you made just for me- I don't want to go to some upscale restaurant- I want to have a picnic in the park- and we dont' have to go to the movies- we can just watch tv until we fall asleep in each others' arms.*
  1.   Night owl 4 sure!!
  3.   Lefty =D
  4.   Movie theater
  5.   well, yeah- i'm a neat freak. and kinda a control freak. and i'm all about safety and respect. :) i can really annoy my friends sometimes. :)
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
  2.   dance! and i now play tennis
  3.   changes too much.
  4. Goal Girl
      to lose weight. :(
  5.   playin outside! YAY! finally nice enough. but i think my butt outgrew the swings. :) so i just take my dog for walks, and do tennis with my bff
  6.   think of how beautiful I could be if I worked harder. and boys! and friends. :)
  7. Tasty Eats
  8.   grilled chicken, and kielbasa (polish sausage) and burgers. yum!!! :)
  9.   eat junk food. but most times I try to resist. and chew gum if i have some.
  10.   anything, and i'd give it my best shot. :)
  11.   guys, and whatever i guess and maybe periods 2
What is your fave class in school?


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