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All About Me!
  1.   Sagittarius <33 goooo ARROWS!!
  2.   Loving<33 (LOVE YA'LL JUST, I AIN'T NO LUVER OR THOSE DARN TERRORISTS tsk,tsk on them)Curious-ly Dramatic xD and hmm...very think-ative yeah that works ;)( oh and I just like to talk like I do I don't usually say ain't while talking in person or anything of that sort haha)
  3.   12 or 8 or 23 maybe?
  4.   ORANGE !!! <3 Lol...I kinda like navy blue and I think that black looks nice on me :)
  5.   (Im only saying their nicknames, just so no creepy stalkers find out who I am,*this is in order from oldest to youngest*) Ash and Mimi(twins)K.k, Dyl, Bones, Jojo(ME!! Jordyn) Lukeyy and Livi :) One of 8 baby! <33 haha
  6.   I guess I am one really looks like me I guess...Im an oddd looking gal so ya know ... haha..well my family compares me to Natalie Portman, and since my glasses, Sarah Palin. teh because of my hair and if i do something certain with my makeup without my glasses its sort of a Kristen Stuawart thing going on..haha..
In A Nutshell...
  1.   English....err Science kinda? Hmm I dunno Well, I like my science teacher a lot, but English/Writing comes really easy to me,sooo I don't know.
  2.   Drama Tuesday and (every other)Thursdays! <33 Bakers Wife (: INTO THE WOODS!!! <33
  3.   Eh...I'm not a real fan of sports, why sports when I could act, or write. Or just sit. In a corner. In my room. Because I really have no talent or main interest but Acting/singing(sorta, I'm not that good) and I mean I don't think I'm good enough to make it in to a job for myself in the future, but I hope.
  4.   Nothing...I am a square...actually I take that back I HATE squares...I Like Triangles XD well hate is a strong word, I don't hate anyone, I only hate Terrorists, they aren't nice, I mean seriously? Why are they so evil!?! Gosh darnit! Sorry, Excuse my French. Hehe Sorry I'm going nuts I really am just a goon. But a lovable one! That is in like one of the lower math level groups! That can't sing for her life! But still, I love everyone!...Besides...well you know who...the "T" word...ooh! I brings me shivers just to type it out! Not only to say it, I would collapse! Mhmm indeed.
  5. algae eater fish...or Jeans! My sisters cat! I don't really have a dog so I wouldnt know...I like Mud though haha and Jeans is a cute lil boy cat (:
  6.   Shes always there for me...she cares, shes funny,creative,supportive, just all around amazing and super awesome(: 123432<3(nh)
  7.   Hmm...does 5 Gum Count ;)
  8.   Nothing...Im just a weenie who can't do anything...Im so ashamed in myself
  9.   Maine...Old Orchard Beach or Salem...go WITCHES! lol jk I love tarot cards though indeed! Hehe
My Faves…
  1.   Medium or Glee...I am now a Gleek...<3 Artie! -and MEDIUM IS ENDING!! NOOO!!! :(
  2.   Titanic although its pretty long...4 hours whoo! Oh Movie EVER!!!!!
  3.   Travis Garland...He really is Talented or Kevin McHale!! <333!! KEVIN MCHALE I WILL DIE WITHOUT HIM I would sooo want to meet him, really badly ahaha.
  4.   Go Ask Alice *(Creeeeeeeeeepy)
  5.   Phoenix Wright....OBJECTION!! Super Scribble Nauts orrr....PROFESSOR LAYTON AND THE DIABOLICAL BOW HAI YAH! I know sounds intense doesn't it?
  6.   Hmmm.....I dunno...I like a lot of peoples...
Style Sense
  1.   Wet Seal, forever21, Holister or anywhere really I wear most of my clothes from target though...I think? Sorta anyways lol
  2.   Vanilla...I don't know most tastes make me nauseas lol
  3.   Mascara(: and eyebrow fillers cuz ya know, I screw my brows more than half the time, so...ya know...always need that in handy! (:
  4.   My hand painted Chinese shoes that I just got!They were a lot but sooo worth it or my boots...I wear them almost everyday...Ugh I need new shoes maybe my birthday? (a week!)12-8-97
  1.   Yes three before Now...Not now though.
  2.   Eh..its complicated<3
  3.   Hmm,,,probabaly never existed or will exist Haha my bf right now is awesome though ;) haha
  4.   Kevin McHale (Glee...Artie)<33 Oh my gosh I luv him! Like Im mad obsessed its really scary.
  1.   Author or Actor Probabaly and most possibly a detective. Yeah I know, lots of dreams, sure they wont happen, but thats what dreams are for!<3 ...or maybe a Photographer as a side job..hmm decisions decisions, well at least I'm young! No need to worry about that yet!
  2.   Well Maine but its a little too far far for my liking so maybe my home town...Salem is coool too
  3.   Japan or France
  4.   Give some to my Dad some towards my college some towards clothes some for my church and uh....what ever else needs money! And A camera...everyone I have had broke on mom said I was careless with them but no! I didn't do anything and one day it just would turn on,,,AGH! lol
  5.   I hate sneaks...Im Dead or Stop Yelling...I really don't know why...its something I use to get out of a conversation haha
  1.   MORNING DEFINATLEY UP BY 5 30 ISH haha...(why was that in all CAPS,,.?)
  2.   Vanilla or...BOTH! orrr....Chocolate...orrr MIXED!! YAH !! That works...haha
  3.   Rightayyy I wish I was a lefty...Lefty's are cool
  4.   Eh...either is suitable
  5.   In the middle...Ya know what I am a slob...yep
My Healthy You Profile
  1.   I dont really play sports I like running :) 5k here I COME!
  2. Goal Girl
      Kicking out all the junk food(AGH I cant do it! Help!)
  3.   Lifting weights for stronger arms
  4.   Drink water,,,,hehe
  5.   Makeup usually Boys Girly things anything really (check out fashion_freak<3's profile)
  6.   Yes.... :)
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