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lokiita006's Profile

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My Clubs
All About Me!
  1.   Scorpio
  2.   Funny , outgoing ,
  3.   11
  4.   Purple
  5.   @ lil bro's
  6.   idk
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Art
  2.   Go to the pool
  3.   volleyball
  4.   Playing at the park
  5.   My 2 dogs
  6.   Our makeup
  7.   chinese food :D
  8.   cup cakes or any type of cake ^_^
  9.   Puerto Rico
My Faves…
  1.   Jersey Shore
  2.   titanic
  3.   Nengo Flow
  4.   I dont like reading
  5.   God of War
  6.   Michelle Rodrigues
Style Sense
  1.   Any store with cute clothes
  2.   Lip gloss, favorite eye liner , black mascara , my L.A bright color palete ,
  3.   My favorite purple shirt
  1.   yes i have but i dont have one now .
  2.   None
  3.   Taller then me , honest , funny , respectful , faithfull , romantic , caring etc :)
  4.   Romeo Santos
  1.   Being a nurse & a make up/hairstylist on the side
  2.   New York
  3.   Acapulco
  4.   Get my own plane
  1.   both doesnt really matter
  2.   Both :D
  3.   righty
  4.   theater
My Healthy You Profile
  1.   Volleyball
  2. Goal Girl
      mm30 pounds before i graduate
  3.   My FCAT test
  4.   Mom
  5.   None
  6. Tasty Eats
      Apples , grape
  7.   U
  8.   Go outside ir listen to music
  9.   Anyting you need help with i will always try my best to help you :)
  10.   How to eat healthier & how to be more creative
  11.   Yes !
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