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lollypop09's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Saggatarius
  2.   Trustworthy, Smart, Independant.
  3.   12,18,8 Lol :P
  4.   Lime green & Blue :)
  5.   6 Sisters And 2 Bro's ... yeah .. WOW
  6.   Rachael Leigh Cook ... Ellen Page
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Art ... history ... technology .... science
  2.   Ermmm ... Nothing Specific ... Hang Out With Friends
  3.   Swimming ... figure skating ... Rounders
  4.   Sleeping ... Hanging Out With Mates Texting .. Homework
  5.   Sea Creatures, Dogs .. Pretty Much all animals :)
  6.   She Never Gives Up On Me no matter what and can handle my mood swings
  7.   Pasta
  8.   Loud Noises & Friends
  9.   Australia...Turkey .. hawwai
My Faves…
  1.   Sonny With A Chance, Wizards Of Waverly Place
  2.   Ice Princess ... Labryinth ... Angus Thong And Perfect Snogging .. Nancy Drew (i love mysteries) ... Titanic ... Aquamarine .... HORRORS!!
  3.   Miley Cyrus .. Taylor Swift ... Pretty much, all Top Charters
  4.   Poin Horror Colection .. Mysteries ... Gilda Joyce Series
  5.   Ermmmmm None At The Moment
  6.   Miley Cyrus ... Demi Lovato ... Selen Gomez ... Emma Roberts .. CHERYL COLE!!!
Style Sense
  1.   My Big Sis's female celebritys ... CHERYL COLE!
  2.   PRIMARK... NEWLOOK .. ( United Kingdom )
  3.   Bubble Gum strawberry
  4.   Eye Shadow, lippy, Masscara
  5.   Jeans And Nice Tops plimsoles
  1.   Not Now .. Well One Quite A Few Times
  2.   Nopee
  3.   Romantic Funny And Caring ... not afraid to show his emotions
  4.   Ermmm ... Nope Not Got One
  1.   Marine Bioligest ..... Or Figure Skating
  2.   Not Sure
  3.   Diving In A Tropical Island/Country Or A Huge Shopping Spree
  4.   Scream .... Go On A Major Shopping Spree .. Scream Treat Most Of My Family To Somethink They Want
  5.   Oh Well ... :P Get Over it!!
  1.   50% Morning 50% Night
  2.   Chocolate ... No Vanilla ... No Chocolate ... Erm ... 50/50
  3.   Righty
  4.   Chick Flick On A DVD ( Night In With My Girls)
  5.   Bit Of Both
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