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luvs2dance's Profile

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My Clubs
All About Me!
  1.   leo
  2.   laugh, dance, smile
  3.   5
  4.   blue, lime green and pink......the colors of my bedroom!!!!!!
  5.   1 little brother whos in 8th grade
  6.   I'm unique! :)
In A Nutshell...
  1.   English
  2. more dance.........every day of the week :)
  3.   Dance..and yes it is totally a sport and its the best sport of all because its also an art! for watching a sport i have to pick baseball becasue it's the only one i can get into. GO NY YANKEES!
  4.   dancing or hanging with friends....I'm usually at a dance competition if its in the spring........o yeah and doing projects(thanks alot RHAM high school) of this summer.....its reading books for school
  5.   kittens! they are sooo cute...i like owls too...idk why :P
  6.   They always make me laugh and are there for me when i need them
  7.   pizza and of course ICE CREAM!..................can't forget the cheesecake!
  8.   starburst wrapper bracelets!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9.   tropical places or the beach
My Faves…
  1.   American Idol, so you think you can dance, americas got talent and, whatever else i feel like watching on certain days.
  2.   Up, finding nemo, forrest gump, the proposal, bride wars
  3. fav song is rolling in the deep
  4.   Elsewhere
  5.   I don't really play video games but i'm really good at playing Just Dance on the wii
Style Sense
  1.   i don't really have one, i guess i just wear whatever i like
  2.   Kohls, JC Penny and most of all Forever 21...oh and cannot forget old navy
  3.   strawberry fizz from Victorias Secret!
  4.   Chapstick is a MUST!!!! but it doesnt hurt to always carry mascara
  5.   jeans!!!!!!!......i also LOVE flowery tops....i have a variety of you always have to have a cute sweatshirt and tees for those days you wanna feel casual....and i love my sandals, flip flops and ballet flats..and for wintertime i couldnt live without my boots...luv them :)
  1.   yes and no........but I'm 15 and its about time that I work on that one :p
  2.   zero....guys at my school are abnoxious(well the majority anyway)
  3.   cute, friendly, blue eyes, likes me even when I look terrible and am having.."one of those days"...oh yeah and he can't be too confident because that can be annoying
  4.   i dont really have one
  1.   actress, professional dancer, author
  2.   New York or LA
  3.   Spain or Australia
  4.   put it in the bank!....if i had it in my hands, it would be gone in an instant
  5.   "your friends are the ones who will help you up if you fall, your best friends are the ones that help you up and laugh because they are the ones that tripped you." "I hope you dance" "It's true my grooves are righteous" "eat. sleep. dance" "be yourself and dont let anyone tell you that you are wrong for doing so"
  1.   i guess both...depends.....probably more night owl
  2.   vanilla.........i know its wierd but I hate the taste of chocolate unless its a twix
  3.   righty
  4.   THEATER!!!!!
  5.   i'm somewhere in the middle
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
  2.   dance....yes it is a sport
  3.   i dont really have a certain playlist but i like to listen to many different songs.....preferably up beat happy ones
  4.   practice doesn't make perfect...perfect practice makes perfect
  5. Goal Girl
      eat healthier foods and start to drink more water
  6.   getting ready for my next dance season with cardio and mini yoga...its very relaxing
  7.   Dance! my peers and the dancers on so you think you can dance......i wish i coul dance as well as them...Im gonna have to work on that
  8. Tasty Eats
  9.   tacos, chicken, steak, and strawberry shortcake of course!!!!
  10.   eat them...i try not to eat too much though
  11.   Anything that has to do with dance..and school...whatever you might need..people have told me i give really good advice
  12.   how to balance hw and 2-7 hours of dance class everynight with a study hall for only half the year.......still dont know how im gonna do it
  13.   sure if anyone wants tips or can give me any then that'd b great!....i'll gladly share mine with you too
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