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mangoagogo's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Scorpio.
  2.   Weird, Confident, Friendly.
  3.   7
  4.   Dark purple. It's funny, I used to wear a lot of purple, and yet it wasn't my favorite color until about a month ago.
  5.   A booger (oops, I meant brother) that goes by Sir Eatsalot and a Miss Priss of a sister. I mean it with love, you two. :-)
  6.   Now that I think about it, I kinda of look like Taylor Swift with brown hair and green eyes. If you can think of any celebrities with curly brown hair and green eyes, tell me!
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Spanish. I am now able to insult my brother without him being able to reply. >:) Plus, my teacher is awesome.
  2.   Homework. This sums up my entire social life. :)
  3.   I'm not a sports person. I get bored just watching sports, but I can't play a sport well to save my life.
  4.   Sleeping.
  5.   Mango (my cat), the evil orange meatball sitting on my bed at the moment. In fact, I named my account after him.
  6.   She's utterly fearless. :)
  7.   Chocolate cake. NOM NOM NOM :)
  8.   Chocolate chip cookies!!!
  9.   Kauai (I think that's how it's spelled). It's beautiful.
My Faves…
  1.   The Middle, Modern Family, and Ghost Adventures. Yeah, I know, one of these things is not like the other.
  2.   Tangled. Love it!
  3.   Taylor Swift. Her songs are so honest, and she's a great role model. I went to her concert when she was in San Jose on Sunday, April 11th. Love you Taylor!
  4.   I have a circle of just a few authors that I always read, and their books are always on rotation.
  5.   I'm not much into video games.
  6.   Taylor Swift AGAIN. Love you Taylor!
Style Sense
  1.   No one. I'm just a jeans and tee shirt person.
  2.   Bath & Body Works. I could spend hours in there smelling and smelling everything.
  3.   I've developed a bit of a lipgloss addiction. I have a few really yummy ones that I love: fruit punch, watermelon, lemon cupcake, and berry vanilla. My only problem is I lick them off my lips because they taste so good! :)
  4.   Does Chapstick count?
  5.   I have a cute purse that I got for Christmas. It's very edgy, which is unlike me, but I kinda took away from the "Tough Rocker Chick" vibe when I attached hand sanatizer to it with a sparkly holder. :)
  1.   I'm the loser of my friends with no boyfriend or ex-boyfriends. :)
  2.   No one. I'm pathetic. :)
  3.   Someone who is kind and considerate. So far, no luck. I'll keep you posted. :-)
  4.   Eh. Not really anyone.
  1.   Author. Writing our short stories in English was so much fun compared to the regular mind-numbingly boring stuff we do.
  2.   San Francisco. It's a really artistic, beautiful city. The only problem is it's always FREEZING! :)
  3.   I have wanted to vist New York City for only my whole life.
  4.   Hope to not blow it because of Infomercials.
  5.   "Gummy vitamins taste excellent, and I'm a firm believer in anything that makes you feel 7 years old again." -Taylor Swift
  1.   Getting up in the morning is certainly a struggle.
  2.   Chocolate.
  3.   Righty.
  4.   DVD. My pantry doesn't charge me $10 for a bag of popcorn. Plus, I can pause and go to the bathroom and rewind and talk all I want! :)
  5.   Total slob. My room looks like a tornado just passed through (yet that tornado affected no one else). I'm just . . . total slob.
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