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mirandaeb's Profile

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My Clubs
All About Me!
  1.   pices im a fishy gulp gulp
  2.   funny,hipper,cool, amazing, lovable, strong, independent,loved, yah theres alot lol
  3.   2
  4.   sunset orange, green, or anything nion
  5.   im an onlychild well thats wat i think i think my brother was adopted lol
  6.   ummm dakota phaning if she had brown curly hair
In A Nutshell...
  1.   reading im good at it im the best in my class idk how i didnt get into spanish or frech hmmm CMTs i fell asleep durring the reading one maby thats y.
  2.   practice my standing backbends then trying to do a balk walkover or wii
  3.   cheerleading, soccer,cheerleading volleyball,um cheerleading tennis,cheerleading ice skating (i wanna start) cheerleading dancing (idc if thats not a sport i still love it) cheerleading swimming cheerleading badmitting oh did i mention cheerleading
  4.   shopping with friend or at my friend hannahs house
  5.   panda fits my nickname mandapanda hehe my friend ashley started calling me that
  6.   there funny cool and inspire me sarah and once mariah that was in a make believe world called MY LIFE!!!!
  7.   ciniman buns mmm i love me some cinimin buns
  8.   pritty pictures lol im a good drawer even ask skf97 my BGF Danny is alway telling me that wen he sees one of them :P he wanted me to draw him and eeyor then he lost it :(
  9.   paris i really wanna go there but i know it would be my fave if i do
My Faves…
  1.   pritty little liars, my strange addictions (idk y its adicting)
  2.   ummmm hunger games when it comes out in 2011 i am OBSESED with the books letting skf97 borrow mine and know SHES obsessed!
  3.   so many enrique, adam lamber, maroon 5, b.o.b, the script, kesha, 3oh 3, taylor swift, o-zone, eminem ect.
  4.   hunger games deff (this is supper scarry, ok so i was on a sight and they poseted this map of where all the districs are but thats not scary.....yes.... well anyways heres y thats scarry 1) my house is surronded by woods 2) in my woods theres this little meeting spot like the one katniss and gale have 4) i know my woods inside out 5) i have long dark hair like katniss 6) i have olive skin like her 7) i have a best friend named danny who has straight dark hair 8) i come from a vearry small town small population nobody pays attention to my town people from my state dont even know my town exists 9) on the map it said that my small town was int he distric 12 area right at the brink from 12 and 13 asin (exateration) going through my woods id be in distric 13 just like katniss's and 10) in her woods theres this pond there in mine theres a pond yet a giant creek) ok so thats y this whole thing is scarry susane collins pritty much described Katniss as me :S and shes like my fave character oh and personality just like hers and i do thrown knives at my house haha but at a tree and i do have a bow and arrows like her SUPPER CREEPY
  5.   mario cart or wii fit pluss or JUST DANCE 2 (JUST DANCE IT B OK DADADO SO JUST DANCE
  6.   idrk hmm let me think this may take a while well idk my fave femal one but my fave male is Alex Pettyfer hes staring an a movie with vanessa hutchins that i wanna c called Beastly its comeing out in March no exact realease date i think but its comeing out in my birthday month YES!!!
Style Sense
  1.   my friends and me and lady gaga (jkingjkingjking abou the lady gaga part....maby haha jking again)
  2.   holister, aropostil, forever 21, khols, abrocombie and fitch, wet seal, packsun 5 bellow the dollar store haha onlly bc they have cute bras. ALOT more
  3.   pinta collata
  4.   eyeliner bc ive been wearing it soo much i look soo different withough it no lie
  5.   my black skinny legs (if u dont know wat they are there a type of jeans)
  1.   3!! one in 2nd grade 1 in 3rd and 1 in 8th...the one in 8th lasted a day ok heres the story...monday: firneds think i like dis guy when don't, best friend maddie asked him if he likes me he said yes and that he thinks im pretty hot i mean REALLY likes me...tuesday: durring lunch friends tell him he should aske me out he does and im sitting there ignoring and laughing hystarically while mi friends tell him i said yes when didn't and there saying that i shld say yes... it gets around school friend devin is seranading us and bgf/crush danny calls him a fag bc the guy that asked me out told everybody that i liked him...later at home i think about it and im like ok who would it hurt to try and see were it would go and i was kinda preassured...wends: i tell him yes hes happy but we lit dont talk the whole day pretty much durring lunch he sits with me and i had no lunch so he bough me ice cream... i start to feel really awkward and i knew wat i was doin to him was wrong of me so durring gym after he was dont showing off his (none) muscels i decide i should tell him i wanna stay friends.....on bus i tell him....thurs: he dosnet talk to me on morning bus he throws something at mi head!!!! aaaanddddd THE END!!
  2.   1
  3.   funny smart strong nice generous understandable
  4.   Alex Pettyfer (supper hot and may be playing in a new movie of my fave book as the lead male role also my fave, Hunger Games :D)
  1.   artist (my best friend danny/crush keeps telling me in a great drawer)
  2.   paris city of love
  3.   italy
  4.   go on a major shopping spree get a hair cut and a bunch of hair supplys i have ugs hair and give some to sait jueds
  5.   guys come and go but friends stay forever (so far the quote let me down so know i need a new one) "weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them," eeyor from winnie-the-poo
  1.   owl
  2.   vanilla
  3.   righty
  4.   movie
  5.   both
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
  2.   cheerleading (i only cheer on 2 ocasions, day and night been doing it for WAY oer half my life and thats a long time 9 years and still going and im only 13 so i started wen i was 4)
  3.   idk
  4.   feel the burn lol
  5. Goal Girl
      to become skinny
  6.   my legs :S
  7.   my friends
  8.   idk
  9. Tasty Eats
      yoplait yummy
  10.   special k
  11.   go light
  12.   boys, hair, mackup, cheering, friends, people at school, feelings, mean people, hair, almost anything
  13.   work outs, boys (im haveing drama well i do every year this year was the wrost)
  15. My Healthy You Journal  
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