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misslivvy101's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   pisces. marchh 10 babayy.
  2.   craaazy. out-goingg. brunettee.
  3.   10 (:
  4.   i love all coloors(: but im very fond of hot pink, puuurple, turrrquoise, and greeeen.
  5.   i have a brother named taylor (15). a step-sister named isabella (18). and another step-sister named moriah (19).
  6.   hah no onee. im just special. haha jaaaykaay.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   spanish. just because i have all of my friends in it. & health. because my crush sits next to me and always talk to me and walks me to and from that classs<33
  2.   text. hang out with friends. do home work. go on the computerr.
  3.   hahhh nothingg. im not very athletic..
  4.   being with my friends. chilllingg.
  5.   SHAARKS!
  6.   she gets me. i can say anything to her. she is hilarious. we always have the best timee.
  7.   pastaa ((:
  8.   conversations and messes(:
  9.   new york citaayy.
My Faves…
  1.   teen mom. the hills. laguna beach. when i was 17. what not to wear. if you really knew me. degrassi. glee.
  2.   napoleon dynamite. mean girls. finding nemo. hard days night. legally blonde 1&2. ferris bueller's day off.
  3.   nevershoutnever!, all time low, the beatles, paramore, the maine, a rocket to the moon, carter hulsey, forever the sickest kids, but nevershoutnever is and will always be my favorite<33
  4.   the uglie trilogy, the lovely bones, camp confidential series.
  5.   guitar hero .. bruhh.
  6.   psshh i dont knoww..?
Style Sense
  1.   i love a lotttt of different stufff.
  2.   dELiA*s. forever 21. hot topic. hollister. && i lovve target for some reasonn, ahaha.
  3.   uhh mint ahah.
  4.   black purple brown or gray eyeliner. mascara. chap stick. concealer. moisterizer.
  5.   bras. pearl earrings. rainbows. shorts. underwear. & v-necks.
  1.   *sigh* nopee.
  2.   1
  3.   christofer drew ingle..(;
  4.   christofer drew ingle <33
  1.   fashion designerr. or singer. or make-up artist. that would be sickk.
  2.   new york city.
  3.   paris, <3
  4.   take a mini shopping spree. buy tickets to nevershoutnever. give money to my parents. money doesnt create happiness.
  5.   "Who ever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed." - Elle Woods, "your only as tall as your heart will let you be, and your only as small as the world will make you seem" -Christofer Drew Ingle, "dont worry ... be happy" -Bob Marley
  1.   night owl.
  2.   it depends ... chocolate candy, but vanilla ice cream.
  3.   righty >
  4.   theater [:
  5.   slobb. but i like to be organized. im just laazy..(;
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