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mlmackin20's Profile

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My Clubs
All About Me!
  1.   fun, crazy, silly
  2.   31
  3.   purple
  4.   brother
  5.   idk
In A Nutshell...
  1.   math
  2.   eat
  3.   volleyball
  4.   sleeping or shopping
  5.   dogs
  6.   she is hilarious
  7.   pancakes
  8.   braclets
  9.   florida
My Faves…
  1.   dancing with the stars
  2.   elf
  3.   one republic
  4.   matched
  5.   idk
  6.   taylor swift
Style Sense
  1.   timm gunn
  2.   rue 21
  3.   strawberry
  4.   mascara, lip gloss, blush, toner
  5.   my keds
  1.   no
  2.   5
  3.   funny, handsome, smart, nice
  1.   fashion designer
  2.   paris, france
  3.   idk
  4.   buy a big house and donate to charity
  5.   shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars
  1.   night owl
  2.   chocolate
  3.   righty
  4.   flick on dvd
  5.   slob
My Healthy You Profile
  1.   volleyball
  2.   imagine dragons and one republic
  3.   get sweatpants
  4. Tasty Eats
  5.   ritz chicken
  6.   eat pringles
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