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All About Me!
  1.   Cancer! Luckily though, I don't have it. But I wish the absolute best to the people who do!
  2.   Daring, Outgoing, All-around amazing!
  3.   My lucky number is 9. I was born on July 9 (that's why it's my lucky number)!
  4.   Green, blue, and pink!!!
  5.   My bratty little brother Ethan. Always a pain... But most of the time, fun to be around!
  6.   I have NO idea! I'm a mix of all the pretty ones! LOL! ;P
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Hmmm... That's really hard. I'm going into middle school this year, so I can't decide yet! A lot more subjects in middle school! I'll tell you when I decide!
  2.   In fifth grade, I was in Ecology Club every Monday. It's SUPER FUN to help the Earth!!
  3.   Probably ice skating because it's so graceful, basketball because it's so LOUD, or soccer because it's super exhilarating! occer because it's super exhilerating.
  4.   Creating stuff. Gifts, clothes, songs, dance routines. Gotta stay active!
  5.   I love animals! I really can't decide on one, so here's my Top 3: 1. Dogs. 2. Bunnies. 3. Dolphins.
  6.   She's super-funny, smart, and loyal! Everybody wants a friend like that! She also gives GREAT advice.
  7.   Pizza. If you separate me from pizza, you just made a powerful enemy. :)
  8.   Mostly everything!! I just try my hardest! Except when it comes to cleaning my room.
  9.   Fair Hills Resort!
My Faves…
  1.   Anything popular on Disney or girly Nickelodeon stuff.
  2.   It changes depending on my mood!
  3.   The Disney stars. Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber are pretty popular on my playlist.
  4.   I'm a sucker for girly books. Bring on the sappy humor and romance!
  5.   Fashion games. I love putting on makeup and trying clothes on.
  6.   The girls on Disney Channel have taken me by a landslide.
Style Sense
  1.   The Disney stars really have a sense of fashion! Sometimes I escape from the fad, and create a new one!
  2.   Can't pick one. You're bound to find at least one thing that's good in every store!
  3.   I don't decide by flavor. I decide by how it looks on me! But I've gotta say, minty, fruity, or sweet. Which is about every single lip gloss!
  4.   My cute super-shiny clear minty lip gloss!
  5.   My cute accessories. They always spice up a simple outfit!
  1.   I did once. He was a jerk. I have my eye on someone sweet now. ;P
  2.   Just 1. The less the better! You stay more focused on the signals HE is giving you.
  3.   Sweet. Sensitive. Would never cheat. Funny. Charming. Would never ask for me to change. Wouldn't take drugs. Handsome.Romantic. Perfect.
  4.   Taylor Lautner, Nick Jonas, Robert Pattinson, and Justin Bieber.
  1.   Popstar on Disney Channel, Actress on Disney Channel, writer, and teacher.
  2.   L.A., L.A., Baby!
  3.   Honolulu, Hawaii. So relaxing...
  4.   Spend one quarter of it on charity, and the rest for my family and me.
  5.   Changes from goal to goal, day to day. Right now it's: "I'm just doing what I love, hoping to be half as successful as the other girls out there. I work hard." -Victoria Justice
  1.   Depends on my mood. Currently I'm a Night Owl.
  2.   Vanilla. I'm not timid, but vanilla's great with some caramel and chocolate sauce.
  3.   Lucky Lefty!!
  4.   I love going to theaters. The big screen, the the Reese's Piece's in my hand, it's just great. Just don't over-butter my popcorn. Ew!
  5.   Sorta in between...
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Depends on what part of my body I'm focusing on. Currently, my thighs. Their O.K. but not up to my standards.
  2.   Basketball or hockey. As long as the ball or the puck doesn't hurt me. Or the hockey stick. It hurts so much!!
  3.   Anything that gets me moving. But not moving to turn it off.
  4.   You should be exercising to make yourself look better, not different. And to be healthy, not skinny.
  5. Goal Girl
      Stop that jiggle down in my thighs!
  6.   My thighs!!!
  7.   People that don't have to worry about that kind of stuff.
  8.   Serena Williams. She beat Mother Nature!!
  9. Tasty Eats
      Granola Bars are my thing.
  10.   Toast and over easy eggs. SO delicious at breakfast.
  11.   Chew some gum. It's satisfying enough to stop the craves for a while!
  12.   Anything! I am the Ultimate Advice Answerer! I'm just like Dear Carol, except I pinky promise I'll answer your questions pronto!
  13.   Nothing! Got all all the advice I need!
  14.   Yes! I'd love some encouragement and affection!
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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