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All About Me!
  1.   Aquarius
  2.   Funny, Amazing, Best Friend Evr, Shopaholic, textaholic, taylor lautner obbssed, tv watcher
  3.   13
  4.   sky blue, lime green, black and purple
  5.   lil sis and lil bro
  6.   selena gomez(kinda) mixed with ashley greene with short hair
In A Nutshell...
  1.   math: pre algabra
  2.   Hw, basketball, going on my computer,txt
  3.   Softball/Baseball(2 years) ,Basketball(7 years also im assitant coach 4 town team), Chearleading(6 years took a break starting again nxt year)FOOTBAALLL(my crush got me hooked now i nvr miss a game EVR!!!!!)
  4.   Hangin with friends,shopping, going to partys, txting/iming, watchin football
  5.   White Tigers:D and Puppies
  6.   Iz:Shes super tiny and alot of fun T:crazy and screams stuff while going down the hallwaya Melsey: shes super quite has a great fashion sense and is always ther(these descriptions r of 3 dif. people)
  7.   i dont have one
  8.   Ice Cubes!!!, Chocalte Milk, Taylor Lautner Posters Hah! :), Txt Messages,
  9.   Flordia, Cali, Washington D.C., Maine
My Faves…
  1.   Gossip girl, Lying games, the secret lif of an american teenager, Jane by design, and switched at birth
  2.   Twilight sagas, all the harry potter movies, Final Destination,soul surfer,anything with will smith(hes awsum),monte carlo,limitless,Abduction!!,
  3.   Selena Gomez, Bruno Mars, Christina Perri, Paramore, Taylor Swift
  4.   Anything by Sarah Dessen and the hunger games trilogy, East
  5.   Ummmmmm..wat kind of question is this for a girls website but if i had to choose i wud say...Zhu Zhu pets all the way baby JK JK JK mayb Black Ops i gess my crush lets me play i stink thow( ive messed up his game abput 5000 times hah!!)
  6.   Selena Gomez, Taylor swift, Emma Watson, Bonnie Wright,
Style Sense
  1.   Selena Gomez, Ashley Greene, Taylor swift, Emma Watson
  2.   Aero, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Uptown Consigment, Kohls,American Eagle, Ed Hardy!!!, Forevr 21
  3.   Watermelon, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla cherry, Cotton candy,
  4.   Lipgloss, blush, eyeshadow, coverup, Perfume, Mirrror ahah,
  5.   Winter Boots;bearpaws black and hickory and sweater dresses, belts, my grinch pj bottoms,SHOOESS iluvshoes,jeans,sweater,
  1.   Shure, No
  2.   2.
  3.   Cute, Kind, Basketball player,Baseball Player, Taller than me, Blonde hair, Same age as me, smartish,likes to watch football,has great sense of humor,can take a joke,wont lauf wen i make stupid jokes and/or fall(i do that alot im a klutz), plays football(btw im totally just describimg my crushs), will txt me bck evn thow he has limited txt messges, duznt hate my frends, will put up with my friends stupidness,
  4.   Taylor Lautner, Logan Lerman, Gregg Sulkin, Ross Lynch, Liam Hemsworth,Josh Hutcherson, Sterling Knight, Daniel Radcliffe,
  1.   Arichatect (or however u spell it) or journalist
  2.   New York:Manhattan or Boston or Washington D.C.
  3.   Cali:surfboarding or Flordia:disney or Washington D.C.: shopping Greece or Athens
  4.   Donate half 2 a charity and then use the rest to go shopping
  5.   LOVE IS LOUDER THAN THE PRESSUR 2 B PERFECT---Just cuz someone duznt luv u the way u want them to duznt mean they dont luv u at all- iluvu is better than i luv u cuz in iluvu there is no space for lies-i want to run but only far enouf to make u miss me-the way i say it if u want the rainbow u have to deal wit the rain- dont fall for someone unles ther willing to catch u- if u had a broken heart ud b dead so shut up-if i promise not to kill u can i hav a hug-cuz2 can keep a secret wen one of them is dead- happyness can b found evn in the darkestof times if only one rembers to turn on the lite- friends ask y ur cryong bestfriends alraedy hav the shovel out ready to burry the loser that made u cry- and so the lion fell in luv wit the lamb wat a stupid lamb. wat a sick masochistic lion-if u want to b part of this wolrd people will talk-dear girls- if a guy pauses a video game to txt u bck marry him- tru friends stab u in the front-ther are no stupid questions just stupid people-u just hate me cuz u aint me- haters make me famous- i let my haters b my motivators-haters gunna hate- love is louder than the pressure to b perfect- im not a nerd im just smarter than u- admit it u luv me...cuz mayb ily 2-and i need u like a heartbeat- u shud keep in mind there is nothing i do bttr than revenge-if 2 past lovers can reamin frends its either they wer nvr in luv or still r- dont giv up on some1 who once made u smile wen u didnt evn want to lauf,
  1.   Night Owl (last nite i stayed up intill 5...just sayin)
  2.   Vanilla (chocalte icecream needs to b band seriosuly that shizz is baddd)
  3.   Righty
  4.   Theater..cozy,dark..neeed i say more
  5.   Neat Freak (*cough* slob)
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