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nuttybutton44's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   gemini
  2.   fashionable, fun, cute
  3.   4
  4.   PINK!!!
  5.   my sis, Becky
  6.   none really
In A Nutshell...
  1.   english
  2.   dance! I take jazz and ballet
  3.   gymnastics, dance
  4.   shopping!!!! comment and tell me your fave store!!!
  5.   I luv my little doggie Chase!
  6.   she is so good at making me feel better when Im sad, and I can tell her anything
  7.   ENCHALADAS!!!!!
  8.   crafts and i like to sew too!!!
  9.   palm springs
My Faves…
  1.   glee!!!!
  2.   hairspray or The Clique!!!! I am obsessed with the clique books!!!
  3.   Selena, Demi, or Justin Bieber!!! I have recently become a Belieber!!! XD
  4.   the clique books. and even tho it came out a long time ago, I have just started reading the last Harry Potter book. I have been putting off reading it for very long time beacause I know that there will never be any more books after this one!!!! :(
  5.   animal crossings on wii or wii sports even tho I dont play video games much
  6.   selena gomez
Style Sense
  1.   selena gomez
  2.   I love abercrombie kids!!!! They have reely good deals sometimes, when u really search 4 sales!
  3.   strawberry sorbet. I is a liplicous flaver from bath and body works.
  4.   my maybelline great lash mascara (its very popular, its the one in a pink tube with a green cap), and my sephora lipgloss that I love even though it was a rip off
  5.   bandeaus! they r gr8 under low cut tops
  1.   no
  2.   1.... ok, 2 :D
  3.   smart, funny, sweet, and athletic and kind of talkative
  4.   Logan Lerman (he plays percy jackson in the lightning theif)
  1.   fashion designer, or interior decorator
  2.   Westchester
  3.   New York
  4.   redo my bedroom!!! I am also obsessed with decorating my bedroom!!!!!
  5.   did i invite you to my BBQ? "no..." then why are you all up in my GRILL!?!? thats from thwe clique, and also, a new 1 i recently made up is: "Are u planning 2 b an architect? .... "no" "well u should, so u can build a bridge and GET OVER IT!"
  1.   Morning gal, no matter how late I stay up at night, I automatically wake up at around 7 or 8 o clock almost every morning
  2.   chocolate!!!!!! I probably eat chocolate almost every day!!!
  3.   both-I write lefty and i bat lefty but I throw righty and my dominate leg is my right.... Like if i was doing a cartwheel, my right leg would be in front
  4.   flick on dvd
  5.   neat freak!!! sometimes my room gets a little messy, but i usually keep it very neat and clean
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      dance, I just turn on some fun music and I dance for fun!!!
  2.   dance or gymnastics
  3.   my world by justin bieber
  4.   always stretch!
  5. Goal Girl
      4 my but 2 luk bettr in my dance leo :D
  6.   getting on the treadmill every other day
  7.   seeing myself in the mirror @ dance.....
  8.   mary lou retton, or my dance instructor
  9. Tasty Eats
  10.   salad
  11.   chew gum
  12.   fashion, bad habits, crushes, or almost anything else
  13.   staying healthy
  14.   yes
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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