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onerboner's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Ariess
  2.   Barbz. Loud. Crazy.
  3.   Piiiiink :)
  4.   2 lil brothers & a baby sis
  5.   None, I'm just that original ;) Haha jk.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Idkkk
  2.   ..homework?
  3.   Eating. xD
  4.   CATS. OMG.
  5.   I love food soo much its impossible to pick.
  6.   Mistakes :( Haha just kidding, maybe friends?
My Faves…
  2.   Mean Girls :)
  4.   Not a book person.
  5.   ONIKA TANYA MARAJ. I love Nicki. :)
Style Sense
  1.   Body Central & Rainbowwwww
  2.   Extra foundation & liquid eyeliner .
  3.   Yoga pants<3
  1.   Sorry boys but I prefer girls .
  2.   How about a Cinderella instead ?
  3.   Onika Tanya Maraj <3
  1.   Piercer & nail artisttt
  2.   Trinidad ! (Where Nicki Minaj was born)
  3.   Move somewhere I wanna live .
  1.   Night owl def .
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Yoga & contemporary dance
  2. Goal Girl
      Get a flat stomach :c
  3.   Crunches .
  4.   Looking at my stomach flab , ugh !
  5. Tasty Eats
  6.   Eat them . Not even gon lie .
  8. My Healthy You Journal  
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