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paramorefreak!'s Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Sagittarius
  2.   fun, respectful, loving
  3.   2, 17, 317
  4.   purple/ turquoise
  5.   1 little sister
  6.   ?
In A Nutshell...
  1.   literature, art and english
  2.   play wii fit!
  3.   i workout at a gym
  4.   hanging with my friends
  5.   cavaliere king charles spaniels... my little lila!
  6.   she makes everything fun
  7.   chocolate! an fiddle faddle! i just discovered it! my mom was hiding it in the cabinet and i saw it and mmmm mmmm good!
  8.   people laugh
  9.   the ocean/ beach- as long as im on the beach jumping waves i am as happy as a clam! but it has to be the ocean. ever since i was 3 we (my extended family) has rented a beach house for 1-2 weeks each summer. we have been going for 7 years- we missed a couple years in there because of surgerys, which cousin is in college prep school, whos on a trip etc.
My Faves…
  1.   ghost whisperer, gilmore girls, that 70's show, john and kate + 8, oh and GEORGE LOPEZ!!
  2.   elf!! mama mia!! he's just not that into you!!
  3.   hmmm im not sure, taylor swift and kanye west and brittney spears!
  4.   the giver,13 little blue envelopes, prep, the private series!!!! , twilight series, any suggestions?
  5.   - i hate video games, except wii no offense!!
  6.   demi lovato and brittney spears and taylor swift and alot of others i cant remember!
Style Sense
  1.   purse
  2.   ummm hmmmm h&m, jcpennys actually(for curvy jeans), forever 21, target all the way!!
  3.   rasberry, chocolate, and watermelon
  4.   rasin colored mascara and eyeliner, brown, pink and gold eyeshaddow. and burts bees lip gloss!!!!
  5.   my sweatpants and jeans!
  1.   no/ no... i wish!
  2.   1 major one! well sorta like 1 1/2
  3.   kind, thoughtful, respectful, smart, nice looking, likes me for me
  4.   Robert Pattinson - edward cullen from the movie twilight!!
  1.   art therapist
  2.   Flowrence, Italy
  3.   trip around europe
  4.   give to the american diabetes association (i am type 1 diabetic), buy a beach-house, buy a boat, and buy a house in italy and a big house in my state
  5.   "the world should live in peace and harmony", "respect your mind and body", "treat others the way you want to be treated"
  1.   both. if i get more than 8 hours of sleep, i am tired. if i get exactly 8 im perky. if i get less than 8, im cranky! wierd, huh??
  2.   vanilla ice cream, chocolate food! haha
  3.   righty
  4.   both...depending on the movie. especially when watching one with mom!
  5.   neat freak... well most of the time
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      running and yoga
  2.   hmmmmm i want to box but they dont have it at school
  3.   circus- brittney spears, if you seek amy- brittney spears, i hate this part- PCD,change- taylor swift, you belong with me- taylor swift, i dont care- fall out boy, shut up and let me go- the ting tings, super girl- saving jane, decode- paramore,untouched- the veronicas, check yes juilet- we the kings,gives you h*ll- all american rejects,heartless- kanye west, love lockdown- kanye west
  4.   drink water and have your heart rate around 150. then rest/ streach for 5 min. and repeat!! it feels good, trust me!
  5. Goal Girl
      lose at least 15-20lbs by summer! it will really help me because my intake of insulin will be less!!!
  6.   patience. ive been sick so also not over doing it!
  7.   seeing elderly workout! or going to those free classes at my gym.
  8.   hmmmm michael phelps is my fave! but really anyone who sets goals and loves what they do inspires me. especially my cousin: he is ranked 5th in the NATION for boys shotput!!! go dominic!
  9. Tasty Eats
      almonds- i bought individual serving packets at trader joes!
  10.   meal? chicken francais! recipe? pumpkin cheesecake that i make by my self! only 150 cal. per servings!!
  11.   well at school, i tell myself i am not hungry or i have no money. at home i drink water or take fruit like kiwis apples and pears!
  12.   working out! i can put them together amazingly!
  13.   eating a little healthier. im a type 1 diabetic so i am on insulin. diabetic girls, comment!!!
  14.   yes!
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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