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All About Me!
  1.   hey this is a page where i help you with party planning! and ok i think i misspelled planner. ya i did. i think... but whatever!
  2.   there are jobs available right now! the jobs available are 1. party needs girl 2. party tips girl and 3. party food and fun girl
  3.   party needs girl helps by telling you what you need for a party like say...ballons or something that'll make your party a hit!
  4.   party tips girl helps by telling you what to lean twords and what to stay away from in your party. like if truth or dare is too crazy with a lot of poeple, then pick something like pigs in a roll (a game that's really fun and won't get too out of control)
  5.   party food and fun girl helps with games and food for your party. she does articles on what foods are unique and will be great for your party and how to make them. and she also will do an article on a game that's really fun that'll make your party fun!
  6.   we also just have another job called party where and theme girl who tells you good places to host your party and good themes to your party. this job is taken by mnm22
In A Nutshell...
  1.   to aply for one of these jobs then answer these questions- 1. what job do you want? 2. what's your name 3. why do you want the job? 4. what was your favorite party you've ever hosted or been to?
  2.   to just join this club to get notices on new stuff just fill this out 1. your name is____ 2. your dream party is _________3. your birthday month? (just your month not the day or year)
  3.   ok so this month is my birthday and i'm having a party. i'm thinking on inviting 5 girls over so that it's 6 all together. we will be doing stuff in my back sunroom so that my little 2 year old sister won't get into anything like nail polish or anything. OH and i almost forgot that i am going to tell you stuff to put in any gift/goodie bags that your guests will love. back to what i was saying now. ok so if you have younger siblings, i'd say have your party in your room or a room that's not the center of the house like a living room or family room.
  4.   good gift/goodie bag ideas-
  5.   tropical party-coconut or pinapple flavored lip gloss, sunglasses in a fun bright color like orange, yellow, or hot pink. also the same colored nail polish. little perfumes that are fruity are nice too. leis in bright colors are fun and maybe a cheap pair of flip flops from like the dollar store. then later in the night you can decorate them with little flower shapped appliques (sorry if i spelled anything wrong. i'm a horrible speller)
  6.   back in the day night (50s-90s themed)-jewelry that has peace signs on it are really cute and are from the 70s era. maybe put a plain white tee shirt in there and you guys could tie dye them early in the night then later in the night you could wear them and take pictures. they're really cute and not too expensive. a mood ring i think is from the 70s (i'm sorry if all of this is from the 70s) and are really cute. also try to make a mixed cd of songs like aint no mountian high enough, ring of fire, and anything by madonna is from the 90s
  7.   food themed-so this party i had the idea of like making your own pizzas and cupcakes so mabe put cute little necklaces that have like ice cream on them, an iron on of some kind of food with those cute eyes on them which you can iron onto a pillow or a tee shirt later on in the night, also maybe if you're gonna decorate cupcakes or anything you can put a little container of little candies in there like M&Ms, reces pieces, skittles or candie corn
  8.   hollywood/fashion night-put like a cute boa scarf in the gift bags. maybe some really big, dramatic sunglasses. put a fake nail set in there that you can paint so that your nails can be really long and dramatic. take tons of pictures then make them into iron ons and then put them on plain white tee shirts. maybe decorate some jeans that the guests bring (but make sure it's ok with their 'rents first). decorate with glittery fabric glue and stuff.
My Faves…
  1.   some good movies for a sleepover are Sleepover (starring alexa vega), mean girls, grease, harry potter movies (there are 6 of them) and twilight, a cinderella story, another cinderella story, the high school musicals (i'm not really a fan but i know they're appropriate), stick it, aquamarine, any of the bring it ons (i think there are 5 of them?), the notebook, ella enchanted, sisterhood of the traveling pants (great if you have 4 girls all together), and the miss congeneality movies are great, 17 again (kinda innopropriate in some parts), the legally blonde movies (the 3rd one is really appropriate ((they showed it on disneychannel)) and the 1st and 2nd one have some language that's more for teenagers), benchwarmers (great for the sporty kind) and the parent trap! i hope i gave enough options :)
  2.   here is a small summery of each of the movies i mentioned. the movie sleepover is about 4 girls who have a sleepover and a mean girl who challenges them on a scavenger hunt and the reward is the best lunch spot once they get into high school. the challenge with this is not being caught because they're not aloud out of the house.********** mean girls is about a girl (linsey lohan) moves from africa and her friends (in her new school) pressure her to hang out with the mean girls and over time she becomes one of the mean girls.********** the harry potter movies are about harry and his friends facing the challenges of the wizarding world.********** the twilight series/saga is about a girl named bella who falls in love with a vampire and then runs into evil vampires.********** a cinderella story and another cinderella story (they're not a series) are basically the cinderella story in a modern way.**********
  3.   the high school musical movies are about troy and gabriella and sharpay all competeing for something whether it's sharpay wanting to win a part in the school's musical, sharpay wanting troy for herself, or sharpay (she's like the bad girl in these if you haven't caught on) wanting an acting scholarship.********** stick it is a movie about a girl who gets in trouble and her punishment is to be a gymnast and she goes to competitions and stuff.********** aquamarine is about two best friends who find a mermaid and help her fall in love to prove that love really is real.
  4.   the bring it on movies are cheerleading movies that are about well...cheerleading and the competition of it all. i've never seen the notebook but i've found out it's like a clasic love story.********** ella enchanted is about a girl named ella who had a spell put on her where she has to obey everything people tell her to do. **********sisterhood of the traveling pants is a great movie. i think there are two of them but i've only seen the first. well the first one is a great movie about four girls (all different sizes and shapes) who find a pair of pants that fits all of them so they decide to take turns having the pants along with each one of them durring the summer while they travel the world without eachother.
  5.   the miss congeneality movies are about a girl (sandra bullock) who works for the FBI (or something like that) and has to go undercover in the first one as a pagent girl in a miss america pagent. in the second she has to save the winner of that pagent when she has a sidekick that she doesn't like. **********17 again is about a man who's high school life was great but once he got to be an adult, it stinks. then one day he turns back into a teenager and gets to live his highschool life again while being around his kids (who don't know that he's their dad) and seeing what his kids are like in their world. **********the legally bonde movies are about elle woods (only in the first two, she's not in the 3rd) who is a total blonde and decides to go to law school (1st) and then in the second fights ageanced testing on animals. the third is about her twin nieces who come from london to a snotty boarding school and solve a "crime" in their school.
  6.   benchwarmers is about three grown men (1 regular and 2 dorky) and they challenge kids baseball teams and then find out that they're pretty good. **********the parent trap (either one the old or the newer) is about two girls who meet at camp and find out that they're twins who were seperated at birth and then switch places to try and get their parents back together. i hope this clears up the movies for you.
Style Sense
  1.   so aply for a job if you want to (i kinda need some help too. my other profile is rupertgrint014) or sign up! this group/club is great for party advice!
  2.   and ok i know that some of the summarys for the movies have run on sentances and it might seem like a lot of writing but at least be happy that i acutally gave you so many movie options along with a summary. so get over the whole english like foul or whatever.
  1.   a good idea for a party theme is a hollywood party. have a red carpet as like a runway and have people bring their best (and worst) cloths. then take tons of pictures and videos of your red carpet show. then maybe make your own music video to like say a taylor swift or rhianna song! or you could do a little funny skit and video tape it. after the party when all the guests are home, email them the pictures and videos so each guest has one!
  1.   i have a gwakamoli recipe (agian i appologize for spelling errors)-two ovocatos, one tomato, some silontro, a halepanyo, a lime or two (or just lime juice), a couple green onions, some salt. just mash all of these together and you're set. it's super easy, pretty healthy (it's only some salt and fruits and vegies), and a party hit!
  2.   Throw your own Spanish styled party (party idea from pageantprincess411) ! Have a pinata and pin the tail on the donkey, learn some spanish words, and serve tacos and chips w/ guacamole. this is a great party to have if you're going away on vaca to mexico or something so yeah! haha, sorry if this idea is bad, i totally just made it up out of nowhere!
  1.   our members-Alaiya21, mnm22, mrs.black890, tennis4ever, pageantprincess411, me-rupertgrint014, superstar3468, and i think licoricelexigirl. (ok i know i have barely any members but cut me some slack! i'm new)
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Hey this is the party food and fun girl: Here is an idea for a food: English Muffin Pizzas Ingredients: English Muffins, Pizza Sauce, Mozzerella Cheese, Toppings - Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Olives, Peppers, Canadian Bacon, Etc. Preperation: Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.Put presliced muffins face up on a cookie sheet. Spoon some pizza sauce on each half of the muffins. Top with cheese and extra toppings.
  2.   Game Idea: Blind Makeover (also from food and fun girl)-What you need: At least two girls, Makeup. How to play: Have two girls sit across from one another. Have one girl close her eyes. This girl then has to give the other girl a makeover with her eyes closed. After shes done, switch and have the girl who got the makeover give the other girl a makeover. This game makes for a lot of laughs.
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