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peaceandlove1010's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Aquarius. This account is closed my new account is StillaKittyBabe
  2.   Kind, Control-Freak (l'm only controling over projects for school and planners and such, not like over controlling!), funny
  3.   28 because my teacher has this 1 min. write and every time i wrote 28 words, and for some reason when i see the number I smile
  4.   green, black, pink. i dont wear pink, and truthfuly i used to never like pink, but now i do! Im not girly and im more of a tom boy so of course i didn't tell anyone. Green is peaceful for me, and i just love the color. and black is a amazing.
  5.   Well theres alot, but I'll say them from oldest to youngest; William (also known as Will, or for me Willy boy): Just got out of the marines which makes me so happy. ; J.j (Jerry jr.): Has a son, my newphew, who is only about 2 months old, his name is Flynn Ryker (I call him Flynnigane) ; Sarah (Sarahy): The fashinista! She can be bossy but hey you have to love her! ; Jessica (Jessy): Mostlikely to be most succesful, but also can be harsh. ; Virginia (Gini): My closest sister, we have our arguements, but we still have a good time and forgive eachother easily.
  6.   I don't look like a celeb, thank the lord.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Well i dont actully know, maybe English. I don't really know, but i think Gym would have to be on the list.
  2.   Hang out with friends, listen to music and jam out in my room! Work out as well.
  3.   Rodious, Football, soccer, rugbeat... and more. I play tennis ans lacrosse
  4.   Being random and hangin with friends, partying in my room with my music all the way turned up. Work out and do Blogilates. Clean my room to get it ready for my makeover for it
  5.   ALL!!!!!!!! There is no animal i hate, nor dislike.
  6.   Tiger (Jill and I have animal names, I'm Kitty) is my BFF. Every one asked if we're sisters or twins, she has a great personality,shy like me, loving/caring, and so much more. We are attached to the hip! I love her like a sisters.
  7.   Well i dont have a favorite food...
  8.   powerpoints, i love making them, they are good for layouts for book ideas, planning for road trips and weddings (When i'm bored i plan random things), projects for school. I'm also great at making videos.
  9.   Well the only Vacay spot i've been to is to Las Vegas... So i guess Las Vegas!
My Faves…
  1.   pshyic, I recomened it. It's funny! also don't worry Shawn (the main guy) is really adoriable and down right funny! I also watch Supernatural (Oh Dean! How I love him!) and alot of mistery shows.
  2.   I'm into mystery and Action... OH THE AVENGERS!!! And alot more.
  3.   Owl city, Parachute, Britt Nicole, and alot of others but I'm too lazy.
  4.   Maximum ride series, the grimm legacy, The darkest power trilogy (The summoning, The awakening, The Reckoning), The Charmed Life (So not happening, I'm so sure, so over my head) and alot more but again I'm really Lazy
  5.   I play alot... I'm a gamer... But I mostly watch PewDiePie! I'm in his Bro Army!
  6.   Reese Witherspoon,Kristen Bell, Betty white, they all know how to put a smile on my face, betty white sends me to the ground laughing my butt off! i have alot of favs...
Style Sense
  1.   ??????
  2.   ???????
  3.   Watermeal and juciy berry
  4.   i dont have a make up bag
  5.   ... I have no clue ...
  1.   Its complicated.
  2.   none to one
  3.   I want a guy who calls me beautiful and not hot; who calls back when I hang up on him; who will stay awake just to watch me sleep (creep, for sure, yet sweet); The boy who kisses my forehead and tells me everything will be ok; who wants to show me off to the world; who holds my hand infront of his hand and doesn't care what they think; who thinks I'm pretty without make up on (just in case i start wearing some... highly not likely); the one who constantly reminds me of how he cares about me and how lucky he is to have me.
  4.   Tom Hiddleston!!! Dylan O'brien!!!!! Bradley Steven Perry!!! And much more!
  1.   I guess a movie director or Planner (like for weddings, Proms, etc).l want to become a Youtuber.
  2.   Austraila, mabey France, or Costa Rica.. maybe Ireland. Sweden definatly.
  3.   Save it up for somethings... Save for college.
  4.   Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go.
  1.   Night Owl. I'm wide awake at night.
  2.   Both. I like the two mixed together too.
  3.   Both really, I draw with my left, write with my right.
  4.   DVD cause then i can watch it all over again and again and chose how i want it to look on the screen
  5.   Both, my backpack has to be organized and in order! Now if my rooms a mess i need to clean it, but the whole house... thats a whole other story.
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