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poweremi's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   cancer
  2.   shy(in public) random(with family and friends) and smart
  3.   my last fortune cookie told me...ok, I lost the fortune. I still like the number 13, though
  4.   PURPLE, PURPLE, PURPLE!!!!!!:) +lime green,I made an insane(literaly,it was 1 of her character traits) onthe Sims3 at my friends' house with purple+lime green hair and purple+lime green stuff in all kinds of crazy patterns and it was really cool
  5.   one little(in age)sister
  6.   i hav no idea(when my hair was longer, my mom said I looked like kristin stewart[shudder] but that was only because i happened to be spasming on the floor pretending to be her in the ballet studio scene of twilight)
In A Nutshell...
  1.   art(my teacher said i have talent!!!) and study hall
  2.   homework!!! ALL THE TIME!!!butnot now,yay!!! plus random stuff on the computer
  3.   hate sports(sosomuch)
  4.   like, why should i tell u that?!
  5.   rats-they r so cute!
  6.   fun +welike the same things
  7.   ice cream-what, it is a food!
  8.   the grade-hehehe(lamejoke-actually, i don't think that qualifies as a joke...)
  9.   Hawaii! never been there, but hey, u gotta be more specific
My Faves…
  1.   Doctor Who!!! LOL
  2.   AVATAR!!!
  3.   Paramore and Muse(and Green Day)
  4.   The Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins hurry up! Raise virtual hands if u are waiting for Mockingjay!!! also Jaz Parks, also Percy Jackson
  5.   hav no actual video games, it sux,but i just got sims2 to work on my computer thanx 2 my awesome cousin
  6.   Hayley Williams from Paramore
Style Sense
  1.   what does that even mean?!?!
  2.   nail polish!
  3.   depends how im feeling and what season it is
  1.   no way
  2.   none
  3.   hmmm... alien(TimeLord,preferably!!!), vampire, werewolf, something along those lines. Humans are boring.
  4.   not telling u that!...okay David Tennant, he is so much better that Matt Smith! Okay, I have never watched Matt Smith, since I only have PBS and not the SciFi I have seen Matt Smithfor like, 10 seconds, and I still don't like himat all!!! mainly because he replaced David Tennant. Someone tell me why he left!{fyi im talking about Doctor Who
  1.   actress+author,like at the same time LOL! and a scientist too maybe[i hav a goal of being a screenwriter, artist,or actress on Doctor Who, writer is most likely. i am way to obsessed with that show! well, hey it worked out for David Tennant: he wanted to play the Doctor since he was 3yrs. old!
  2.   London-seems all Doctor Who fans want to go to England
  3.   cruise around the world with all my friends, family, and people i've never met but want to. Oh, and I've got to add the fictional characters
  4.   hmmm... i'll have 2 get back 2 u on that 1--------yeah I agree Doctor Who set and charity
  5.   ill have 2 find 1
  1.   night owl-when Im with my friends
  2.   chocoholic!!! butterscotch is to Canadian women as chocolate is to american women.!!!hahaha howimetyourmother
  3.   righty
  4.   So theater!(if i got the choice)
  5.   halfway
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      none at all!
  2.   hate sports
  3.   Paramore Muse GreenDay
  4.   eat slowly, don't know but i works for me(not a workout tip, do NOT eat-at any speed-during workouts):)
  5. Goal Girl
      stay healthy without exercising
  6.   trying to recover from gym class
  7.   chocolate. No, SKITTLES!!!
  8.   I hate athletes! they want us to do sports!
  9. Tasty Eats
  10.   eat them!
  11.   anything you want , though you might not always like my answers!
  12.   no!freaking!way!
  14. My Healthy You Journal  
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