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prettypirate101's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   capricorn baby!!
  2.   fun, loving, nice
  3.   16...well idk if thats my lucky number but its my fav number lol
  4.   blue!! but has to be pretty shades of blue but then theres also pretty shades of pink and green
  5.   just one sista
In A Nutshell...
  1.   math...and history cuz i have a really cool teacher, oh and now i like english too cuz me and my friend have a lot of fun and we laugh a lot and yea lol. well pretty much any class that i hve fun in
  2.   hangout wit friends or my homework, go on the comp, at cheer practice
  3.   dance, swimming, gymastics, cheerleading (i like watching them) but i do cheerleading to!
  4.   shopping, doing hw, with my friends or family, sleeping, on the computer
  5.   cute little puppies
  6.   loves me, always there for me, makes me laugh, we always have fun with each other, there for me if i ever need them to talk or something
  7.   too many to name
  8.   smoothies!! and sandwiches haha
  9.   hawaii
My Faves…
  1.   one tree hill, gossip girl, privilaged, ledgend of the seeker...the guys hot in it. oh! and greys ananomy and brothers and sisters, oh and i totally forgot about 90210 and a lot of others lol wait oh yea! theres private practice too
  2.   a walk to remember...even tho its super sad, and shes the man
  3.   chris brown, rihanna, britney spears, ne-yo, akon
  4.   twlight, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn, the host but then i also love the books by sarah dessen
  5.   clubpenguin!
  6.   rihanna, britney spears, selena gomez(shes always got the cutest outfits and shes pretty)
Style Sense
  1.   forever 21, hollister, aerie store, american eagle
  2.   vanilla, strawberry, rasberry
  3.   eyeliner(thats basically all i use sooo yea)
  1.   nope never but i wish i did...but im not allowed to yet...well i dont think i am lol
  2.   one! well im not sure if i like him like him like that cause its my friends but i like him...does that make sense?
  3.   nice, smart, cool, cute, awesum personality, makes me laugh
  4.   chace crawford, kelan lutz, taylor lautner, and more
  1.   work at a fashion looks really fun
  2.   paradise! lol somewhere that has rele nice beaches
  3.   go on a shopping spree or vaction and help people in africa/or anywhere
  4.   live, laugh love
  1.   night owl cuz i ALWAYS stay up late but then i am really tired in the morning lol
  2.   vanilla
  3.   righty
  4.   movie in theater but only when u go with friends cuz then u have a LOT of fun
  5.   in between them
My Healthy You Profile
  1.   cheerleading
  2.   anything upbeat when im working out/my favorite songs
  3.   just keep going
  4. Goal Girl
      eat more heathly and excerscise more
  5.   doin good at cheer practice and hopefully gonna be a flyer :)
  6.   knowing that i will be toned at the end of a workout if i keep it up lol
  7.   well if i was to be a dancer(well i kinda am since im taking some dance classes)... it would be britney spears cause she used to be a really good dancer in her old music videos
  8. Tasty Eats
      strawberries!! yum yum, or just fruits and veggies
  9.   drink water or eat gum or some yummy fruit
  10.   whatever i can answer which is mostly anything
  11.   anything like guys or workouts or cheerleading, or like yea what i said first which was pretty much anything,
  12.   sure!
  14. My Healthy You Journal  
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