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purplegal97's Profile

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My Clubs
All About Me!
  1.   Taurus
  2.   Funny, outgoing, leader
  3.   48
  4.   PURPLE!!
  5.   Little twin sissies age 7
  6.   None that I know of...
In A Nutshell...
  1.   World History
  2.   Dance, dance, dance
  3.   Besides dance, college football
  4.   Dancing, going to the beach, shopping, hanging with friends
  5.   Dogs... they're so lovable
  6.   We're like sisters, and we've known each other our whole lives, so we can almost finish each other's sentences.
  7.   Anything from BENIHANA!
  8.   Everyone turn heads ;)
  9.   Palm Springs, Waikiki Beach, San Diego
My Faves…
  1.   The Nanny
  2.   Around the World in 80 Days
  3.   Queen, Adele, Damien Rice, Lady Gaga
  4.   Lisi Harrison series, Harry Potter, Theodore Boone
  5.   Wii Fit
  6.   Fran Drescher or Tina Fey. VERY funny.
Style Sense
  1.   Hmmmm that's a hard one. Get back to you on that.
  2.   Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Nordstrom, Old Navy, Aeropostale (for comfies), and H&M. Designer looks with lower prices, who needs to know?
  3.   Pink Grapefruit or Watermelon Sorbet
  4.   Don't wear makeup, but gloss is a girl's best friend.
  5.   My collection of flowy tops that you can wear any time of year.
  1.   Umm I kinda had a BF one time, but it was because of peer pressure. We were really good friends but figured we don't want to ruin that by "going out." Honestly, I don't know what that even means anymore. Now that I think about it, as we text and stuff, I'm kind of growing a crush on him. SHH!!I don't have a BF now and I won't for a long time-I go to an all-girls high school.
  2.   1
  3.   One that will devote his time towards being with me, despite his looks. One who will stay awake to watch you sleep. One who will take you on walks on the beach and comfort you when you have a bad day. Ba-bam.
  4.   TAYLOR LAUTNER!! ....... JK not really. Probably Ryan Gosling?? Idk I don't really have one.
  1.   Choreographer, author, actress, screenwriter, director, model, and designer all at the same time.
  2.   Somewhere on a small private beach in the Mediterranean or Paris
  3.   Tahiti... it's just one of those places that is in those travel magazines and looks AWESOME
  4.   Update my wardrobe, room, and possessions, and then save the rest for college ;)
  5.   "You can't spell 'beautiful' without 'be you.'"
  1.   Night Owl
  2.   Vanilla
  3.   Righty
  4.   Flick on DVD
  5.   Neat Freak
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Nike Training Club on my iPhone or on Wii Fit
  2.   Dancinggg
  3.   Today's Hits on Pandora
  4.   Breathe.
  5. Goal Girl
      When you have two options, go with the healthier one ALWAYS
  6.   Relaxation methods so I can finish summer reading
  7.   Watching other dancers and setting goals
  8.   My trainer, Jason and my director, Roni
  9. Tasty Eats
      Fruit/vegetable arrangements
  10.   Baby back ribsw/ corn and potatoes at Babe's Brewhouse in Palm Springs
  11.   Try to fight it, or find a healthier substitution
  12.   Eating right, dealing with drama
  13.   Feeling comfortable about talking to trusted women besides best friends about body changes
  14.   No
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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