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riel5's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   aquaries
  2.   smart, funny, curious
  3.   24 and 38
  4.   pink, maybe green
  5.   five brothers, and a sister
  6.   who knows
In A Nutshell...
  1.   math, spanish, basically anything i will be able to use in later life.
  2.   homework, and internet, and sports.
  3.   basketball, track, soccer, karate, tennis
  4.   doing sports, reading, socializing
  5.   dogs, especially puppies that are tiny
  6.   she can always make me laugh
  7.   spagettio's, i am a picky eater. it is just a meal that is so easy to make and brings me back to when i was little. it was my favorite from the start. but i also like american chop suey.
  8.   my friends laugh.
  9.   havn't gone anywhere since kindergarten
My Faves…
  1.   pretty little liars, nine lives of chloe king, and switched at birth. disney channel, nickelodeon, tv land, fox news, and scifi are also at the top of my list. :) sure those are just channels...but hey!
  2.   stargate continuum, twilight, new moon, and a lot of others. . . . i watched lemonade mouth recently and LOVED IT!!!
  3.   ccr, michael buble, taylor swift, nickelback, boston, snow patrol, aerosmith, bret michaels, acdc, big time rush, guns and roses, alice cooper, lynard skynard, lemonade mouth, big time rush and many others(i really like the old classics)
  4.   Moving Forword by dave pelzer, he came to my school and signed it. i also like twilight, new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn. charlie st cloud, and many others that i just can't think of right now. oh, i just recently fell in love with these really good mystery novels. they are by mary higgins clark (LOVE THE BOOKS SO MUCH!!!!!)
  5.   nothing, my baby brother hogs it
  6.   i don't really have a favorite. but i guess i would have to say taylor swift because she is so giving. she is also a really great role model.
Style Sense
  1.   i recently fell in love with the scarf look. i wear a nice shirt with a cardigin, and a scarf. skinny jeans and my beautiful uggs. it is so comfortable and really cute.
  2.   hollister, aeropostale, and goodwill(how can you miss the awesome sales)
  3.   i go with the natural look, no makeup
  4.   don't wear it
  5.   my wardrobe, duh
  1.   well sort-of, no
  2.   3-they are all really great guys, and they are people i could picture myself with. i am not boy-crazy.
  3.   cute adoring guy who is funny, athletic, and smart, and don't forget good looking. but he has to be sweet, like the guy i have a crush on right now.
  4.   joe flanigan, look him up on wikipedia
  1.   pro-basketball player, photographer(i love photography), psychologist
  2.   i don't much care for the city. i love the smell of small towns. and, i like to be able to see the stars at night. so beautiful.
  3.   i would like to travel the world, but if i had to choose i would pick ireland)
  4.   well, i won't lie. i would take myself on a shopping spree. but the rest would go to a worthy cause, my parents. i love them so much. they rock.
  5.   be a leader not a follower, so kick obama in the butt.............................all roads lead home
  1.   it depends on my mood
  2.   vanilla, chocolate is nasty
  3.   rightys rock
  4.   dvd, atleast i can pause it to take a pee. (i bet i am not the only one who feels this way)
  5.   both, you have to have a bit of a variety
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