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rockthered!ov8's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   aries
  2.   extremely loud, bubbly, short
  3.   8
  4.   i love all colors
  5.   two older sisters katie & ashley
  6.   i have eyes like victoria lopyreva
In A Nutshell...
  1.   writing
  2.   facebook, excercise, hang with friends
  3.   Hockey and the washington capitals are my love!
  4.   hockey games, shopping, hanging with friends, @ the gym.
  5.   my cat
  6.   shes hilarious we have so many inside joke and always have a great time, she tottally puts up with my obsessions and i can tell her anything.
  7.   borscht <3 pasta, pistachio ice cream
  8.   food
  9.   moscow, russia
My Faves…
  1.   real housewives, glee, sports nite, any caps hockey game, rachel zoe project.
  2.   miracle, slapshot, the hangover, role models, land of the lost, anastasia
  3.   LADY GAGA!! (seeing her live in february!) DJ SMASH <3 anything with a good beat i love techno!
  4.   haven't read much lately
  5.   NHL2K10, wii fit
  6.   Lady gaga!!
Style Sense
  1.   Lady gaga i LOVE her style
  2.   wet seal, hollister, forever 21, NHL.com, DoIce and Gabbana is amazing I love everything they have. I got my favorite dress ever from there. I swear i'm a compulsive shopper I have to have everything.
  3.   beauty rush (victoria's secret)
  4.   bronzer always, mascara
  5.   my hockey jerseys, my used hockey gear, my d&g dress
  1.   i have had one
  2.   1
  3.   funny, sweet, gorgeous blue eyes, dark hair, kinda rugged looking, Must play or like hockey. always makes you feel beautiful. I love russian guys they have awesome accents and are so adorable!
  4.   Alex Ovechkin total russian hottie
  1.   Sports Announcer, Sports Journalist, Being Mrs ovechkin wouldnt be too bad either!
  2.   Moscow, Russia
  3.   Going to Russia, France, Sweden
  4.   travel around the world, buy the cutest clothes ever!
  5.   "do what you love" (from alex ovechkin) "never give up on someone you can't go a day with out thinking about" "For one to be irreplacable one must always be different" coco chanel "Changing the worl one Sequin at a time" lady gaga "once you kill the cow you've got to make a burger" lady gaga "It's always wrong to hate but its never wrong to love" lady gaga "the only dreams that matter are the ones you have when you are awake" idk.
  1.   night owl
  2.   chocolate
  3.   lefty
  4.   flick on dvd
  5.   slob
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      elliptical every night. body combat, yoga, skating, spinning
  2.   hockey.
  3.   im in love with a russian boy, bad romance, teeth, dance in the dark, volna, disko malaria, mama, monster.
  4.   1200 calories a day. this 4 day detox diet
  5. Goal Girl
      to lose like 10 pounds
  6.   losing the weight i gained on my vacation!
  7.   ovechkin i love him and i have to keep my shape if i want to marry him!
  8.   Alex Ovechkin
  9. Tasty Eats
      carrots & cucumbers
  10.   borscht & black bread, chicken kiev & mashed potatos, tacos & rice.
  11.   chew gum, think of staying thin ha and ovechkin
  12.   anything you want i'll try my best to answer
  13.   tons of stuff make up mostly.
  14.   yes
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