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My Clubs
All About Me!
  1.   libra!
  2.   me myself and i
  3.   8! why? Because it's all swirly :)
  4.   purple!!!!!!!! The color royalty ;)
  5.   1 my big bro he's cool
  6.   I have been told twice that i look like taylor swift so let's go with that
In A Nutshell...
  1.   well considering it's summer, nothing!
  2.   On the internet, practicing for twirling or for a play, doing homework, writing, drawing (go to!) annnnnnnnd going to a friends house
  3.   swimming! my school has no swim team so im in a predicament. <--- Yea and I also WANT to do ballet. But theres not enough money to do it and i'd be a beginner surrounded by munchkins -_-
  4.   writing, new chapter every week! relaxing with my dog, practicing for the usual, or auditioning
  5.   cats/kittens! know you love them.
  6.   I don't have a bff at the moment. Just close friends. Maybe thats a good thing?
  7.   potato skins!! :3
  8.   um.....almost anything (except food and electronics and you know houses....and ok maybe i can't make almost anything)
  9.   England! But if i go to college there (which i hope i can) then i guess it wouldn't be a vacation sooooo Disney Land?
My Faves…
  1.   pretty little liars
  2.   Harry Potter (any of the series)
  3.   Katy Perry woo!
  4.   Harry Potter series! Im on the sixth book! On a roll ppl, on a roll
  5.   Actually, it changes quite a lot. I don't get on a gaming system at all really. I usually just go to and play whatever game i please. (Don't try the Impossible quiz 2, it's impossible)
  6.   Emma Watson with all my speaking of Harry Potter do i even need to tell you?
Style Sense
  1.   Emma Watson well actually not really. She dressse prettty but i dress in jeans and a t-shirt most the time so i guess im my own fashion icon?
  2.   Book stores....and Hot Topic
  3.   twizzlers! And cookies!!
  4.   my cell phone. I don't ever leave the house without it though.
  5.   o well that's a trick question you see, because i can live without anything in my closet. I don't really think that if you take away my boots that i'll die sooooo yea
  1.   I have had 6 boyfriends to be exact. But currently im single.
  2.   uno. His name is sir calvin (or just calvin) :3 and my celebrity crush is Rupert Grint and let's not forget charlie mcdonell!!! (look him up on youtube)
  3.   smart, funny, cute, charming, nice, but able to defend me.
  4.   Rupert Grint, Johnny Depp, AND charlie mcdonnel! (seriously, look him up)
  1.   actress. come ooooooon auditions are absolutely nowhere where i live.
  2.   London! or somewhere close to that....because then i could have a tree house house and have like, elevator and it would be awesome :3
  3.   A cruise all around the world
  4.   If i had it right now you mean? Well right NOW i would move my family to England, go to a boarding school there, pay for my brothers college as well as mine, and ladida just get my life together the way i want it.
  5.   "i was at rockbottem for a long period of my life. But there is had nothing else to lose, so i took it and used rock bottem as a foundation and from there i rebuilt my life. Never give up. Giving up is the only way you wont succeed" J.K. Rowling
  1.   night owl i absolutely HATE mornings. No question. it's a wonder i get up for school at 6:30 in the mornings O_O
  2.   chocolate can you imagine a world without chocolate? scary. It wouldnt be charlie and the chocolate factory then, it would be charlie and the semi coco looking abject that isn't chocolate but we don't know how to make that factory. Does anyone really want that?
  3.   righty (also right eye dominent)
  4.   movie! who doesnt like a giant screen infront of their face?
  5.   slob all the way!! (which reminds me i saw a carwash called the double rainbow car wash. Best day of my life)
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      swimming....and i guess dancing.
  2.   swimming! wait a second.... u can't play swimming!! it would be like saying my favorite sport to play is swimming!! Mods, i think you change that to my favorite sport IS
  3.   you know, i could sit here and name everything on my ipod...but instead i think ill just let you wonder in suspense until you actually ask me. Wont that be fun?
  4.   i do not swear by any tip. Workouts hate me. I was hoping to be one of those ppl with a high matabolism. But no, i am not, thanks a lot nature! (no im not fat or obese but im not skiiny either -_-)
  5. Goal Girl
      lose a couple pounds?
  6.   my hair!!!! (still)
  7.   im not gonna be one those ppl that lie and say they are motivated by music, pictures, etc. I am motivated by feeling fat around my house. That is all.
  8.   let's go athlete that inspires me...yea good enough.
  9. Tasty Eats
  10.   right now im in love fries and this steak spice that can go on them its so good!! (yea typical texan right?)
  11.   eat unhealthy foods.
  12.   anything!
  13.   makeup.....and hair
  14.   actually yea, that'd be pretty cool
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