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All About Me!
  1.   not really sure what that means but im guessing it means that im a virgo and a dragon
  2.   musical, creative, and stylish!
  3.   I have two- 8 and 12
  4.   actually, crazy about these colors; turquoise, lime green, and neon/hot pink!
  5.   older brother- Jonathan (J5 for short),and my little brother Jack, oh and of course me! Im the middle child!
  6.   Taylor Swift
In A Nutshell...
  1.   English
  2.   hang out with friends
  3.   play-softball, and volleyball watch-baseball, cheerleading, and sometimes football when its on ;)
  4.   outside activities, watching TV/playing the CPU, chillin' out in the mall, or hangin' with my girlys!
  5.   kittens and bunnies
  6.   she never gets mad at me or never gets in fights with me, and she is always there when i need help
  7.   pepperoni pizza
  8.   eggs and macaroni and cheese, yummm!!!!!!!
  9.   totally Hawaii! or you know id be fine with the Bahamas lol!
My Faves…
  1.   theres a few- the Glee Project/Glee, The Bachelor/Bachelorate, Hollywood Heights, and Ghost Whisperer!
  2.   Aquamarine
  3.   Glee and Adele
  4.   Make it "Series of Books" Warriors Series, Kissed by an Angel Series, and Hunger Games Series
  5.   Mario Kart
  6.   Jennifer Lawrence
Style Sense
  1.   crop tops!!!
  2.   Rue 21, Aeropostal, Hollister, and Claires! practically the only places I shop!
  3.   would have to be between strawberry-kiwi and watermelon yummm!
  4.   tough one id have to say either lipgloss or eyeliner because that is all you really need to make your face glow with beauty
  5.   bottoms; like shorts or jeans, because I wear them practically everyday, they just go with anything!
  1.   sadly no... I dont have one right now either, but I have been asked out a few times but I never said yes.. all of my BFF's have BF's though
  2.   2
  3.   a sweet guy, that has the looks and the loving personality, that is always thinking of you and spends most of his time with you and will never lie.... I would perfer brown or blonde hair with blue/brown eyes but it doesn't really matter to me
  4.   all the way Josh Hutcherson!!!!!!! I used to love Taylor Lautner though! :)
  1.   nurse or a musician
  2.   Miami, Florida
  3.   a trip to Paris or London
  4.   donate most of it to breast cancer and the rest i would take a nice vacation with my family and friends in Hawaii or Florida
  5.   Oh gosh, there is a lot of them, lets see,"All is fair in love and War", "Its the thought that counts", "Its whats in the inside, not the outside", "We are all here for a reason. We have a role to play somewhere on this planet", "Don't judge a book by its cover", "Early bird gets the worm", "Don't count your chickens before they hatch","Happiness isn't something you experience; it's something you remember.", Money doesn't always bring happiness. People with ten million dollars are no happier than people with nine million dollars.
  1.   depends, usually night owl though
  2.   mixed :)
  3.   righty
  4.   either- movies are nice because of the seating and big screen but they can be crowded and loud, Flicks on DVDs are still fun though they jut dont have a big screen unless you know you have a big screen... which I used too have a screen like a movie theaters!
  5.   in between I guess
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      playing a sport, taking a walk, biking, or jump roping... I guess more of a workout would be jumping jacks and stretching though for me so...
  2.   softball and volleyball, cant choose one! ;)
  3.   not sure what they mean by playlist like music or working out so i guess question mark for now!
  4.   lifting weights and situps
  5. Goal Girl
      riding my bike at least 4 miles a week, which most of the time I get 6-7 miles!
  6.   pitching
  7.   school and musicians
  8.   Donald Driver
  9. Tasty Eats
      an apple with a glass of milk and a side of peanut butter to dip the apple in
  10.   favorite meal- the KFC bowls yummm live those favorite recipe- strawberry rhubarb tart... we grow our own rhubarb and it taste delicious!
  11.   make myself eat something healthy first like an apple or some type of veggie, and I reward myself with a small treat afterwards
  12.   boy troubles, school issues, makeup tips, fashion, friendship problems, exercising, and healthy fitness/healthy dieting!
  13.   dating- like how to ask boys out, and how to ask for things from your parents or how to tell them something
  14.   yes
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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