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sillyheart17's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Cancer
  2.   loud.outgoing.friendly... chat me up (:
  3.   seventeen && three
  4.   purple and yellow :D
  5.   older sister :) she's like my best friend. i'm so going to miss her when she leaves for college next year!
  6.   can't say i have one, i'm pretty unique, theres no one like me!
In A Nutshell...
  1.   ela, i'm way into the reading/writing thing i can't stand SCIENCE though
  2.   read/check my myspace and facebook/go on gl : )
  3.   BASKETBALL, plus i love watching cheerleading and the summer olympics, not really the winter ones though
  4.   with my friends, most likely up to no good (:
  5.   i love elephants and little dalmation puppies. i wish i could have one but my sis is allergic :(
  6.   the fact that she is another sister to me, she practically lives at my house and i can tell her anything i love you Sally <3
  7.   bacon, popcorn : )
  8.   microwavable foods; i'm not really a cooking genius. i can't even microwave foods that well, i burn popcorn lmao
  9.   florida, just went there a coupla months ago :D
My Faves…
  1.   jon and kate plus 8, teen mom, secret life, reba, 16 and Pregnant.. so glad secret life and kate plus eight is back on!
  2.   juno, twilight, harry potters, shes the man, new moon, and the hannah montana movie [[i know, i know. i'm too old for hannah montana but i watch it everynight, it helps me to fall asleep but ima cool kid]]
  3.   NEVERSHOUTNEVER, relient k, davedays, jesse mccartneyyy
  4.   the harry potters.... i just can't stop reading them! i'm also addicted to the sisterhood of the traveling pants series
  5.   wii fit; have to get my exercise in somehow (((:
  6.   for some reason, Jamie Lynn Spears. also Ellen Page : ) also kinda Miley and Victoria?
Style Sense
  1.   don't really have one, i'm my own fashion icon. i see it, i like it, i buy it, i rock it ;]
  2.   aeropostale, hollister, delias, american eagle, abercrombie and fitch... the list goes on and on :D
  3.   watermelon : )
  4.   mascara and concealer! concealer is like my best friend :]
  5.   my black sofie shorts, THEY ARE SO COMFY and my favorite naturally ripped jeans. and my yellow tank. holygosh that was definitely more than one thing :D
  1.   i have, and not right now but possibly soon, hopefully ;)
  2.   one : ] and its a major one too (: wish me luck! i get to chill with him ALOT this summahhh
  3.   my bgf, nuff said (:
  4.   taylor HAUTner ;) oohh and Jesse McCartneyyyy :) hes a hawtieee, ow ow (:
  1.   wedding designer or author or peditricion, if i could make it through that much college
  2.   new york city or south carolina, kinda random but whatever
  3.   HAWAII, me and my best friend said we were both going to get married there
  4.   save money for college, give my parents some of it, and then go on a shopping spree AND save some it of course
  5.   in a world of cheerios, i'm a frootloop I run with scissors, it makes me feel dangerous;;; i had a handle on life, but it broke
  1.   night owl i always stay up til like one, oopsies ;D
  2.   vanilla, yea i know, sorta weird
  3.   i am opposite of lefty :o
  4.   flick on DVD, so i don't have to worry about being embarrassing in a movie theater and ican just sit around in my pajamas :)
  5.   i'ma slob but i hate it, i try so hard to be neat, but unfortunetly i fail epicly, so i guess, a slob
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
  2.   basketball
  3.   all Ke$ha songs
  4.   uh i dont know, someone tell me one pleaseeeeee
  5. Goal Girl
      lose a pound or two
  6.   nothing i am sick :(
  7.   the olympians
  8.   venus and serena williams
  9. Tasty Eats
      i really don't eat that healthy, thanks for reminding me that i should start working on that... really (:
  10.   hmmm spaghetti? OHH pancakes,,, yummy in my tummy
  11.   say the heck with it and eat it... im not a very good example but whatevs i eat what i want and stay skinny. its a good life(:
  12.   anything! i absolutely LOVE to give advice!
  13.   things to do, i'm always bored.
  14.   nah
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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