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socrzplayer201's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   funny impatient caring
  2.   2
  3.   yellow
  4.   2 bros they drive me crazzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  5.   Selena Gomez same hair same skin and its wierd cause ilove her if only i could meet her:))
In A Nutshell...
  1.   science,art luv ittttttt
  2.   puke nah i'm joking i luv to read and hang out with my buds so i dont know what i do i guess ive just never thought about it but i'll keep ya posted!lol:))
  3.   soccer i heart world cup luv it and again i say lllllluuuuuuuvv it!!!
  4.   i havent thought about this either but i just watch tv go on the computer and help around the house.:(
  5.   none i adore all!animals rule so do girls but anyway boys drule!lol:))
  6.   hilarious and she has really pretty eyes and the dorkiest laugh!!!!hahahaha im joking.
  7.   most food rock but i know this is childish but i luv mac and cheese so good!!and very typicall
  8.   anything i believe i can make anything to my best ability
  9.   i luv islands or counry plains so quiet but then i want to live in paris so yeah its a 50/50
My Faves…
  1.   phineas and ferb so cute and hilar
  2.   Sabrina she is so cute i luv her and the the movie even if it is in black and white
  3.   taylor swift she is awesome and the best thing is she's a christian
  4.   peace luv and baby ducks or elephant run but i do luv most books too
  5.   scribblenauts you can make yuor own world out of art work or words
  6.   selena gomez i like wizards of waverly place wich stars her luv her!!!
Style Sense
  1.   jcpenny great fashions
  2.   green apple my fave flava
  3.   lip gloss thats it.
  4.   my shoes fab
  1.   no no no no...NO!
  2.   one not to many.
  3.   christian brown eyes funny luvs horses nice friends doesnt drink is there for me no tatoos.
  4.   taylor lautner heart heart heart heart!!!so cute or should i say hot!!!!!!
  1.   FBI VET chasen down people who neglect or abuse pets so like a bounty hunter kinda
  2.   PARIS a nice place with lots of things to look to so many umm i dont know i just like it!
  3.   Brazil the world cup is gonna e hosted there in four years
  4.   use it to build a home for da poor ppl i am a giver.
  5.   love life live it to laugh lol friends and family.
  1.   night owl who who goes there lol
  2.   chocolate very yummy in my tummy say this 20 times minimum
  3.   righty i right the right way say this 10 times max
  4.   movie in a theater much better sound and picture and everyones qiuet wich gives it more thrill
  5.   umm dunno
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      ride a bike take a hike.
  2.   soccer as u can tell from previous questions
  3.   dunno
  4. Goal Girl
      healthyer choices
  5.   learning to ride a bike i got surgery so yeah
  6.   unhealthy choices (candy sugar cake ect no drugs EVER)
  7. Tasty Eats
      celery w/ peanutbutter
  8.   chocolate chip cookies
  9.   think shut up shut up shut up...SHUT UP!
  10.   anything except personal stuff and boys.
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