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All About Me!
  1.   !!!!!!!!!!!!!ATTENTION GIRLSLIFE BFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2.   I've had so much fun on this site for about a year now making new friends, and im really sorry about this, but i have to say goodbye.
  3.   I'm just so busy with my life right now - cheer, summer geometry, family, friends, etc, that i just cant seem to find enough time to get online as much as i used to.
  4.   But dont worry! I wont be gone forever! I'll definitely sign in when i can, and update you on whats happening in my exciting life (haha), but i wont be able to comment and talk to each and every one of you personally, like i had before. I might have some questions and problems that i might need some input on, so i might post them here, and u can respond in the comments and ill be able to read em and take ur advice. I just wont be able to comment personally, since it takes up so much time for me.
  5.   I might as tell you whats going on now......As most of you may kno, im taking summer geometry this summer (duh) and its going pretty good. I have some of my best friends in the class and ive been getting good grades on all the assignments and tests. i got 100% on the first 2 tests i had and a 97% on the last test (bummer! lol). I have another test tomorrow, so wish me luck! as for cheer, ive been going to cardio workouts every wednesday for 2 hours, and it's supposed to raise our stamina and get us ready for the upcoming season. nothing exciting there, really. I've gotten even more interested in fashion and makeup (especially) and im trying to perfect my makeup skills. As for karate, im thinking about quitting after this year, cuz i just dont seem to find it interesting anymore, cuz cheer came into the picture and i found that sport to be so much more fun.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Before I go, i just wana say goodbye to some of my best friends ive met here on girlslife......
  2.   tinypickle: ehmagawd girl, u have been my best friend since 4ever! you've helped me thru all of my problems and you've been so supportive! ill definitely miss ya girl, and no one can EVER replace u charlotte! i wish u the best, and stay stylish chickie! i heart u!!! ill miss u so much!
  3.   sunflowerlicious: girl, there is no way to describe how wonderful a friend u r to me - i luv u girl. u were one of my first friends here on girlslife and you've stayed friends with me this entire time. ur so supportive of me and im so glad i have u as my friend. miss ya!
  4.   cheerleaderlighting: we have so much in common! im gona miss u with all my heart! have fun being captain of the cheer squad this year! luvs ya!
  5.   princessk30: hey girl! you've sticked with me thru thick and thin, and you were always there 4 me when i needed someone to talk to. we r stong women, and i wish u the best! ill miss u soooo much!
  6.   alphagirlie: katerina, u r ah-mazing girly! stay stylish, and we'll definitely keep in touch thru youtube. ur one of my most best friends one here, and i luv ya!
  7.   abm25: ive just recently met u, but in the short time ive known u, i know that u r beautiful inside and out. good luck in figure skating, and ill miss u! luvs ya!
  8.   dont worry girls, like i said, i wont be gone forever. ill be back to post things as much as i can, i promise u that. i just kno the 6 of u will get far in life and will be successful some day!
My Faves…
  1.   ♥forever and always,
  2.   Kristine
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