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All About Me!
  1.   Libra.
  2.   Oh wow, only 3 words? Let me see..... Whimsical, Unique and Colorful. :)
  3.   8 and 13.
  4.   Teal, Purple, Burgundy, Silver and Brown.
  5.   A brother and sister, Cameron and Hannah.
  6.   Emilie de Ravin, Drew Barrymore, Brooke Shields, or Taylor Swift if she had brown hair.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Music or History.
  2.   Write songs, listen to music, Sing, Social Media, Doodle, Watch my favorite TV shows, Go outside if its nice, Drink lots of coffee, tea and hot coco, Read books, Dance around crazily to music in the safety of my room. :3
  3.   Swimming?
  4.   Hanging out with friends, Singing, Listening to music, Shopping,
  5.   Tie between Turtle, Penguin, Owl, Cat, and Koala Bear. ^_^
  6.   Beth: She is so easy to talk to! I can tell her anything. I trust her. And she's lots of fun! :) Jordan: He always knows what to say to make me feel better, about myself, about a situation, anything! He's awesome, and he's a whovian! :P
  7.   Ice Cream, Asian Food, Pizza, and anything with Tomato sauce, cheese or Pasta! :D As long as it doesn't have meat, I'm a vegatarian. :)
  8.   Cornbread. (:
  9.   Panama City Beach, Florida.
My Faves…
  1.   Doctor Who, The Nine Lives Of Chloe King, Sherlock, Downtown Abbey, Primeval, Once Upon a Time, or Degrassi. :D
  2.   Probably..... The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Bridge to Terabithia, Legend of the Guardians, Alice in Wonderland, The Forbidden Kingdom, Captain America, The Narnia Movies, Finding Nemo, or Tangled.
  3.   Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Kim Walker, Paramore, Florence + The Machine, Owl City, Adele, Regina Spektor, Ed Sheeran, Jesus Culture, Panic! At The Disco, David Bowie, My Chemical Romance, Marina And The Diamonds, Pierce The Veil, Nina Nesbitt, Fall Out Boy, Demi Lovato, Sleeping with Sirens, A Fine Frenzy, 80’s music, Cher Lloyd, Avril Lavigne, Coldplay, Ariana Grande, Sara Bareilles, Train, Lindsey Stirling, Kari Jobe, and Norah Jones.
  4.   The Hunger Games Trilogy, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Giver, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Anna and the French Kiss, and Selkie Girl.
  5.   Doctor Who : Worlds in Time.
  6.   Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Hayley Williams, Kim Walker-Smith, Marina Diamandis, Nina Nesbitt, Demi Lovato, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Ariana Grande. :D My inspirations!
Style Sense
  1.   Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Ariana Grande, Zoey Deschanel, Emma Stone, Kim Walker, Norah Jones, Nina Nesbitt, Coco Chanel, Demi Lovato, Emma Watson, Marina Diamandis, and Louis Tomlinson. c;
  2.   Ruche, Forever 21, Anthropologie, Free People, American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, ModCloth, Wet Seal, and UrbanOG.
  3.   Cherry or Watermelon.
  4.   Concealer, lipbalm, and eyeliner.
  5.   My unicorn necklace, and my skinny jeans.
  1.   No. But I have a HUGE crush on a guy that I have known since I was like, 8. He's one of my best friends, and I don't want to ruin the relationship we already have. Uhgggggggg.
  2.   1.
  3.   A guy that can make me laugh, doesn't lie, isn't afraid to tell me how he feels, is just as weird as me, will watch Doctor Who with me, I'd feel comfortable not wearing make up around him, would have the same music taste as me, wouldn't be afraid to pull me in for long hugs, would have preferably blue or green eyes and long-ish messy brown hair that sometimes hangs in his eyes, and would wear beanies a lot. :3
  4.   A tie between Benjamin Stone, Munro Chambers, Louis Tomlinson, Matt Smith, David Tennant, Brendon Urie, Charlie McDonnell, Dan Howell, Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller, and Gerard Way. ^_^
  1.   Singer/Songwriter.
  2.   London, England or Chattanooga, TN. :P I'm happy where I am! :D
  3.   England, Italy, or Australia.
  4.   Make my own record company and make my own album the way I want it. ^_^
  5.   "Fearless isn't the absence of fear, Fearless is living in spite of the things that scare you."---Taylor Swift and "I think people look at us and see it's okay to be different. They see that there is a way other than what they're being offered. That you can stand out, that you can be creative, that you can be yourself."-Gerard Way
  1.   NIGHT OWL!
  2.   CHOCOLATE!!!!
  3.   Both. XD
  4.   DVD
  5.   Kinda in-between.......
What is your fave class in school?


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