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sportsstar*'s Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Aries
  2.   happy, athletic, and crazy
  3.   8!! isnt it gloriously round and fantastic??
  4.   RED!
  5.   my sister
  6.   Ashley Tinsdale
In A Nutshell...
  1.   English and Band
  2.   play soccer, swim, ski or play my saxophone
  3.   soccer and alpine skiing
  4.   hanging with friends, and actually doing my homework. (SHOCKING, I KNOW!)
  5.   my doggie! He's a German Shepard, and looks like a small pony.
  6.   Even when I get super pissed off, she's able to laugh and me, and then make a joke that makes me crack up, EVERY TIME. :)
  7.   pickles are amazing. love them <3
  8.   people smile :D
  9.   amusement parks! all the fun rides, who could possibly not love them?!
My Faves…
  1.   Make It or Break It and America's Next Top Model
  2.   ALL of the Disney movies. Happy endings and singing, could it get better?
  3.   He is We. They're addicting.
  4.   Alanna the first adventure (knights and magic. Lovvee)
  5.   Uh, im not a video gamer.
  6.   Lindsey Vaughn, best skier everr
Style Sense
  1.   My sister, so cool!
  2.   Forever 21 (need i say more?)
  3.   Mango, yummy!
  4.   Waterproof Mascara, you never know when it could come in handy.
  5.   my american eagle jeans that fit me perfectly and make the price completely worth it.
  1.   Yes, several. I don't have one now though...guys are tough to understand.
  2.   one or two. I'm not the person who has like six
  3.   Someone who appreciates my opinion, and understand that we can be together and still have independence too. He's easy to talk to, never an awkward moment, and he makes me laugh. It wouldn't hurt if he's cute too. :)
  4.   Aaron Johnson. British Accent=enough said.
  1.   Architect, Professional Musician, or Professional Alpine Ski Racer
  2.   London England. Can it get any more beautiful there?
  3.   My besties and I renting a house alone in Australia, wouldn't that be awesome?!
  4.   Go on vacation with my family in europe, and quit worrying about paying for college.
  5.   Defy Gravity.
  1.   morning!
  2.   Twist!
  3.   Lefty, and rocking it :)
  4.   Movie in a Theater, how fun is that with your friends?
  5.   both? some things are neat...and my rooms always a mess.
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Zumba. Omg, if you haven't, try it. Its the funnest workout I have ever had in the gym.
  2.   Soccer, Skiing, Swimming and Tennis.
  3.   My own playlist of all my fav bands. I call it TAADAA!!! (yep, its capitalized too.)
  4.   always try to do about ten more then you think you can, in the end its worth it, and it totally ups your self confidence when you realize you CAN actually do ten more.
  5. Goal Girl
      So stop freaking out about certain parts of my body and just be comfortable with my entire toned bod.
  6.   My abs, I keep freaking out about swim suit season.
  7.   my results, and just pushes me to go further!
  8.   Need i say it again? Lindsey Vaughn, shes an amazing skier, but she still has an social life and is, of course, gorgeous.
  9. Tasty Eats
      apples. I eat almost TOO many!
  10.   Grilled Chicken on a garden salad. A little cliche, i know. But when all of the salad is grown from my family's garden and my mom grills the chicken on the grill? Pure perfection.
  11.   Allow myself some, but I dont go all out and eat an entire bag of chips. Limit my portions of bad stuff, and allow myself to snack through an entire bag of carrots, because, hey! they're super good for you!
  12.   Organic eating. I live in a wicked rural area (it would scare most of you, i swear) and that means that most of the things I eat are organic. And trust me, its not that hard!
  13.   ab workouts? Its a problem area for me.
  14.   Id love too, but my BFF, sister and I are some tight workout buddies, so no.
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