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stylegirly's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Hey fashion girlies!
  2.   This the profile where u can check out the latest trends on fashion, get tips for looking great!, and ask advice on fashion!
  3.   Check here often 'cause I update often!
  4.   if u want weekly tips posted on ur profile, just comment and tell me!
  5.   if u need advice on fashion just ask! ill b happy to help, and will try 2 respond quickly!!!!!!! :) if ur profile is set on private, ill just comment here!
  6.   If u just bought something, and ur not sure itz cute, good to wear to skool, etc., ask me! I'll let u know! :)
In A Nutshell...
  1.   This section is the FASHION TRENDS
  2.   Gotta stay w/ da trends! Check out these Back 2 skool trends for fall...
  3.   ANIMAL PRINT-gotta look cute! zebra is a popular print, so is leopard and cheetah print too! go wild for this trend!
  4.   METALLIC/SHINE/SPAKRLE-this dazzling trend is up this fall! go back 2 skool shopping for sum sparkly shiny tops!
  5.   DISTRESSED JEANS-the shredded trends nevr goes does it! luv it! gives a tough look.
  6.   GRAPHIC TEES-simple, but can b complicated. Delias has a ton!
  7.   ANKLE BOOTS-comeback for fall! these totally trendy boots will will awesum on u!
  8.   LONG CARDIGANS-they r co comfy n' cute! good for layering, and war too! check it out!
  9.   PLAID-this classic print is So in for this season! buy some button down plaid shirts, they r perf for fall!
My Faves…
  2.   tip #1-dont waste ur $ on pre-made destroyed jeans, do it urself! itz fun, and saves cash!
  3.   tip #2-try mixing colors! mix pales with brights,or patterns with solids and c how they look!but dont go too ovr board, othrwise it would look like a mess!
  4.   tip #3-as we know, skirts r totally in this spring, so let's try a brightly colored high-waisted skirts! they look SO CUTE!!!!!! my fave item rite now!
  5.   tip #4-take ur long sleeve plaid shirts and stop wearing them the classic way! roll up the sleeves, and button the first 2 or 3 buttons. use the two bottom parts of the shirt u didnt button, and tie them together and voila! a new look!
  6.   tip #5-glasses make u look so chic and sophisticated (not 2 mention smart!) if u hav glasses, wear them! dont try 2 hide them! if u don't, u can go 2 forever 21 and get some for a low price! (they also have some @ claires!( thxs hdance5! ))
Style Sense
  2.   FOREVER 21-always in style, and have amazin prices! check this store out! (i luv all the clothing here!)
  3.   VINTAGE STORES- u nevr know wat u mite find there! U could score sum awesum clothes for barely any $!
  4.   WET SEAL-this is a great store, and one of my faves! great prices, great fits, check it out!
  5.   EXPRESS-luv da style of this store! the clothes here are just so ahdorable!
  2.   Embellishment, sequins, metallic beading, sparkles! I LUV LUV LUV them! They are def in rite now, and when tops have metallic embellishments on them, they look so AMAZING!
  3.   ANIMAL PRINT-so kool! luv these wild wild designs, try them!
  4.   METALLIC/SHINE-fall's coming up.....shine is in! so is sparkle!!
  2.   strapless top/tube top
  3.   short shorts
  4.   gladiator sandals
  5.   brite accessories!
  1.   WEEKLY TIP(S)!
  2.   one thing to try...tie dye....i no sum ppl aren't a big fan of it (im one of them) but they give a relaxed, fun look, try it with sum fun color combos! the most fun part? u dont have to buy tie dye (unless u want to) u can take a tank and tie dye is urself at no cost!
  3.   Going on vacay soon for summer? go to those tourist shops on the boardwalk or around the town ur vacationing in, mosts of the stuff mite not look like ur style, but they have sum pretty unique stuf, in there, just haveta look around!
  4.   Summertime is here! no more skool! whoo! if ur looking for shorts that are not too short like short shorts, but not longer than bermudas, try for going mid-thigh, Delias has some...check it out! plus, if u try on a pair of their shorts, u get a free $10 gift card!
  5.   New trend! One shoulder tops r in in in! I luv them, and they r great for summer. look for brite oen shoulder tops, they r great!
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
  2.   OLD NAVY FLIP FLOPS- i luv these! inexpensive, as well as cute 'n comfy!
  3.   EMBELLISHED GLADIATOR SANDALS-luv these, and anything else dat is embellsihed! ;)
  4.   DETAILED WEDGES-i luv wedges in general, and details ones? Gotta adore them! Try the lily wedge slingback @ payless!
  5. Goal Girl
  6.   xtra fashion tip 1-R u looking to buy a new bag? Buy a eco-friendly bag! Tons of places have eco-friendly bags for a low price! (marshalls!) low price, cute bag, nice to the earth, what more could u want?
  7.   xtra fashion tip 2-sparkles, sequins, and glitter is totally great for nightwear and parties, but can be a little too much for skool. Try going for a metallic beaded top, not one that has beading all over, but just sum on the back or front!
  8.   xtra fashion tip 3- don't b afraid to try new things, if u find a skirt dat is a little daring, don't b afraid to wear it! U nevr know wat mite happen, u just mite get lotz of compliments! :)
  9. Tasty Eats
  10.   VERA BRADLEY WRISTLET- comes in SO SO SO many different patterns, and is just gorgeous! (my fave pattern is paprika!)
  11.   BOWED HEADBAND-these r so cute! whether da bow is big, or tiny, they're both adorable either way!
  13.   Hey Girlies! This section is for Emily, (erichmo)'s hair and tip/advice! Plus check out her new club, clubinsidebeauty!
  14.   1. Stay away from heat tools, save them for special occasions 2. Use deep conditioner 3. search youtube for no heat hair toutorials 4. Don't stress, ask me or clubinsidebeautys hair mod for hair care tips 5. Try a new do like scrunching or half updos! 6. Have fun and make surre to show ur wild side... and use a heat protectant
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