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summergirl74's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Scorpio! Of course im a water sign! :) November 19 for the win
  2.   Outgoing, funny, tryhard (i get called a tryhard by everyone, idk whether its a compliment or an insult... :))
  3.   74! Cuz i make my 7s and 4s cool so its fun to write. and the 74th Hunger Games of course, even though this was my fave # b4 i read the HG!
  4.   Lime green and hot pink babay!
  5.   1 older brother. Were only 2 years apart and get along ok... we still fight a lot but it's all good, hes pretty good as far as siblings go :)
  6.   Megan Fox! Duh! haha jk jk i wish. i kind of look like (or so ive been told) bridgit mendler from Good Luck Charlie
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Language Arts! I <3 writing and I'm a secret book nerd :)
  2.   In fall, XC pratcice, in winter, swim practice, in spring, track practice! plus homework, blah blah blah... my weekdays are usually pretty boring. sometimes texting my crush (:)))) and always texting my bestfriends(:
  3.   Swimming! every1 always thinks that swimming looks so easy, but u really hav 2 be dedicated 2 it and its alot of hard work. and also cross country and track... i do long distance :)
  4.   swim meets, making embarassingly enthusiastic dance routines and youtube videos, sleepovers, shopping, sunday dinner w/ the fam, watching movies, going to my local amusement park, and sometimes unfourtanetly hw :(
  5.   manatees & pandas & dogs! I <3 all animals pretty much. im kinda a slight animal freak, but dont wrry im not a hardcore tree hugger :)
  6.   we are like sisters! she is my neighbor and we have been bffs 4ever and do everything 2gether :)
  7.   Smoothies! which count as a food rite?! haha especially blueberry pomegranate acai berry smoothies. and freals! Hav u ever had a freal milkshake/smoothie? they will change u! jk
  8.   people laff! this profile is pretty lame cuz so u can't really tell, but i am definitely the funny outgoing one in my multiple groups of friends :D
  9.   Killarney, Ireland... I went there Spring 2011 and it was the best week of my life, it was so beautiful! I also like visiting Point Pleasent, NJ, Myrtle Beach, SC, and Orlando, FL.
My Faves…
  1.   Modern Family, The Middle, The Office, Glee (altho its not as good anymore), Parks & Recreation, Suburgatory, So You Think You Can Dance, Bunheads, Teen Wolf, The Glee Project, Next Big Thing, America's Got Talent... I love TV!
  2.   Napoleon Dynamite! Tina, come get your dinner, you fat lard! haha the show of that on FOX is pretty terrible, but its so dumb that its kinda funny 2 :) o and also The Clique & The Simpsons Movie!
  3.   I really like pretty much all "generic pop music" like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift (or T. Swizzle as my friends and I call her) but I also like NeverShoutNever, Me & My Uke, and Fun.
  4.   THE HUNGER GAMES! I <3 PEETA! And also Pretty Little Liars, The Clique, and The Shiver series.
  5.   Just Dance 3! MY bff Kate and I have a Just Dance 3 party, like, every week over the summer :)
  6.   i love sarah hyland and sofia vergara... they r so pretty and talented!
Style Sense
  1.   Selena Gomez! Her outfits r always so cute!
  2.   Kate Spade & Juicy Couture (although I'm not rich so i only get 2 buy stuff from there every once in a while:)) I usually wear clothes from Aero, Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, PINK, Victoria's Secret, basic stuff.
  3.   Twisted Peppermint or Lemon Blueberry. Sounds gross but is oh-so yummy! lol
  4.   I dont wear alot of makeup except for concealer for breakouts and my hereditary dark circles (ugh, which i hate) and lipgloss. i hate putting eye makeup on because i almost always stab myself in the eye and it hurts! haha
  5.   My American Eagle jeans, of course :) o and my favorite cashmere scarf and endless supply of bikinis, since i love summer!
  1.   Well I had a hardcore summer fling last summer, and a few guys have asked me out but I'm kind of not easy to please so no, ive never had a legit bf :( and nope
  2.   3... all in the grade below me, but its only like a year dont worry :)
  3.   Physical: tall, tan, dark brown eyes, blonde hair :) ik most guys don't look like that but i think that is so cute! and 4 personality: confident but not cocky, sweet, and most importantly makes me laugh :) and treats me like a princess haha
  4.   josh hutcherson! i love him! and taylor lautner, of course :)
  1.   Rockette or fashion designer or Olympic swimmer or bakery owner or model!
  2.   Paris, because I am over half French and i am a serious Francophile :) or NYC, because I am from NY, or LA because I have always wanted to go to California
  3.   Paris! omg or Italy, i have always wanted 2 ride in a gondola in Venice!
  4.   Buy my family a new house, donate a quarter, go on a shoppping spree, and go on a dream vaycay with my bestfriends :)
  5.   If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends? Swimmers are like those baggies filled with tea... you never know how strong they are until you put them in water. Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.
  1.   IDK. i can pull all-nighters pretty well, but I can't sleep in past 8 because I feel like im wasting my day and therefore wasting me life, because when im 85 and looking back on my life i dont wanna say "i wasted my life sleeping".
  2.   Chocolate! And vanilla! sorry i cant make desicions very well!
  3.   Righty, of course!
  4.   In a theater, preferably with a guy holding hands w/ u in the popcorn bucket :)
  5.   I have a moderate case of OCD, so I organize my binders like legit every day, and my papers are always perfect and so are the most random things... but for some reason my room is always a mess and i dont really care. :)
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      my daily summer workout! get up @ 6:30, ride my bike to the pool, run for 2 miles, swim for 3-4 miles, then bike back home and start my day by the time that other people are waking up. :)
  2.   Swimming/XC/Track
  3.   My Sexy & I Know It playlist, of course! lol
  4.   Push harder, you'll be thanking yourself when you look @ ur stomach in a bikini... :)
  5. Goal Girl
      get a toned stomach/6 pack!
  6.   100 sit ups a night
  7.   female athletes and the girls that hold the pool records at my school.
  8.   Dara Torres... Shes 44 and swimming in the Olympics!
  9. Tasty Eats
      Nature Valley strawberry yougurt bars... omg they r SO GOOD! haha and pistachios and fruit packed smoothies.
  10.   Uh, do caramel stuffed snickerdoodles count? lol
  11.   usually eat them anyway. then feel horrible and so 6 inches for like 20 minutes.
  12.   running, swimming, and cardio!
  13.   Weights, building muscle, burning stomach fat
  14.   yah! of course!
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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