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supergrl1's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   cancer
  2.   why pick just three? loud,random,funny,(hope this doesn't sound conceited) preatty
  3.   7 &17
  4.   i <3 dark purple like a plum shade, its the color of royalty you know
  5.   dont have any, only child
  6.   ummmmm.... idk but i have darkish brown short hair fair skin and blue-ish green eyes
In A Nutshell...
  1.   OMG i <3lit and vocab um i kinda lik math but thats only cuz my tutor like gave me a rude awakening and now im good in it
  2.   eat,turn up the radio and do hw :(
  3.   um i <3 track,soccer ,gymnastics&softball &i like watching football o i also like figure skating play and watch!
  4.   sleepovers with my bffs. i <3 'em!
  5.   my little teeny weeny japenese chin jinxy(not many people know what j-chins are)
  6.   OMG she could make me laugh till i have a coranary and shell always keep my secrets+shes super loyal
  7.   thats like asking a panda what kind of bamboo he likes i <3 most foods but my faves are crispy bacon,tacos any baked goods,mexican,italian,chineese,japenese,indian food available oooo i also <3 dominos!
  8.   clothes. seriously im amazing+i write songs and poetry
  9.   i <3 europe sooo much ive only been a couple times when i was younger so i dont really remember but i also like hawaii
My Faves…
  1.   secret life!!!!!! i heart it sooo much! i also like i carly,big time rush,and the buried life, ooooo how could i forget keeping up with the kardashians??!!??!!
  2.   twighlight,newmoon, and deffinetley the clique...i read all the books 2!!!!!
  3.   ke$ha,lady gaga,and deffinatley the script my grandparents were irish. if you know anything about the script you know what that means
  4.   clique series and twi saga, i also like the new lisi harrison series ALPHAS
  5.   pac man on my phone& bobs journey!!!!(if you have a sidekick you now what THAT means)
  6.   uumm i really like miranda cosgrove cuz shes funny i like audrey hepburn hmmm..ooo and i loooove elizabeth mclaghlin(from the clique)
Style Sense
  1.   i deffinetley really like selenas gomez's trendy chic style(so me!) but she can be vintage or classic sometimes(me again!) i also like lady gaga her style is outta this world (me sometimes)
  2.   i like delia*s,juicy couture,and(suprise suprise)marshalls/target
  3.   uumm i cant single out just one but i really like citrus ones and berry or coffe/chocolate
  4.   mascara and gloss need 'em!!
  5.   everything! well actually my juicy charm bracelet but its always on my wrist never in the closet so it doesnt count
  1.   umm sorta
  2.   like 3 or 4 im guy crazy! jk
  3.   this is really nerdy but, ok cross steve urkel and nathan kress now cros justin bieber and taylor lautner now cross those to crosses, you got it!
  4.   nathan kress,taylor lautner& justin bieber the guy who played urkel(jaleel white) is like 20 now
  1.   something w/ fashion or a magazine either that or singer/actress or if those dont work out art/english teacher
  2.   NEW YOOORRRRK!!!!!!!!!!!
  3.   paris+NY= :) :) :] :] :} the last one is me drooloin im gaga 4 ny and paris
  4.   donate some 2 charity invest some buy a house a car and other necessities 2 live(such as racks&racks of clothes!!)
  5.   a woman who doen't wear paefume has no future-coco chanel make history or be history-me
  1.   night owl hoo hoo
  2.   twist :} woops im drooloin again jk :]
  3.   righty
  4.   both
  5.   i am a neat freak whose room belongs to a slob
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