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All About Me!
  1.   ❤CaNcEr❤
  2.   ☮ social, emotionally-strong, flirt! ☮
  3.   14 idk why :]]
  4.   [[l yellow }}>
  5.   nada! only child! ✵✵
  6.   DoNt ReAlLy hAvE oNe :]]
In A Nutshell...
  1.   ✿ThEaTeR aRtS && LVP ✿
  2.   homework ☹ dance ☏ go out☺
  3.   love to play: fencing, dance, volleyball, surf, ice skating❃watch:baseball && ice skating♡
  4.   *!*!*!*parties, football games, w/ church friends, @ the beach, shopping, making mischief, sleepovers, rehearsing *!*!*!
  5.   killer whale, puffins, uhh prairie dogs are AH-DORABLE ☁☂
  6.   I have a lot of friends and I LOVE them all!! I could go on and on but i'll stop at there just the most fun girls I could ever want. chloe,anthony,liam,kacy,ryanv,ryanj,jordee,jessica,adam:),taniya,andrew,bryan,emily
  7.   ✪✪cookieeeeeeeeee dough, key lime pie yogurt..that stuff is ah•mazing :]]
  8.   ✄ fRiEnDs && cookies!! ✮
  9.   AlAsKa ☾
My Faves…
  1.   Big bang theory!! hilarious <.3 ☠
  2.   ♡p.s. i love you, the proposal, Alladin, TWiLiGHT, MAMMA MiA, Edward scissorhands, nightmare before christmas, UP, POC 1,2,3, harry potter, johnny deep flims, DEViL WEARS PRADA♡ (aquamarine, mulan, enchanted, walk to remember, p.s.tarzan, any musical besides hello dolly, theres a lot..)
  3.   ♬ ♩ The Maine, The Used, Paramore, Amber Pacific, Michael Jackson, Ramones, Taylor Swift, Boys like Girls, The Hush Sound, Musical Soundtracks, Blink 182, Cascada, Colbie Caliat, Jason Mraz, Iron & Wine ♬ ♩
  4.   TWiLIGHT SAGA, Uglies, Fablehaven, Fairest <33333 ✌
  5.   dont like video games. Im usually on my mac :/ ✲✳✸
  6.   Ehh, don't really have one but TaYlOr SwIfT is a good singer :]]
Style Sense
  1.   ✿✿Hayley Williams ✿✿
  2.   ♬Buffalo Exchange, ZihZihbeh, 2•C, Charolett Ruess, H&M, Sephora, OH! and target has EVERYthing! ♬
  3.   ♢cherry glitter LOVE IT!♢
  4.   ❥ mascara, burts bees lim balm. gahhh XP i love that junk.
  5.   uhmm. sundresses, (dresses in general) bright skinnies, gray boots, rings, earrings, ACCESSORIES!!
  1.   yes && yes XD :D :]]] <--triple chin. hehe. this guy is absaloutly AH-MAZINGGG <.3
  2.   *sigh.onee....<33
  3.   SoMeOnE WhO iS aLl MiNe, KiNd hEaRt, CaLlS Me BeAuTiFUl inStEaD of HoT, KiSs Me In ThE rAiN, makes me laugh when i dont even want to smile, loves me at my worst, can be a retard with me and still have fun, the list could go on but ill stop there
  4.   ehhhh. crush? nonne. think is amazing? johnny depp. frickin sexy? taylor lautner, justin beiber, ⚐
  1.   marinebioligist.. astronomer..physical therapist ☮
  2.   FERSURE Bramble, Cape Cod...ORRR!!! anywhere with whoever i love!! ⚀⚁⚂⚃⚄
  3.   Bora Bora or Fiji ✈
  4.   BuY mY oWn MaLl, help starving children, buy all my friends gifts!! $$$$$$
  5.   wear cute PJs to bed, you never know who you could meet in your dreams/ flirt to convert/ live every moment like its ur last
  1.   MorNing gal..up everyday at 6:00 am :]] 〪〭〫〬
  2.   It depends on my mood really, ❉❈
  3.   righty, but i can write with my left foot :]] ⚡
  4.   both.. depends which mood im in
  5.   NeAt FrEaK, can't stand unorganization ✏
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      RuNnInG, dance, volleyball ❤❤
  2.   ♢ IcE SkaTiNg, VoLlEyBaLl, DaNcE, SuRfiNg ♢
  3.   same as above. i dont feel like renaming them alllllllll ♔
  4.   at least a half hour of running every morning ☃☃
  5. Goal Girl
      staying active? i pretty much am.. :]] ❏
  6.   eating breakfast
  7.   my dog. no seriously when running she like D*R*A*G*S me!! ♘
  8.   pshh. ehh. ???? no idea.
  9. Tasty Eats
      an APPLE a day keeps the doctor away but if the doctor is cute, forget the fruit :]]
  10.   chicken fettuccine Alfredo but its so unhelathy :[ ♁
  11.   smack myself :]]
  12.   BoYs :]] FLiRTiNG, && FASHiON && dancing, school && friends..anything. i have the same issues as u girls and have gone through a lot at school :]]
  13.   Maybe some makeup tricks would help! :]]
  14.   totally :]]
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