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All About Me!
  1.   Sagitarius
  2.   brave, nice, funny, darkish, outgoing, awsome, wait is that three? AHHHH can count!
  3.   6- idk why but whenever i bet on it or something i win. so i guess thats lcky, right? lol
  4.   purple-its been my fav since FOREVER red-such a strong and dramatic color! black-deep meaning and simple if that makes sence!
  5.   My two brothers- i LOVE them both. who else is going to keep those snotty preps away from them? haha
  6.   I'm me. i guess.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Writing i love dark poetry! But im good at novels, or so ive been told
  2.   Hang out with friends, computer, write, read, homework, text, liten to music
  3.   Dance, but i aint good at it! lol
  4.   Hanging out with friends, writing,
  5.   Bearded dragons! I have one named Maximus! so feirce
  6.   i dont have one. i just have lotsa friends who r more or less like me. though the one i hang out with the most is morgan. shes emo too!!! and tessa but shes a light rocker and is into the 60s 70s and 80s. I LOVE EM BOTH!!!
  7.   Calimari - there is this one little place in my state that makes the best in the world!
  8.   Drama. though i hate it! Poems, stories CUPCAKES i know theyre wanna-be cakes but they taste so goooood!!!
  9.   London, Italy, Translyvania. Anything European or cold and rainy/snowy
My Faves…
  1.   The O' Reiley Factor, LOVE IT. or The Office. or Project Runway. i always root fot the gay guys!
  2.   Blades Of Glory, Gladiator, the nightmare before christmas, Twilight. I have like a million
  3.   Anything emo or screamo. i hate the jonas brothers no offense but Ive heard better boy bands.I just love it when they scream. Cuz number one,i cant. number two they r actually screaming on key. and number three who doesnt like hawt guys screaming?LOL
  4.   Any Twilight book or Pretty Little Liars book or House of Night books. i know this sounds really nerdy but i love to read. poetry, novels i cant refuse a book
  5.   Zuma. The little frog is awsome. Other than that i dont really play video games. My lil bro likes em though
  6.   Avirl Lavine, Selena gomez, i love their styles and aditude
Style Sense
  1.   This girl that goes to my school. haha
  2.   Tillys or Hot Topic or Pac Sun or Charolette Russe or Wet seal or Forever 21. basicly nothing pink or girlly or frilly or *gulp* preppy thought i can sometimes find cute stuff at aeropostale or holister or american eagle. SOMETIMES
  3.   Cherry or Orange or Strawberry or Watermellon i love that minty lip gloss you find at bath and body works.
  4.   Lipgloss, eyeliner, mascara, sunscreen-not cuz i wanna be freaky pale cuz im SUPER afraid of skin cancer. Dont wanna go throught the whole cancer thing again
  1.   Im single right now but had past boyfriends. GO SINGLE LADIES!!!
  2.   guys are like flowers, you dont have to pick one but u have to admitt some are really PERTY
  3.   Hot, funny, sweet, pericing, a little artistic, like me but not a total clone. Someone who doesnt stalk me but is not afraid to show his feelings and is affectionet. No jocks or preps. EW
  4.   Robert Pattinson
  1.   Oncology nurse, would LOVE It. helping poor lil kids get better! And i get to give them lolli pops :)
  2.   Anywhere that doesnt have alot of sun. It gets annoying
  3.   anywhere in Europe
  4.   Take over the world! Mwahahahahaha! me and tessa wanna make huge pie then blow it up and in the pie there would b fliers with our faces on them that say "WE NOW RULE THE WORLD"
  5.   " Be Strong" or " Be Firece" or " You'll have to kill me before i give in"or "You're not in trouble unless you get caught" or "Got altitude?"
  1.   Night Owl! The sun is bright and annoying. But is not like im gonna burn up in it. I would still love going to hawii again
  2.   Chocolate
  3.   Righty
  4.   Movie in theater, more dramatic!
  5.   somewhere in between
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      dancing or walking in the mall with my best friends. More like stalking hawt guys but its wateva you wanna call it.
  2.   Dance
  3.   Blindside, Flyleaf, 30H!3, Nickelback, Rise Against, Paromore, Creed, Bullet for my Valentine, the Killers, RISE AGAINST, cobra starship, Panic! at the Disco, Owl city
  4.   dont stop, drink water
  5. Goal Girl
      io sono la pui marvoliosa persona el mundo. Hint: its italian
  6.   keeping up with school, friends, and rockin out
  7.   myself. I never give up
  8.   Lance Armstrong we're both cancer survivors! lol BS-GS haha sorry inside joke
  9. Tasty Eats
      Strawberries. Delish!
  10.   Anything made by my mom or calimari from the bent noodle
  11.   get a small snack then go run
  12.   sure, as long as you dont turn stalkerish or ultra super preppy on me im fine.
  13.   how to deal with annoying preppy people who just wanna stay in the sun all day, i also like to talk music. latest bands, songs you name it
  14.   yeah
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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