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sweeto101's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Libra
  2.   Funny, Crazy, and Loud
  3.   14
  4.   PINK!
  5.   One big brother
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Lit!
  2.   Have practice for softball or I work out at the gym or work!
  3.   Softball = LIFE! ♥
  4.   Hanging out with friends or shopping
  5.   I really like most animals, except birds! I'm actually really, really afraid of birds...
  6.   She listens to all my problems but still can be loud and crazy like me!
  7.   ICE CREAM!
  8.   Jokes : )
  9.   Anywhere by a lake or the ocean!
My Faves…
  1.   Phineas and Ferb, Family Guy, The Hills, Cake Boss, Say Yes to the Dress, and What Not to Wear
  2.   Mean Girls
  3.   Secondhand Serenade & Taylor Swift
  4.   Anything by Sarah Dessen or Nicholas Sparks
  5.   The Sims 2
  6.   Taylor Swift or Rachel McCadams
Style Sense
  1.   Taylor Swift
  2.   American Eagle
  3.   Vanilla
  4.   Mascara
  5.   Jeans!
  1.   Nope and nope...
  2.   I'm not sure who I really like right now, but I definately have a couple boys who keep running through my mind... : )
  3.   Someone cute (of course!), funny, understanding, and sensitive. He's gotta be up for some crazy nights out, but some quiet nights in too. I want someone who doesn't care if we're just sitting at home on the couch talking.
  4.   Chace Crawford... cuuuuuute! ♥
  1.   I'd love to work for a fashion magazine. I don't know what I'd want to there exactly, but it would be AMAZING to be a writer and a person who works with fashion at the same time!
  2.   Somewhere small, where everybody knows everybody. I want my kids to grow up in a small hick town like mine!
  3.   Paris
  4.   Pay off my debts and loans, put some money away for school and emergencies, give some to charity, and then spend a little on myself!
  5.   Live, Laugh, Love
  1.   Ha, I'm more of a "midday" kinda girl. I'm definately not a happy person when I just wake up, and I go to bed pretty early!
  3.   Righty
  4.   Either way
  5.   Neat Freak
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      One that really works me hard and makes me sweat! I love that feeling of satisfaction after a workout!
  2.   Softball
  3.   Anything that's really upbeat and fun!
  4.   Push yourself.. you'll be glad you did later!
  5. Goal Girl
      I'm overweight, so I'd love to lose a few pounds. Yet I'd just be happy if I were a bit more in shape, not if I were skinnier!
  6.   This girl at my school who's lost soooo much weight in the past 2 years. She is amazingly awesome.
  7. Tasty Eats
      String cheese
  8.   Chicken & Noodles!
  9.   Try to resist, or eat in small amounts.
  10.   Anything, I love giving advice! :)
  11.   Ways to stay motivated!
  12.   Of course!
  14. My Healthy You Journal  
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