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My Clubs
All About Me!
  1.   Scorpio!! Yeeah that's right Imma water sign... November 19 all the way! :)
  2.   Outgoing, Funny, Tryhard (haha everyone on my swim team calls me a tryhard)
  3.   74! Just cuz I make my 7s and 4s weird so it's fun to write. Plus the 74 Hunger Games! Of course!
  4.   Lime green! Hot pink! Electric blue!!
  5.   My older brother Max. He's alrite :) I wouldn't say a FANTASTIC sibling (bcuz really, are sibs ever that luverly??) but we get along most of the time so it's all good.
  6.   Megan Fox! Duh! haha jk. I wish! I kind of look like Colbie Calliat and/or Miley Cyrus/Bridgit Mendler
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Language Arts! I hate Algebra and Science!
  2.   In the fall, cross country practice, in the winter, swim practice, in the spring, track practice :) Ya know what, I should be one of those Nike models with the totally ripped 6 packs. *looks in camera* Nike. Just Do It. Yaay I'm good at this! Now, just need to work on the six pack part! haha
  3.   Swimming/XC/track! I'm too XC for my shirt! :) I've been swimming since I was 5 (almost 10 years!) Hopefully I'm going to Junior Olympics this year!
  4.   Making Youtube videos w/ my BFF Kate or Casey & Danielle, shopping, swim meets/xc meets, football games, chillin w/ the fam. And dancing in public (fyi I'm terrible at dancing. :))
  5.   I ♥ dogs, manatees, elephants, aand basically every animal on the planet. I'm kind of a slight animal freak. :)
  6.   We are uber close like sisters! We are neighbors and do everything together and have tons of fun :)
  7.   Smoothies! Especially blueberry pomegrantate acai berry smoothies. And strawberry banana smoothies from F'real. You ever had a F'real smoothie/milkshake? It will change you 4ever!
  8.   people laugh! This profile is pretty lame so ya can't really tell, but I am one of the class clowns (in the nice teacher's classes). I also like old lady activities such as knitting scarves and baking. Embrace the g-ma inside you! :)
  9.   Florida or NYC or Myrtle Beach or Baltimore... I like visiting Cooperstown, NY cuz it's my hometown even though I liv far away now :(
My Faves…
  1.   Modern Family, the Middle, Glee, and The Office *hilarious! :D* i think i'm gonna pee myself half the time. Did u hear that Steve Carrell is quiting The Office? :( da show totes wont be the same w/out him
  2.   Napoleon Dynamite! luvluvluvluvx10! tina, come get some dinner you faat lard :)
  3.   Black Eyed Peas/Tay Swift/Ke$ha (kinda generic. i like indie bands too tho!) indie in! mainstream out!
  4.   Twilight Series (of course!) and the internet girl series like ttly ttfn and l8r g8r :) oh, AND The Clique Series! Pretty Committee lolz oh yeah, and Pretty Little Liars! omg they r the best books eva!
  5.   Rock Band! I rock the drums. and mario kart wii. didn't think it was possible to fall off the "edge" of coconut mall? well ive done it b4 buddy :)
  6.   Taylor Swift definetly! just cuz it seems like theres not that many other good celeb role modeld 2day
Style Sense
  1.   Shana from (one of my fave stores EVER!) or anything NEON
  2.   Aeropostale, Claire's, (ik, ik, theyre jewlrey is extremely tacky *cringe) any online Indie shops and my fave... Journeys! CONVERSE! I HAV A CONVERSE ADDICTION! And I luv changing the laces on my converse to diff neon colors :)
  3.   Black Raspberry... I look fab in dark colors! (but im not goth/emo. DONT WORRY.) I also like neon lipstick but my mom thinks it's hideous and won't let me wear it out of the house
  4.   Lip Gloss! and foundation. Pretty much the only make up I wear. I wish there really was a Glossip Girl Flavor of the Day like in the Clique books :)
  5.   CONVERSE CONVERSE CONVERSE! ohohoh and those Sally Hansen sticky nail thingies. i luv em to death! And all my hats and sunglasses. *pulls open closet door and gestures dramatically* See???!! Oh wait, you can't see. nvm. but just so ya know, i look fabu in hats *nudge nudge, wink wink*
  1.   Sadly no and no. :( *cries* im gonna grow up old and ALONE! jk. hopefully nawt!
  2.   one, but Trust me, there is NOT a lot of hawt guys at our school, and the ones that are are all total morons. xcept the one i like, DUH :D
  3.   Funny, Cute, Outgoing. theyver definetly gotta be able 2 make me laugh! whcih trust me isnt 2 hard :) lolz
  4.   Taylor Lautner!!! *swoons* Team Jacob, cuz why have cold and pale when ya can have warm and fuzzy??!!! o and just so ya know REAL MEN DON'T SPARKLE! :)
  1.   Does being Taylor Lautner's wife count as a job???!!! if no then i hav like no clue :) im 4.0 gpa, star swimmer and cross country runner, and first clarinet in band. i hav lotsa options! haha that was totally conceited sorry :)
  2.   Hollywood (and meet Taylor Lautner!!!) dur or Beverly Hills *Starts screaming the song*
  3.   Cruise to the Bahamas with all my besties! it would be like a *party in the usa* except... wait. the bahamas r OUT of the usa. o watevr. this is way 2 complicated.
  4.   Buy a beef jerkey factory, 100 pairs of converse, and my own mansion! :D and a pet manatee
  5.   I have a few... "Come to the dark side we have cookies", "Some people say I'm different but I laugh because they're all the same", "Most people are lovers not fighters but I got the fight in me", and "IT'S SO FLUFFY!"
  1.   Night Owl... @ sleepovers i never sleep, lolz, cuz i always play pranks and make everyone crack up @ 4 in da morning
  2.   Chocolate!!! GIVE ME MY CHOCOLATE!!! do ya WANNA get punched in the face? no? didn't think so
  3.   Righty (like everyone i know is a righty) i wish i was a lefty tho!
  4.   Movie in a theater unless its a movie marathon with my besties!
  5.   Slob for my room, neat freak for school. like, the comparasin is flippin incredible. my binder is the cleanest in my grade, and i havnt cleaned my room in 3 years :)
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Dancing around like a crazy person with my friends in public. lol, i do that like everyday :D
  2.   Swimming (it's a sport, tank ya very much!) ive been on da swim tem 4 8 years. <3 o yeah i also run cross country. heart x-c!
  3.   i dunno! wen ur in a pool 4 most of ur exercise and u dont hav one of those waterproof mp3 players, its kinda hard 2 listen 2 anything :)
  4.   uhhh... "i know those cheetos r torturing u with their fatty delicousness but u can eat em after ur done running 10 miles???
  5. Goal Girl
      to get my bikini body on! o yeah this is finally the year!!
  6.   Cutting down on da Cheetos, and not overeating just cuz its, uh, spring? hahaha nawt very likely THATS gonna happen but ill try anywayz!
  7.   none of my bffs, THATs for sure! like none of them do any sports haha im like the motivator of my friends wen it comes 2 exercise :)
  8.   mike & ike and ben & jerry. wat???? ya know, its very hard work running successful junk food businesses. and theyre probs geniuses, especially after u eat a gallon of supachunk dark chocolate fudge ice cream :)
  9. Tasty Eats
      uh, i know this is gonna sound bad, but i dont hav one. i really probs shud work on eating better. but the doritos look so good! theyre just beggin 2 b eatin!
  10.   Anything with lots and lots of cheese or garlic! yum :) o andmy mom makes this provolone and cornbeef sandwhich thats AH-MAZING :)
  11.   stare @ them, tell them that they cant control me (thats probably a bad sign wen u start talking to food, btw) then break down and shove it in my face :)
  12.   omg nuh-thing! no offense 2 myself but i give TERRIBLE advice. i gess u could ask me about swimming, tho :) im pretty gud @ that
  13.   guys! ahh im terrible around my crush :) im always like, y cant i just b myself around him? but hes so cute and funny and sweet that its hard 2 think :)
  14.   heck yeah! i wud like a girlie w/ curves cuz they know wats its like exercising and being curvy!
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
You see your crush in the halls and your friend seriously embarrasses you by yelling his name. What do you do?!


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