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thetruth's Profile

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My Clubs
All About Me!
  1.   Capricorn
  2.   cute (not that it matters .___.) and um, SMART (yeah right...), and fun (why can't I say fun? huh, too unoriginal for you?>.< well, then you stop using fun on your profile) :P
  3.   nine
  4.   I crazy about whatever color I feel like.
  5.   Ha, too many for you to bother to remember. 4 myself not included///
  6.   life isn't about appearances, though it is...well whatever. I don't have one
In A Nutshell...
  1.   I like my world history class, since I like history~cause it's easy. & well,....go sophmores!xD
  2.   Um, homeschooled, I can do whatever I want whenever. no dress code
  3.   Volley ball (cause it's beast)
  4.   ha, um I spend my weekends at home or at church, sometimes I'll go party, but really who can be bothered to?:P
  5.   Um, rabbits cause they're CUUUUTTE!
  6.   My best friend Jasmine, she is so sweet and kind and nice and just tons of love towards all my friends.:')
  7.   Olive Garden~ they make some tasty sh*t.;)
  8.   If we're talking food. I've never really cooked, I should but EVERYONE in my family cooks so I don't need to bother to.
  9.   Dunno.
My Faves…
  1.   Haha, I watch my shows and stuff on Netflix, but there's this one show that cracks me up, i don't know thee name, but just look up on youtube Madea.;)
  2.   I like practically any movie out there that I like.
  3.   there's a lot of music I like.
  4.   My favorite book store was shut down, I am depressed now.:(
  5.   Hahaha, maybe family farm, but I'll play games with my brothers or boyfriend
  6.   There are a lot of insprirational women out there...why choose one to idol over? lol
Style Sense
  1.   You are my icon, lol not, I wear whatever I look cute in, I don't buy things because they look cute on other people.
  2.   aerie, I care more about undies then clothes I'm sorry.:(
  3.   Chapstick est cherry
  4.   um, I wish I had guts to waste my money on makeup now...but i don't I can get myself to buy mascara lash blast, concealor and foundation and I'll steal my siblings eyeshadow's and blushes.
  5.   I'm into shorts with random tops that match and look cutesy/hot
  1.   yes yes yes!:)
  2.   1 on my boyfriend
  3.   ♥ he's cute, listens, smart, strong, funny, has some simmilar interests, likes me back.~
  4.   >:P bleh, none...maybe the sprouse twins, or tyler but besides that...~
  1.   I really am still debating my future, I'm so utterly confused!
  2.   New York, but the prettier part of it, I heard theres a country like part of New York...I like where I live now, but I can't live here forever.
  3.   haha, no matter It would be somewhere far off pretty and clean and beautiful w/ people I love.
  4.   Ha, I would use it wisely meaning, I would keep the money to myself and close family.
  5.   bible, respect it
  1.   I can stay up all night, and I like waking up on my own which I can do very early most of the time depending on the time I go to bed and energy, at that time I am a morning gal.
  2.   both
  3.   righty for pencil holding.;)
  4.   flick on dvd, but movies are fun on occasion
  5.   SLOB in my room, but every where else I am a neat freak.
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      I go to the gym Mon-Fri
  2.   volley-ball, but I use to play basketball for a long time and like that sport too.
  3.   uffie-pop the glock, and other songs, lol
  4.   keep at it, and just do it
  5. Goal Girl
      losing weight!!!!! Gotta lose the poundage, I am fat or as others like to say pudgy, chubby, overweight, obese, big boned, and whatever other tech term for fat.:) I can't just deny it.
  6.   Toning the belly and the thighs, and my butt
  7.   looking cuter! of course.:) and I want to fit into my sisters clothes more so I can't hear her say "you stretched them out!!!" from her and whatever, heck I could get skinnier then her and then what? hah!:P
  8.   people who dance professionally usually have kick*ss bodies. I just love 'em and they inspire me.
  9. Tasty Eats
      healthy food, lol. I have to practically force myself to eat most healthy foods so don't make me list them. I miss my shakes and fries, and burgers, lol...not really though.xP
  10.   Make me sweets! I have a sweet tooth, gimme!~
  11.   ha, I stuff my mouth full of slim fast shake.
  12.   I'm only here to be vented to! I don't give the greatest advice, only sometimes do I ever.
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