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twilightgrl22's Profile

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My Clubs
All About Me!
  1.   Aries
  2.   Cocky, Fastidious, Spoiled, Special, Cute, Can Be Mean, Angry (Sometimes, Depending On My Mood Or Color Of The Outfit Of My Day), Honest, Trouble-Maker, Music-Lover, etc....
  3. is my 16th birthday (3/22)
  4.   Light Blue or Black (Depends On What Color I Choose To Wear For The Day)
  5.   two in college (freshman year), and a sister who goes to school with me (she`s a junior, I`m a sophmore)
  6.   Ashley Greene..same hair color and highlights color
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Psychology-BEST CLASS EVER!!!!!!
  2.   hang out with family
  3.   Penguins Hockey
  4.   Studying & Homework
  5.   my boxer Moose
  6.   she`s a total sweetheart, and she doesn`t blab about the stuff I complain about to her...she knows better than to mess up my rep by blabbing what I say to She doesn`t do that. She wouldn`t dare. She loves me too much (like a sister, relax) to blab.
  7.   Right Now, I Hate Food Because I Gained Another 6 Pounds From 136 To 42.5 Pounds. I Feel So Gross. And A**holes At School Make Fun Of Me For Being A "Disgusting Beast". I Am So Depressed. What Do I Do To Make Them Stop? Please Help Me With Advice, Girls!
  8.   Soft Pretzels
  9.   Outer Banks....the beach is full of cute Cabana Service Boys
My Faves…
  1.   Eminem Takeover
  2.   This Means War
  3.   Eminem, Paramore, Nickelback
  4.   Breaking Dawn
  5.   Sims 3-Nintendo DS
  6.   Sandra Bullock-So Fierce!
Style Sense
  1.   Kristen Stewart
  2.   Kohl`s....they have the best fake-looking engagement rings!
  3.   as if...all I wear is mascara & covergirl
  4.   eyeliner-gives me a real dark glare when kids stare at me and I say "What the hell are you looking at?"
  5.   Jeans, Shorts, Flip flops, Slipper Shoes, Not-Too-Tight T-Shirts, Capris
  1.   I don`t have a BF right now, because all the guys in my school make fun of me for being diagnosed with Asperger`s I like having this! I hate having it & sometimes I wish it would kill me. I think I`d be better off if I wasn`t at my school anymore (what I mean is that I would rather be at a new school so nobody could make fun of me for what I have)
  2.   1-a senior on my bus named Ryan Kyle. he`s such a sweetheart. He`s my big brother (not really, but he cares enough about me to look out for me on the bus and he defends me when kids pick on me). But I love him...I love you, Ryan. I always will.
  3.   honest, a good heart, great smile, loving, caring, reliable, understanding, truthful, basically my age, maybe in the Marines, someone who will treat me right...
  4.   Sean Faris
  1.   Phsychology Teacher, At The Least...My Phsychology Class Is So Interesting And I Definitely Want To Work In That Field When I Get Older...Hopefully To Be Accepted To Pitt To Study Psychology!
  2.   California, back to my home state where I was born. I never got to really see what it was like. I was only 3 when my parents moved me to PA for better school systems to attend. I HATE my school. Too much PDA. It`s disgusting. Oh yeah, and INAPPROPRIATE!
  3.   California or LA to meet Eminem
  4.   Use it to meet my soulmate Eminem-love you Marshall! Your music Can Sometimes Be So Positive, Like The Song "Beautiful". It Shows Your Sensitive Side, And You Tell Me Not To Let Anyone Tell Me I`m Ugly...You Honestly Keep Me Alive. If I Didn`t Have You To Look Up To, I`d Probably Be Even More Depressed Than I Already Am....That`s Another Thing I Was Diagnosed With.
  5.   "I`m going to stop this guy. Win or lose, it makes no difference to me. It ends tonight. This is my fight. Everyone`s got one." -Jake Tyler from NEVER BACK DOWN
  1.   You really had to ask that? I`m sort of a night owl. I stay up late reading or writing celeb stories
  2.   Chocolate Swirl, or Fudge Swirl.
  3.   Righty
  4.   DVD, I Think. Especially To Watch "Breaking Dawn: Part 1"
  5.   Half-Slob, With My Shoes Piled In A Neat Line Next To Each Other (Basically Flip Flops Is What I`m Getting At)
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