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All About Me!
  1.   ♥♥Heyy this is ANTONIA MIKAYLA'S GirlsLife. Show her some love(: Oh yeah, she's an Aries.(: APRIL 19TH 1996
  2.   ♥This is going to be way more than three: <3 lover <3 dreamer <3 nerd <3 crazy <3 wild <3 amazing <3 caring <3 athletic <3 dancer <3 singer <3 hugger <3 friend <3 thinker <3 fun <3 loveable <3 smart <3 caring <3 considerate <3 boy band obesesser <3 model <3 confident <3 classy <3 respectful <3 laugher <3 sweet <3 dependant HA HA! <3 irresistible <3 perfectionist <3 beastly <3 preppy <3 shopoholic <3 movie addict <3 chocolate lover <3 hand holder <3 out there <3 pink <3 pretty <3 intelligent <3 intellectual <3 a punk <3 soccer player <3 stupid <3 skinny jean wearer <3 flirty <3 creative <3 artistic <3 LOUD <3 exciting <3 funny <3 meanie-head <3 strawberry tickle butt <3 my own person <3 actress <3 outgoing <3 hyper <3 adorable <3 soccer player <3 rocker <3 lyrist <3 manicurist <3 weight lifter (with shopping bags) <3 LOUD <3 glamorous <3 overwhelming <3 remarkable <3 breathtaking <3 fabulous <3 stylish <3 artist <3 bad speller <3 wisher <3 open minded <3 day dreamer <3 queen <3 rebellious <3 stubborn <3 bold <3 spoiled <3 drama queen
  3.   ♥4 and 19. (My birthday) 12 because that's my jersey number and 1 because I'm number one. I have a ton of lucky numbers.
  4.   ♥Right now I'm obsessed coral, lime green and neon pink. =) People sayy I look hawt in red, but I hate that color(:
  5.   ♥A bro that's two years younger and a sis that's five years younger. I love my little sister, she's the bestest. I kinda wish we could send my bro to the zoo though...(:
  6.   ♥Nobody really.... One of a kind
In A Nutshell...
  1.   ♥Modern Dance and Musical Theatre...and Algebra. Not because I like math but because we never do anything in that class and my teacher is amazing(:
  2.   ♥Soccer practice, hang out, and do icky homeworkk...
  3.   ♥Soccer, hands down. And I like watching my school's team play football. I don't really pay attention. I just yell "You guys have nice butts=))))".
  4.   ♥Getting myself into trouble... No really I'm a troublemaker.
  5.   ♥I don't like animals. Well, I would probably like them if they learned how to use toilets(:
  6.   ♥I have a handful of bestest friends and I all love them for different reasons(:
  7.   ♥I love Taco Bell, and I also luvh Mountain Dew.
  8.   ♥French Toast, a mess, and a fool of myself.
  9.   ♥Puerto Rico (that's the heritage baby!)
My Faves…
  1.   ♥Thee bestest show is DEGRASSI (I've got a crushh on SPINNER) Jane can stick that in her juice box and suck it=))
  2.   ♥Mean Girls, I never get sick of that movie. But my all time favorite is THE BLIND SIDE even though I only saw it once.
  3.   ♥LMFAO!!! !Metro Station, All Time Low, Owl City, Stereo Skyline, Framing Hanley(: and NEVERSHOUTNEVER! because his songs make me happy=)
  4.   ♥The Pretty Little Liars Series by Sara Shepard. I read the whole series in a week and a half.
  5.   ♥Video game controllers make my thumbs hurtt, and not in the good way like texting does. And plus, I always endd up running out of lives after like five minutes of playing=)
  6.   ♥None because they always steal all the super hot male stars! :)
Style Sense
  1.   ♥Rachel Bilson and Miley Cyrus
  2.   ♥Forever 21, Hollister. Abercrombie and Fitch and Target makes some sexy threads. :)
  3.   ♥Liplicous from BathandBodyWorks in Limade and Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in Melonrageous.(:
  4.   ♥CoverGirl LashBlast Length Mascara and BathandBodyWorks Liplicious lip gloss in Limeade.
  5.   ♥PacSun Bullhead skinny jeans that make my butt look AH-MAZING...all of my bracelets, and my Rainbow flip flops.
  1.   ♥...Yepp I have, and he was ah-mazing. Currently single..!! Get at me, boys,(:
  2.   ♥I don't know, I really like this one guy right now. I<3CaptainCrunchh
  3.   ♥Skateboards, bad boy, edgy BUT....He's gotta be myy rock. I want him to be genuine, and only have eyes for me. I want to be the wallpaper on his phone. He's gotta pay attention to the details and know when to be quiet and when to say something. He's gotta be able to make things right when they're wrong, and the words "I love you" should be easy ones to pronounce for him
  4.   ♥The lead singer of Framing Hanley, I don't even know his name(:
  1.   ♥Editor in chief of Seventeen Magazine (Look out Ann Shoket..!!)
  2.   ♥Los Angeles..or anywhere in California..!!
  3.   ♥Puerto Rico
  4.   ♥I would ask for it all in dimes so I could take a bath in them, and then I would dump 'em all in the Coinstar and go the mall....
  5.   ♥-----You can't get mad at the girls who flirt with your boyfriend. You have to get mad at your boyfriend because if he really cared about you guy's relationship he would say "Sorry but I have a girlfriend and you need to respect that..." (-My Algebra Teacher told me this..!!)
  1.   ♥Neither...
  2.   ♥Chocolate candy and vanilla cupcakes/ice cream
  3.   ♥Righty all the way! I tried to teach myself how to write with my left hand, it didn't work.
  4.   ♥Flick on DVD cuz then I can wear pajamas, be all loud with my friends, and whoop and holler everytime R-Pats or T-Laut comes on screen without getting kicked out...=)
  5.   ♥Neat Freak...Some people say I'm all OCD about it. They're just jealous my room is cleanerr then theirs=)
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      ♥Randomly dancing. I don't really work out. I have a high metabolism. Lucky me=)
  2.   ♥Soccer
  3.   ♥Anything by LMFAO. It's so upbeat and gets you pumped!
  4.   ♥Hold each strech, lunge, and pose for at least two minutes. My dance teacher says holding past one minute imprints a new muscle memory and if you stretch daily, it can increase your flexibiltiy. Seriously, no joke.
  5. Goal Girl
      ♥It's not a healthy goal but I really want to learn how to either skateboard or surf. =)
  6.   ♥Beautiful girls. I know it sounds stupid, but when you see a really pretty girl you think "I want to look like that!". It helps keep me focused.
  7.   ♥Eat them=)) HA, or talk on the phone. Seriously. You can't eat and talk on the phone at the same time, (well you can, but its super hardd) so when I'm craving a brownie I'll dial my bestie=)
  8.   ♥Fashion, Beauty and Makeup=) LOLz
  9.   ♥Beauty, fashion and hair. I don't need it, I just love it!
  11. My Healthy You Journal  
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