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Our next Bestie Book Club pick? The adventure-packed supernatural romance you need this spring break

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Spoiler level: Low

Spring break is the perfect time to dive into a new series. That's where our latest Bestie Book Club pick comes in: Covet is the third novel in Tracy Wolff's bestselling Crave series. It's full of heart-pounding action, intense relationships, fabulous parties, unbreakable bonds and mythical creatures. What could be better for a springtime book binge-read? Ready to get hooked? Buy it right here.

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Spoiler level: High

One thing we heart about Covet: From the start of the book, we finally get an answer to the love triangle that's loomed over the last two books of the Crave series.

Grace and Hudson are together (OMG)—and their chemistry is fire. Major moments play out through their journeys to Alaska, long and dramatic days at Katmere Academy and even at a dragon festival in New York City.

Coming along for the journey is Jaxon (Grace's former love interest and Hudson's brother), Macy (Grace's super relatable BFF) and new lovable characters like Calder—a *srsly* inspiring, fierce feminist. 

We couldn't get enough of the incredible and intense moments, whether it's Grace heading to the fancy Dragon Ball or visiting supernatural beings to learn more about the conflicts she and her friends are facing. 

But as graduation nears, so does a dangerous fate for Grace and Hudson. Their paranormal squad tries their hardest to stop the inevitable, but Grace and her gargoyle court are in serious trouble—and so is Katmere Academy itself.

*Need* to know if it all works out for Grace and her crew? Read the book right now.

Spoiler level: Medium

Did our Bestie Book Club love Covet? Read on!
We *had* to chat about Covet with fellow readers who are just as obsessed as we are. Get to know #bookstagrammers Hannah, Kacey, Kenz, Lexia and Skylaand their fave parts of this oh-so-sweet, can't-put-down read.

Hannah @hannahgracecolin 

Who's your Covet character pick? I'm going to have to go with Hudson—I loved reading about his relationship with Grace and getting lost in their love story.
What's your go-to friendship advice? There are going to be people out there who don't like you, and I'm learning to accept that. The important thing is to surround yourself with friends who genuinely love and care about you and to project kind, positive energy into the world.
Why do you love reading? Life can be stressful, and reading is the *best*, I know I'm learning in the process. Reading Covet felt like a totally relaxing and exciting adventure—the best combination.

Kacey @kaceyfifield

Which character can you totally relate to? I love Grace and her bold, headstrong personality. She's super likable—and I love the strength and resilience she displays throughout the book.
What's your dream magical power? Super speed. Imagine how much more efficient and fun my life would be—I could dash across the country to visit friends and make it back home for an audition. 
What's your best piece of advice for surviving school? Make sure to focus on yourself—it's super easy to get caught up in drama that doesn't really matter in the big picture. Use your time to explore your interests and find your passions. 

Kenz @couchsisters

What was the best scene? I loved reading about the Dragon Festival! I'm really into imagining big, fun events right now (maybe that's because so many epic concerts have been canceled!).
Who is your fave character? Grace is my favorite, she's the most like me. I like when characters are relatable because I see myself in different situations and it's almost like, "How would I act in this situation?"
Why would you recommend Covet? I love reading romance stories. The tension and drama in Covet make it so fun to read—plus all of the adventure. I was so hooked.

Lexia @lexiahayden

Who was your fave Covet character? I loved Macy. She is always there for Grace no matter what, which I really admire in a friend.
Why would you recommend this read? There's never a dull moment. It was so thrilling and fun to read, it's like I'm living in every word.
What makes you love reading? Reading is my escape from worrying about school (and the pandemic). It’s really fun to lose myself in characters' lives—truly the perfect getaway!

Skyla @skyladisney_

What was your fave scene? The Dragon Ball was so fun! I love dance scenes—and getting to read about Grace and her friends on this glamorous night was awesome. I wish I was there.
What's your dream supernatural power? I would love to have the ability to read minds or to teleport (or, tbh, both).
What your best piece of advice for handling drama? Always try to find the good in any situation and don't change for anyone. Be the real you. 

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by GL | 3/18/2021